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10+ Best AdBlock Extensions for Chrome in 2022!

Chrome Browser features some of the best extensions that not only ensure your privacy and security but also keep you undistracted from unnecessary ads. For this Chrome has some of the best Adblocker extension that includes, Ad Block, Ab Block Plus, uBlock Origin, Ghostery, Ad Guard, AdBlocker Ultimate, Poper Blocker, Fair AdBlocker, Winscribe, uBlocker, Easy AdBlocker, and Ad Blocker Professional.

Ads are the major source of income for near-about all the publishers across the internet. When you view, click or interact with these ads, it helps the website earn a chunk of income. However, they are also known as a necessary evil, and there’s a concrete reason behind them.

There are many ways of doing so, but the easiest among all these methods is using an extension. Since the majority of users are using the Chrome browser, we will list out some of the best Chrome Ad Blockers extensions. That being said, these extensions might work with other Chromium browsers as well, if you wish you could give it a try.

But before we begin with the list, we would like to discuss a pretty important point. Chrome does come with its adblocker. But it doesn’t work as other ad-blocker software and extensions, and neither is it intended to work that way.

The thing is that the Silicon Valley Giant’s ad-blocking tool integrated into Chrome is part of the Coalition for Better Ads. The main focus of this is to provide “better” and “data-driven ads.” I have always been disturbed by popups and intrusive ads since they deviate my attention from the work that I am doing. I always wanted to look for an alternative that would help me get rid of these.

In other words, it aims to provide ads curated and personalized based on your interest. This is the sole motive of this feature and will not “block” all the ads, but only the intrusive and popup ones (to access it, head over to an individual site’s Settings > Permissions > Ads).

Now that we have addressed this point, let’s begin with the list of best AdBlock chrome extensions.

How to Install AdBlock Extension in Chrome?

Installing an extension (adblocker or of another domain) is pretty easy in Chrome. Follow the given steps to install an AdBlock Extension in Chrome:

  • Click on the desired extension’s download link which we have provided at the end of their description.
  • You will be redirected to its download page.
  • Click on the Add to Chrome button.

AdBlock Extension Chrome Web Store

  • Finally hit the Add Extension option in the pop-up that appears.

That’s it. You have successfully added your favorite AdBlock chrome extension!

AdBlock Add Extension

With that being said, let’s now check out the list of best AdBlock for Chrome browsers. You may take note that most of these extensions are also available for your favorite browser.

Best AdBlock Extension for Chrome

Here are the best AdBlock chrome extensions for your browser to block contextual ads, video ads, and pop-up ads at ease:

Ad Block

Whenever one thinks of an adblocker, this is the first one that comes up. Well, not just because of its naming similarity, but it has established itself as one of the best ad blockers. Since its inception (which has been pretty long), there haven’t been any issues or performance drops as such. Just install it and leave the rest up to him. It will automatically block all the ads, whether it’s static ads or even video ads.

Similarly, it works not only on static web pages but efficiently blocks ads on all video streaming services, like Youtube. That’s not all. It also gives you a pretty handy option for customizing your ad experience.

AdBlock Extension Details

For example, you could tick and untick the types of ads you wish to view or leave all untouched to block all the ads. It also provides an option of blocking those social media links that have now become a norm on most websites. Part of the Acceptable Ads program gives you the option to allow some curated and personalized ads to be displayed (if you give consent for the same).

Features of Ad Block:

  • Support any site by adding it to Adblock’s whitelist.
  • Receives regular updates.
  • Gives the option to allow some curated and personalized ads to be displayed.
  • Gives you a pretty handy option for customizing your ad experience.

Furthermore, if you wish to support any site, you could add it to Adblock’s whitelist. The best part about this Adblock chrome extension is that it regularly receives updates, something which is extremely crucial considering how new types of malicious ads are coming up now and then.

Although, with Ad-Block you will experience the apparent browser performance slowdown if you are used to multi-tab browsing.

Get Ad Block

Adblock Plus

Well just to make it clear, it isn’t an upgraded version of the former. Both are separate entities with similar objectives: to provide a clean ad-free experience to the users. Among the earliest ones to make their way over to this domain, the software is still going pretty strong.

For starters, the extension does a pretty handy job in blocking all types of ads. By ads, we mean every type of ad, including the static ones, the banner ones, video ads, and the popup as well. But this is something that the AdBlock also offered, so why go for this?

One reason for this AdBlock chrome extension could be the fact that it has among the easiest of interfaces which makes it pretty easy to change or tweak ad settings as per your requirement.

