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Google Chrome can now Auto-Correct the URL Typos

Google has announced the auto-correct feature for URL typos in address bar on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. It will redirect users to correct page.
Google Chrome can now Auto-Correct the URL Typos

It is a common problem to make errors while typing URLs in the address bar of your browser. This can result in you reaching phishing websites or replicas of originals that are no longer in use by other users.

Google Chrome has come up with an invariably effective solution to this by checking for typos in the URLs you type. It released new updates for the browser on Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 18. One of these updates stated:

When you type a website into the Chrome address bar, it will now detect URL typos and suggest websites based on the corrections. This increases accessibility for people with dyslexia, language learners, and anyone who makes typos by making it easier to get to previously visited websites despite spelling errors. This feature is now available on Chrome desktop and will roll out to mobile in the coming months.

According to this new development, Google is all set to roll out this new feature on Chrome desktop for now. It will soon be available to phone users. The main idea behind this update is to provide visible accessibility for people with learning disabilities like dyslexia. It will also help those who make frequent mistakes while typing.

We have tested this feature in the desktop browser, and it supports popular websites for now. The website will check if the URL is correct in a pause and automatically redirect to an authentic site address. → →

Google is constantly coming up with new updates and bug fixes to enhance the user experience for people with a need for accessibility. You can read about other features in their blog post.

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