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YouTube is Testing Feature to Stop the Ad Blockers Extensions

YouTube is stopping users from watching videos using Ad blocker extensions to stop revenue loss. You need to subscribe premium or disable blocker to continue.
YouTube is Blocking the Ad Blocker that’s hurting Revenue

YouTube is making significant changes to its features and accessibility. It regularly changes its algorithms and fixes all the bugs on a daily basis. It also works on improvising the user experience and testing UI changes for a small number of undefined user groups, and one such feature YouTube is currently testing is blocking the ad blockers extensions.

Ads form an integral part of revenue generation for YouTube. It also contributes to making YouTube free and accessible to all. For now, the privilege of an ad-free YouTube experience is only been available for users with a subscription to YouTube Premium. However, one who does not want to subscribe to the premium membership but still wants to block ads often resorts to using third-party ad blockers on YouTube.

These ad blocker extensions are hurting the revenue generation by YouTube and the content creators to rely on YouTube Monetization. Hence, YouTube is testing to stop the ad blockers by sending a pop-up window.

Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube’s blocking of ad blockers.

Blocking Ad Blockers on YouTube

YouTube continues to roll out new features and update its app frequently. With the recent launches of YouTube shorts, YouTube music, and even YouTube Premium, it is quite evident.

However, YouTube had not addressed ad blockers until now. Ad blockers have been making the rounds on the internet for over a decade, but YouTube paid no attention to it. But now, it has been seen by several users on YouTube about the blocking of ad blockers.

Ad Blocker are not allowed on YouTube Pop-up

It was first spotted by a Reddit user who questioned the new update on YouTube and posted a screenshot describing the same. The videos were blocked from streaming further until and unless the ad blocker was disabled. YouTube urges you to take a premium subscription or watch the ads before your video starts.

YouTube also mentions:

Ads allow YouTube to stay free for billions of users worldwide.

This is a no-brainer because YouTube ads help generate branding and improve visibility for advertisers at a cost. With ad blockers, YouTube is stripped of its revenue source, hampering its growth and affecting sustainability.

Moreover, YouTube has also increased the number and duration of ads before a video adding to the agitation of the users. YouTube Premium is heavy on the pocket. Hence, this new update has its own set of pros and cons.

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