Adblock Plus Extension

This includes the ability to add your favorite sites to the whitelist and let the extension display ads on them. You could also make it display non-intrusive and personalized ads, based on your online activity. As you might have guessed, yes AdBlock Plus also belongs to the Acceptable Ads initiative thereby giving you an option to support some content developers.

Features of AdBlock Plus:

  • It is easy to install and even easier to use.
  • The interface for settings is well designed allowing easy navigation and use.
  • Adblock Plus is a community-driven, open-source application and hence it keeps getting updated regularly.
  • It is totally free of cost.

With that said, in its default state, the extension will block all the ads, so if you aren’t interested in this initiative, just install this extension and let it do the rest of the work. But, Adblock Plus has marked certain advertisements as safe and does not block them rest all the features are totally worth it.

AdBlocker Plus

uBlock Origin

Another of the power players in this domain of AdBlock chrome extension is uBlock. It can carry out its job in a rather impressive manner. Not only does it block all kinds of ads, but it also shows you the complete stats as to how many ads it has blocked up to now, and for the day as well.

Talking about ad blocking, popup ads, full-screen ads, video, and text ads are all dealt with quite effectively by uBlock Origin.

uBlock Origin Browser Extenion

Likewise, the ability to whitelist your favorite sites is also possible in this application. However, if these default filters don’t meet your requirements, you could create your own as well and set up some predefined rules for it.

Features of uBlock Origin:

  • It also offers its filters for adware and malware.
  • Enables you to block strange videos and creepy tracking done on your system if any.
  • Helps the website to load content faster since do not require running ads.
  • Block all pop-ups, ads, and trackers and Browse.

So if you are looking for an extension that not only blocks all kinds of pesky ads but at the same time gives you complete data about the same, uBlock Origin is the name to remember! It is probably the best AdBlock for chrome.

uBlock Origin


This one is slightly different from all the others on this list. While it initially began as an effective tool for blocking malware and web trackers, it has now become a full-grown AdBlock chrome extension. But what makes it unique from others is the kind of customizations that it has to offer.

Once you start using it, the application will list out all types of ads, blockers, and trackers that a webpage has. It is left up to your sole discretion as to which of the components should be blocked and which shouldn’t.

Apart from that, the usual whitelist option is also there, but it’s not used much, because you could easily do the same when you define the adblocking rules for the concerned site.

Ghostery Ad and Tracker Blocker Extension

However, it’s because of this ‘Do It Yourself’ component of the extension that some people hate and generally ditch this AdBlock chrome extension for something else. With other extensions, you could simply install it and let the rest be taken care of by the application itself. But with Ghostery you will first have to get some background knowledge regarding how things work out.

Features of Ghostery:

  • Supports Adblocker disables advertisements, teasers, and pop-ups.
  • Limiting trackers launch on websites that determine which processes can and cannot be blocked.
  • Features Pause button that you can choose to stop ad blocking for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day.
  • Loading speed optimization.

With that said, there is still a wide majority of people who continue to this ad-blocker up to this very day, just because of the way it lets the user control and tweaks the ads as per their requirements.

Although it’s completely free to try out, yet if you are to throw in a few bucks ($2/month), premium features are waiting for you, in the form of tons of new themes, and detailed stats about each web page (including the type and number of trackers and ads blocked). Also, it has no ability to apply its own filters.



AdGuard has managed to keep a healthy name for itself in this domain. Efficiently blocking all kinds of ads, including pop-ups, audio, and video auto-playable ads, it does a decent job in this aspect. Apart from this, it is also able to block ads on social media sites like Facebook and video streaming sites like Youtube among others.

AdGaurd Extension Browser

Coming to the non-ad category, it claims to deal with many different types of malware, trackers, and warnings in case it detects any malicious programs or software being installed. It promises to provide a rich and clean user experience to every one of you out there.

Features of AdGuard:

  • Deals with many different types of malware, trackers, and warnings.
  • Provides a rich and clean user experience.
  • Able to block ads on social media sites and video streaming sites.

On the downside, there have been some complaints that it constantly sends out reminders to purchase its premium version (which ranges from $29.88 – $129.99), something that may be a little bit of annoyance to some of the users. Apart from this little caveat, everything seems to be well and good.


AdBlocker Ultimate

The next one in our list of best adblocker Chrome extensions is the AdBlocker Ultimate. It stands at its promise of delivering an ad-free experience and does so in style.

To begin with, it claims to put an end to all kinds of trackers, whether harmful or just for data collection purposes, malware, adware, and other scripts that might conflict with the usability factor.

