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How to Install and Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox Console

Learn how to install and launch the Microsoft Edge on the Xbox console. The Edge browser is auto-installed and available under 'Apps' after the latest updates.

The Xbox is Microsoft’s gaming console which supports almost every app and game available on other gaming consoles. The Xbox system also auto-installs the latest Microsoft Edge browser from its official updates. We need to update the Xbox to the latest version and head over to the Apps to launch the Edge browser on Xbox.

Install Edge browser on Xbox Console

There’s no denying the fact that users generally prefer to avoid accessing the web on their consoles. It’s not that they don’t want to, but the lack of options has compelled them to take this decision.

Even if a gaming console comes with its default browser, it cannot checkmark most of the prerequisites a decent web browser could have requested.

However, all this stood true until Microsoft made its presence felt. The Silicon Valley giant has just released its popular Microsoft Edge browser for the Xbox One, One S, One X, Series S, and Series X consoles.

Even more commendable is that it isn’t a trimmed-down browser version but comes with all the nifty features.

The biggest is the ability to sync your browser data across all the synced devices. Along the same lines, you could send tabs opened in Xbox to other devices or even try out web apps like Discord and Stadia.

Moreover, it comes with mouse and keyboard support without hiccups in the browsing experience. With such a truckload of benefits attached, it’s no secret why users are looking to get a hold of this browser on their consoles.

So, without further ado, let’s install the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox One consoles.

Install Edge on Xbox

Microsoft has packed in the Edge browser with the Xbox September 2021 update. So ensure that you are running the September or later update build, and then the browser should automatically abode onto your console.

With that said, here’s how you could check and install the pending updates onto your Xbox Console:

  1. Turn On the Xbox gaming console.
  2. Press the X button on the controller to open the Xbox menu.
  3. Using toggle buttons, navigate to Gear settings gear icon for the System menu.
  4. Select Settings from the menu list.
    System Settings menu in Xbox Console
  5. Select the System tab, and choose the Updates & downloads command.
    Xbox System Downloads and Updates menu
  6. Follow the on-screen instruction to Download and Update the Xbox console updates.
    Xbox downloading console updates online
info icon
Note: the console will automatically restart after completing the update. Make sure to be connected to a power source for uninterrupted updates.

After restarting, check again if any updates are still pending under System Updates & Download screen. If you see the message “No console update available“, the latest updates are installed on your console.

No console updates available on Xbox

Once you install the latest updates, the Microsoft Edge browser will auto-installed on your Xbox console.

Launch Edge on Xbox

The Xbox is updated to the latest version, which includes the Microsoft Edge app as part of the update. We can launch the Edge browser like any other application from the Apps menu.

Here are the steps to launch and use the Edge on Xbox:

  1. Head over to the My Games & Apps section from the home menu.
  2. Switch to the Apps menu from the left menu bar.
  3. Scroll through the app listing and select launch the Microsoft Edge browser.
    Microsoft Edge browser in Xbox Apps store

That’s it. It will launch the Edge browser immediately and be ready to use on your Xbox, just like a computer PC.

Please note that it’s a fully optimized version of the Edge computer browser; hence you will find all the features and settings like a PC browser.

You can sign in with your Microsoft account and turn on the sync feature to stay connected with your PC.

Bottom Line

So with this, we round off the guide on how you could install the Microsoft Edge browser on your Xbox consoles.

The lack of a decent browser in a console always resulted in great inconvenience to the end users. In this regard, the entry of one of the popular browsers would prove significant for console owners.

While the browser doesn’t support extensions, that shouldn’t be of much concern as it manages to checkmark most of the prerequisites an Xbox user could have requested.

On that note, we conclude this tutorial on how to install and launch the Edge on Xbox. Please feel free to drop your thoughts about what you think about Edge being added to the Xbox console. Did you miss this feature?

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Install and Use Microsoft Edge on Xbox Console, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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