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Customize the Google Chrome Start Page in Sidebar panel

The Google Chrome browser has added a feature to customize the start page and the sections displayed on it from the Sidebar panel menu.
Customize Start Page from Sidebar in Chrome browser

In the recent update, Google Chrome has added a new customized home screen or start page from the sidebar panel that allows to add or remove sections and change the appearance of the browser for better personalization.

The option to Customize Chrome was already available at the bottom left corner, but it has been further enhanced to add more controls on what sections to be displayed on the start screen, along with theme, color, and background image selection.

The Change theme option has added the feature to upload an image, set default Chrome Colors, or choose dynamic images that will automatically refresh in the background on a daily basis.

Dynamic Background image that refresh daily on Chrome browser

In the Show Shortcuts section, we have the option to choose between ‘My Shortcuts’ or ‘Most visited sites’.

Customize Chrome Appearance and shortcut section in sidebar

In our hands-on, we noticed the Cards sections, which currently have a checkbox to display the recently used Google Drive files. The Cards section is only available in the Google WorkSpace for Business subscription users and unavailable for normal (free) Google accounts for now.

Cards section in Google Chrome Customize Start page options

The changes made on the Chrome computer do not reflect on the connected devices like Chrome on Android or iPhone. And the option to Customize is only available when the start page is set to a new tab page. If you’ve changed the home page URL or start page in Chrome browser, then options to customize will not appear even under the Sidebar panel.

Source: Chrome Blog

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