AdBlocker Ultimate Ad Extension

Features of AdBlocker Ultimate:

  • It is completely open-source.
  • Put an end to all kinds of trackers.
  • Delivers an ad-free experience and does so in style.
  • Eliminates data collection purposes, malware, adware, and other scripts that might conflict with the usability factor.

Still, one shouldn’t take away something that it excels in, and that is blocking near about all types of ads. After all, more than 1million downloads and a 4.8-star rating speaks volume in themselves. Furthermore, it is completely open-source, meaning anyone could check its underlying structure and codebase. But due to this reason itself, it is somewhat slow in receiving regular updates.

AdBlocker Ultimate

Poper Blocker

As evident from its name, this AdBlock chrome extension is capable of blocking all kinds of ads, yet its main target of attention is those pop-up and banner ads that cover a significant chunk of your screen.

Well, the trackers, adware, and malware aren’t spared either. And while it continues to do this job, it also offers a pretty handy interface with all kinds of stats, including the number and types of ads that a particular web page displays.

Strange as it may sound, it is mostly known as the best compliment app for ad-blockers. Whatever ads or malware sneak through your primary blocker, Poper Blocker will deal with them with ease. Don’t get us wrong, it could still be used as your stand-alone ad blocker, and it works pretty well in that aspect too.

Features of Poper Blocker:

  • Blocks all kinds of ads, pop-up and banner ads.
  • Offers a pretty handy interface.
  • Shows stats that include the number and types of ads that a particular web page displays.
  • Can use as a stand-alone adblocker.

Poper Blocker Ad and Pop Block Extenion

Furthermore, it is known to consume quite less memory, which will be quite a boon for many users, considering how notorious Chrome is as a memory hogger.

Poper Blocker

Fair AdBlocker

Part of the Acceptable Ads program gives everyone a fair chance of treating ads as per their liking. For example, you could make it display some non-intrusive and personalized ads.

This way it will help the content publishers get their fair trade of reward and you will only get ads that are curated as per your online activities and at the same time, won’t interfere with normal website components. However, if you choose you can still block all the ads, including the trackers and harmful malware as well.

Fair AdBlocker Extension

Furthermore, it also provides the option to whitelist your favorite sites, thereby giving you complete control over which sites to block ads on and whatnot.

Features of Fair AdBlocker:

  • Provides the option to whitelist your favorite sites.
  • Control over the sites that have to be blocked.
  • Blocks all the ads, including the trackers and harmful malware.

With that said, by default Fair Ad blocker might allow these non-intrusive ads. So if you want to get a completely ad-free experience, you might have to tweak its settings a bit, after making it a part of the browser.

Fair AdBlocker


This is perhaps the most underrated Adblock chrome extension on this list. Not only does it block all kinds of ads and trackers, but it has incorporated a pretty useful VPN within itself too. This is something that one usually doesn’t see with such types of applications. So an ad blocker combined with an ability to map your physical location, well what more could one ask for?

For the unawares, the VPN allows you to browse privately without your “actual” location being tracked. Likewise, you can also access geo-restricted content with ease. Then there’s also social blocking that blocks all the ads across all your social media platforms.

Winscribe Ad Social Malware Block Extension

Apart from that, there’s also Location API Spoofing, WebRTC blocking, Timezone Spoofing, Notification blocking, User-Agent Spoofing, and Cookie Monitoring feature.

Features of Winscribe:

  • Block all kinds of ads and trackers.
  • Incorporated a pretty useful VPN within itself.
  • Access geo-restricted content with ease.
  • Features such as Location API Spoofing, WebRTC blocking, and Timezone Spoofing.

On that note, while Ad blocking functionality is free for life, the VPN gives you 10 GB of data per month that you could work on, whereas the paid plan gives you unlimited data and access to servers of over 62 countries.

Get Winscribe


uBlocker belongs to the family of ad blockers that gives control to the user regarding whether they would like to allow some non-intrusive ads to get displayed or not. Or you could also add some of your websites to the whitelist and make the extension only display ads on those sites.

If you choose any of the above two options, the extensions will only display ads based on your personalization and interests. In other words, they will be curated based on your web activity.

uBlocker Ad Block Extension

By default, it will block every type of ad. So to make any tweaks, you will have to head over to its Settings menu. On that note, the extension lists out that it could block many different types of ads, including text ads, pre-roll video ads, text ads, banners, pop-unders, malware, viruses, and trackers too.

Features of uBlocker:

  • Support of 20 languages.
  • Blocks social media and video streaming.
  • Receives regular updates.
  • Blocks ads such as text ads, pre-roll video ads, text ads, banners, pop-unders, malware, viruses, and trackers.

