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Brave browser Introduces ‘Forgetful Browsing Mode’ for User Privacy

The Brave browser has the new privacy feature known as Forgetful Browsing Mode that will automatically clear the site data along with database record upon exit.
New ‘Forgetful Browsing’ Mode in Brave browser

Brave, the privacy-focused web browser, has introduced a new privacy feature called Forgetful Browsing mode. This mode safeguards user privacy by automatically clearing local data for each visited site when leaving it.

The feature will be available in desktop version 1.53 and Android version 1.54, which you can expect in the coming weeks. However, you can enable the browser’s experimental flags at brave://flags/#brave-forget-first-party-storage to use this feature immediately.

What is Forgetful Browsing Mode

Brave’s Forgetful Browsing mode clears various data for each site, including cookies, local storage, IndexedDB, cache, and DNS cache. These data types can be used by websites to track browsing behavior and create a profile based on your interests. By clearing this data, the Forgetful Browsing mode helps prevent such tracking.

The Forgetful mode is a powerful tool for protecting online privacy. If privacy is a concern, enabling Forgetful Browsing mode in Brave is recommended.

Aside from Forgetful Browsing mode, Brave offers additional privacy features like a built-in ad blocker, HTTPS Everywhere, Tor integration, and private mode. These features collectively enhance user privacy and keep their data secure.

Enable Forgetful Browsing

In order to use the forgetful browsing mode in a version earlier than 1.53 on a desktop, you need to enable the experimental flag.

  1. Open the Brave browser on your computer.
  2. Visit brave://flags/#brave-forget-first-party-storage in the address bar.
  3. From the drop-down, select Enabled and relaunch the browser.
    Enable First Party Storage Cleanup support flag on Brave browserIt will relaunch the browser with the feature support added.
  4. Visit the Brave Sheild settings page at brave://settings/shields from the address bar.
  5. Under the Block cookies options, select the Forget by default drop-down option.
    Block cookies forget by default option for Forgetful browsing on Brave desktop
  6. That’s it, Forgetful browsing mode is now activated on the Brave browser.

Since it’s an experimental feature, please proceed with caution.

The feature might be integrated into the Brave browser under a separate option, as shown below after it’s rolled out to the general public.

Forget me when I close this site option in Brave computerImage source: Brave blog

What are the benefits?

There is no doubt about the Brave’s privacy protection in normal mode. However, there are additional benefits of Brave’s Forgetful Browsing mode offers:

  1. Privacy protection: It prevents websites from tracking your browsing activity.
  2. Improved browsing experience: It speeds up page loading times and reduces the amount of data sent to websites.
  3. Enhanced security: It prevents websites from stealing your personal information.

If you want to enhance your online privacy and security, consider using Brave’s Forgetful Browsing mode once it is generally available for all users.

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