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Microsoft Edge for iOS/iPadOS: Features and Settings Overview

Microsoft Edge is one of the best alternatives to Safari and Chrome Browser for iOS devices. Finally, the Edge browser is also available for all iOS devices with the same features that it holds on an Android Phone. You can easily sign up or log in with your Microsoft id and sync your passwords, favorites, collections, and much more in your Edge Browser.

Edge is the new chromium-based browser from Microsoft majorly for its Windows platform. Releasing from Windows 10 onwards, it is a better alternative to those prolonged browsers like Chrome or Firefox. This browser comes pre-installed on Windows 10 machines.

From both features and options perspectives, Edge is very modern and sleek and is built on the same Chromium-based blink engine that powers Google Chrome. Even the UI itself is modernized to match the new material design standards.

Since then, Microsoft has released its browser to other platforms, especially mobile devices running on Android and iOS. So in this article, let us have a detailed overview of the Edge browser for iOS and iPadOS devices.

My sister bought a new iPad for herself. She called me over to have a look. Later, she asked me which browser she should opt for. My answer was Microsoft Edge. Then, I told her why Microsoft Edge iOS is the best.

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Though the browser looks different in the iPhone when compared with the iPad, the options and settings are almost the same.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at all the features of Microsoft Edge for iOS:

Edge on iOS: Features and Overview

The look and feel matter and contributes to the overall browsing experience. So here in Edge, we have a minimal yet functional UI. Let’s break down the aspects and see them one by one.

Home Screen

Upon launching the browser, you’ll be given a home screen. The Screen comprises a search bar powered by Bing that you can change in search engine settings.

Towards the center, we have icons for websites we added or visited the most. Scrolling down a bit, we will get My feed, a collection of news and articles to read from. Although you can personalize and have your cards by swiping right to the personalize tabs.

Microsoft Edge Homescreen on iPhone iOS

If you tap on horizontal 3bar icon the menu on the home screen, you will be given the option to change the homepage layout. Here you can choose from the default Home Page Layout, or customize it as per your needs. You can toggle ON or OFF the cards and feeds displayed on the home screen page.

Navigation bar

A sleek navigation bar can be located towards the bottom of the screen. It comprises a Forward and Backward button along with a horizontal 3dots icon More button, multi tab icon tab switcher button, and apple share icon share button that allows you to share the webpage through your preferred medium.

Microsoft Edge iOS Navigation Button Options Menu Tabs icon and Share button

More options

Tapping on the horizontal 3dots icon More options button will reveal a pop-up menu. So the menu comprises options like Voice search, new tab, and Image search.

This is also a place to find options like settings and Continue on PC. Well, we will talk about continuing on PC in the later section of this article. You can add a website to your collections and view them later.

Edge iOS Options Menu List

There is also a Desktop site that helps to load the desktop version of the site. Especially for websites like google docs. Other options like Read aloud, and Find on Page, are also of great use. You can add pages to the Reading list and view them later.

Edge iOS in Page Options and Menu

You can easily arrange the items on this menu. Tap on the Change menu and drag and drop things to arrange them to suit your needs.

Edge iOS Change Menu to rearrange menu

Tab management

Tab management is simple and efficient in this browser. You can invoke tab view by tapping on the multi tab icon tab button in the navigation bar.

It divides the tabs into two key parts: Normal tabs and InPrivate tabs. As you already know, InPrivate tabs help to view websites leaving no trails behind. You can quickly search for stuff and close it to remove history.

Tab Management in Microsoft Edge for iOS

You can close all open tabs by tapping on the Close all tabs option.


While the browser targets more privacy, you can find many options regarding enhancing privacy. Although there are many other tweaking options presented in the browser.

For instance, you can choose the Theme of the UI to suit your system style. You can select Dark, Light, or Device defaults. There is also another option to set it to System default.

Microsoft Edge Theme Settings

When the default state is active, normal tabs will be in light mode and private tabs will be in dark mode. So you can quickly identify that you’re on private browsing mode.

Privacy and Security

As mentioned earlier, this browser focuses most on the privacy of its users.  Under Privacy and security, you can find options like Saving passwords, managing saved passwords, and saving address management.

Apart from that, you can also find options to enable tracking prevention and block pop-ups. You can set controls over cookies, whether to allow or block cookies.

Microsoft Edge Privacy and Security Settings

You can optionally enable or disable sharing data about the websites you visit on Microsoft Edge iOS.

Also, you can change sharing usage data for personalization. If you like a personalized browsing experience, you can enable them. If you don’t like it, you can opt out by disabling it.

Edge iOS Share Data and Website Info with Microsoft

Other settings

Other options like customizing or disabling the news feed, enabling content blockers, and translation options can be modified from the Settings option.

Content blockers provide a great option for parental controls and restrictions.

Microsoft Edge iOS Advanced Settings and Options

Now you can select news feed sources from this menu. You can select your region and get news based on your locality. There are MSN and MSN kids services available. But you can add more services.

Edge iPad News Feed Settings option

Advanced Settings

Under Advanced settings, you can find settings to change the default search engine. By default, you’ll find Bing, however, you can switch to google or any other services you like.

Adjust the site display settings to load desktop pages or mobile pages based on your preference. It’s good to have a mobile version as default as they load faster and manually change to the desktop version of the site only if required.

Edge iOS Advanced Settings and Browsing Options

Upon opening the browser, you can either pick up where you left or launch a new tab by modifying browsing options under advanced settings.

Sometimes it’s annoying when the things we left open again. Especially if you were viewing any private stuff and forgot to close. So it’s best to select the “New tab”. Previous tabs won’t be closed, and you can go back to them if you want.

