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After AI, Microsoft Edge is getting into Gaming with ‘Edge for Gamers’ Mode

Microsoft is introducing an 'Edge for Gamers' feature that enhances the gaming experience with optimized resources, aesthetics, and easy access to gaming platforms.
Microsoft is adding ‘Edge for Gamers’ for Gaming Mode

Microsoft is placing a strong emphasis on connecting with the gaming community by introducing a new feature called the Edge for Gamers feature to the browser. This feature enhances the overall gaming experience within and outside gaming sessions.

The feature will offer a variety of improvements, including a specialized home page focused on gaming and new sidebar applications specifically designed for gamers.

A Twitter user named Leopeva64 recently discovered that the ‘Edge for Gamers’ feature is currently being tested in the Canary channel of Microsoft Edge. However, it might not be accessible to everyone within that channel now. Although the feature is still in its early development stages, it will eventually be accessible through the Appearance section of the browser’s settings.

Edge for Gamers Mode option on Microsoft Edge computer

Image credits: Leopeva64/Twitter

It doesn’t drastically alter the browsing interface. However, it automatically redirects users to the Edge Add-ons Store’s themes section and adds popular gaming platforms like Discord and Twitch to the browser’s sidebar section. Users can customize their browsers with gaming aesthetics such as dark mode and game-themed visuals by enabling this mode.

There will be a new ‘Gaming’ Efficiency mode under the System and Performance settings tab signifies Microsoft’s recognition of the importance of gaming and its desire to provide a tailored experience for gamers. Here is what it does when enabled-

When you’re playing a PC game, Microsoft Edge reduces it’s computer resources (CPU) usage to create a better gaming experience.

Gaming Efficiency Mode on Edge for Windows PC

Image credits: Leopeva64/Twitter

While the update is still a work in progress, its eventual release will enable gamers to optimize their browsing experience for seamless gaming sessions on Windows PC. The inclusion of gaming platforms in the browser’s sidebar streamlines access to essential gaming tools, allowing users to effortlessly stay connected with the gaming community while exploring the web.

Microsoft’s commitment to improving the gaming experience through this Edge update will likely be welcomed by gamers worldwide; however, it might face criticism from normal (non-gamer) users for bloating the browser.

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