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FTC Disclosure and Disclaimer

We at BrowserHow enhance and keep all the articles and information on this website open to all our beloved readers. We have a privacy term with our readers to keep their data secured if collected in any form (article comment or subscription forms).

Here we have disclosed the two important aspects that keep this website running and up all time; Unique Article Content and Monetary Funding.

You’ll find a few “logos” from brands in our imagery. Please note these “logos” are registered trademarks of respective brands.

Article Content Disclosure

If you take a walk-through of our web articles, you will find most of them are crafted and simplified according to our readers. Some articles are written by grabbing ideas from different existing sources (just an idea, not the content), and necessary credits are provided.

Once we like the article idea, we will have detailed research and then post our thoughts and procedures according to our experience. Sometimes, you might find some steps on other websites or blogs too. But it doesn’t mean that either of us had copied it. This might be just a coincidence.

We have a unique and special style of writing articles. Other website owners might follow a different way and have their way of producing articles.

We want to disclose one important note some of the articles are being migrated from my old website, which we had discontinued. But these articles are not outdated but are updated to the latest version for information.

We are here to keep you and ourselves updated with the latest technologies with better solutions.

Monetary and Funding Disclosure

Currently, we have two sources of funding – contextual ads (98%) and commissions earned through affiliate partners (2%). This helps us keep running and pay our expenses and monthly billing.

We do not have any kind of bias towards any affiliate products or services for monetary gains. The products and services recommended on the site are thoroughly tested.

If you are interested in any advertisement on BrowserHow, please get in touch with us.