Edge iOS Change Default Search Engine

You can also enable or disable floating video to open a pop-up (picture in picture) window for videos you play with the edge browser.

Siri shortcuts

Some Siri shortcuts can open within the edge browser. For instance, open up Siri and say, “Read the news”. This will open up the top article in your Microsoft news feed.

Of course, you can customize the options by tapping on the edit (pencil) icon. Other options like image search can open image searching options within the edge browser.

Microsoft Edge iOS Siri Shortcuts Voice Command

Browsing Continuity

Edge has done some serious workarounds on the continuity department. Options like continue on PC are working great. You can sign in with your Microsoft account, the one you’ve used on your PC from the startup menu, or settings.

After you can tap on horizontal 3dots icon for more options > Continue on PC and select your PC from the list to open it on your PC. The webpage instantly opens on your selected PC, and you can continue reading or working there.

This continuity is what I like the most in the browser.

Edge iOS Options Menu List

You can access your favorites and reading list from your PC. Your list from the phone will be also available to access from the PC. Thanks to Microsoft account integration for this support.

Bottom Line: Edge for iOS/iPadOS

So, Edge iOS is a great browser for iOS, considering its features. Even from the perspective of looks, the browser holds up to modern standards. There are many features to try out in Microsoft Edge for iOS.

So, if you’re mostly considering privacy features and continuity options between your devices, the Edge iOS browser is the way to go.

The primary reason people use browsers like Chrome or Firefox is that we can alternatively work between Mac and mobile phones because it can sync between them. Now with Edge also available for mobile platforms, users can sync content from mobile to PC easily.

This may work out for Microsoft. Although the browser lacks many features when compared to the desktop version available on Windows PCs, it still has a long way to go. However, as far as Safari for iOS and Chrome for iOS, the Microsoft Edge browser for iOS is nowhere lagging behind the competitors.

If you have a Windows computer at work or a PC and Apple iPhone or iPad, then choosing the Microsoft Edge is a great choice. It works well for compatibility and switching between devices to maintain continuity.

I taught my sister about all the latest features of the Microsoft Edge iOS browser and how it is the best choice for her iPad. She was ecstatic.

Do you like the Microsoft Edge for iOS? Which is your favorite feature that you always prefer over any other browser? Does switching from Microsoft Edge computer to iOS work for you?

FAQs: Microsoft Edge For iOS.

Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding the Microsoft Edge for iOS.

Can we install Microsoft Edge on iOS devices?

Yes, you can easily install the Microsoft Edge Browser on any iOS device through the app store and sync all your passwords, collections, favorites, etc., in it.

Is it Safe to use Microsoft Edge on iOS devices?

Yes, it is totally safe to use the Microsoft Edge on iOS devices.

Is Edge Better than Safari?

Microsoft Edge has beat Chrome and Safari both in the performance. But since Safari is specifically made to meet the iOS requirements so it is slightly better in effectiveness and efficiency.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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If you've any thoughts on Microsoft Edge for iOS/iPadOS: Features and Settings Overview, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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15 thoughts on “Microsoft Edge for iOS/iPadOS: Features and Settings Overview”

  1. Great Article! I recently purchased an iPad Air and am considering running ios Edge as my default browser. I have a Window Laptop, so Edge is a natural choice for me. However, before diving into the pond, I would like to know if ios Edge can properly run java applets in its browser windows. Can you please let me know.

    Many thanks and with regards,


    1. Of course, Edge is fully supported on iOS since it’s built based on a chromium engine Apple WebKit which is fully compatible for iOS.

      1. Edge on IOS does not use the Chromium engine. All browsers on IOS and iPadOS are required by Apple to use WebKit the same engine as Safari. It is a shame because I think more web sites test with Chromium but Apple is Apple.

  2. The iPad on IOS does not have the ability to change the home screen. Correct? There is there is the ability to use the menu to change page layout on the iPhone but this menu does not exist on iPad. And unlike Edge on the PC, I can’t have my favorites across the top (like I can with Safari) on the iPad. True?

    1. I have the same problem. I can change the page layout on a Mac, on my iphone but I don’t see the icon to access it on ipados.

  3. How can I show the Favourites Bar on my iPad? Just like I can on my PC and MAC.
    Now it is hidden somewhere behind settings … Finding a favourite is a big pia.
    Please explain or fix this!

  4. All browser on IOS or iPadOS use the WebKit engine same as Safari. Apple does not allow the browsers native engine to be used as in the case of Chromium for Edge, Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi etc. This is not the case on MacOS as it allows a browser to do a full install using their native engine.
    So basically, when you install Edge or Chrome or another browser on iOS or iPadOS your getting a graphically design on the browser with some features native to that browser. But at the core its running WebKit not Chromium.

  5. I’m a MS Edge user on my PC and like the Edge browser on my iPad with one big problem: I have a favorite app that has an applet in Safari but doesn’t show up in Edge. I’d sure like to know how to get it into Edge;

  6. MS Edge is not good for iOS… yet. Pinned websites get automatically unpinned (per MS, they know about this issue for the past year and still have not addressed it yet); occasional saved passwords do not populate; text and saved websites are smaller print than Safari; Favorites are buried and not easy to access, unlike Safari where its automatically listed on your homescreen; Edge shows most visited sites, even when you state not too… Security configuration is much better though.

  7. I have a iPhone se 1st gen, and new iOS update has made a few of my regular sites not work when i sign in and stuff so i tryed adding chrome for these sites, but I can’t remove tabs bars and screen very small any suggestions please?

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