Likewise, blocking ads on Facebook, YouTube, and other such sites is also within its reach. The icing on the cake is that it gets regularly updated too. With the support of 20 languages, this simple yet effective adblocker is one that deserves a try.


Easy Ad Blocker

Although not many people know about it, it’s still a quite decent adblocker. Blocking all kinds of ads, including the likes of video ads, banners, full-screen ads, crypto miners, pop-ups, and phishing websites too. At the same time, all these help in speeding up your navigation and saving on your bandwidth.

Easy Ad Blocker Browser Extension

Features of Easy Ad Blocker:

  • It is a lightweight plugin.
  • Blocks ads such as video ads, banners, full-screen ads, crypto miners, pop-ups, and phishing websites too.
  • Speeds up your navigation.

Furthermore, being a lightweight plugin (around 1MB) further adds to its benefits. Although it doesn’t hold any of the extra functionalities that it could boast of, its sole purpose is to block intrusive ads, and it does excel in that with flying colors.

Easy Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker Professional

Ending the list of best Adblocker Chrome extensions is the Ad Blocker Profession plugin. If you are looking for a small extension with no extra fuss and functionality, then this could be your go-to plugin. To begin with, it blocks all the different types of ads, dangerous malware, trackers, and other related programs and scripts.

Ad Blocker Professional Extension

Likewise, it also makes the ad disappear from various social media sites and popular video streaming sites as well. With a small size, low CPU usage, and bandwidth, it requires no extra configuration as well. Just install it and let it do its job.

Features of AdBlocker Professional:

  • Small extension with no extra fuss and functionality.
  • Makes the ad disappear from various social media sites.
  • Low CPU usage, and bandwidth.
  • Requires no extra configuration.

There’s just a slight issue with it and that’s a lack of regular updates. The last time it got updated was in 2018 and one could hope that the developer could have done a slightly better job in this aspect. Anyway, it is still a decent adblocker chrome nevertheless.

Ad Blocker Professional

Bottom Line: Chrome AdBlocker Extension

So with this, we conclude this list of the best adblocker Chrome extension. Every one of these has some unique features as well as one or two caveats. It ultimately boils down to your personal preference whether you would like to try out a relatively newer player in the market or go for the tried and tested formula.

Since I do not like popup ads or other such distractions when I am browsing, the adblocker chrome extensions really help me achieve the same. I prefer using the AdBlock Chrome extension. It suits all my needs.

Whatever is your selection from the list of AdBlocker extensions above, do let us know your choice in the comments section below.

FAQs: Chrome AdBlocker Extension

Now, let us go through some frequently asked questions regarding Chrome AdBlocker Extension.

What are some of the best Adblocker Extensions for Chrome?

Some of the best AdBlocker Extensions for Chrome are Ad Block, Ab Block Plus, uBlock Origin, Ghostery, Ad Guard, AdBlocker Ultimate, Poper Blocker, Fair AdBlocker, Winscribe, uBlocker, Easy AdBlocker, and Ad Blocker Professional.

Which Adblocker extensions are free for Chrome?

The best and the free AdBlocker extensions for Chrome are Ad Block, Ab Block Plus, uBlock Origin, Winscribe, uBlocker, Easy AdBlocker, and Ad Blocker Professional.

How to install the Adblocker in Chrome Browser?

Firstly download the extension in your browser and then open the extension icon in Chrome Browser. Now, tap on Add to Chrome option.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

Chrome WindowsChrome MacChrome iOSChrome AndroidFirefox Linux
Firefox WindowsSafari MacSafari iOSEdge AndroidChrome Linux
Edge WindowsFirefox MacEdge iOSSamsung InternetEdge Linux

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  1. Given up on Chrome and FF – both take turns in refusing to load sites that the other will load. Moved to Brave (Privacy version of Chrome). Works fine, a lot less ads (Just FB really). Using it on Linux, cellphone and Windows.

  2. I’ve noticed that ad blockers have dropped the “pick” (i.e., user select ad on the current web page) function. Anyone know the reason for that?

  3. Is there an Ad Blocker that allows your web browser to function normally? I am using Edge and since a reinstall of windows every AdBlocker interferes with the normal function of my back button. Instead of going back to the last place on the previous page I am always taken back to the top of the previous page. It means a lot of scrolling on some sites, for example Daily Mail Online. I tried Firefox same result, also Chrome same result. The only thing that seems to work is clearing the cache before running the browser but this was never needed in the past. Can anyone resolve the problem? I have been trying every AdBlocker out there and so far none seem to work properly, especially since all windows latest updates.

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