How to Allow or Deny Auto-Downloads from Websites in Safari Mac?

Learn how to allow or deny the downloads from any websites within safari browser on Mac OS computer. You can either allow the website to download or deny the request that will block downloads.

Few malicious sites automatically download software or program on the computer without our consent. In that case, it’s always good to block that site from sending any software for download.

The safari browser has an in-built feature that can allow, deny and even ask whether to download and save a file on the computer. You can also customize the download controls at the individual site level.

How to Manage Downloads in Safari Mac Computer?

Here are the easy steps to manage the online downloads within the safari browser on the macOS machine.

  1. Launch the Safari browser app on a mac computer.
  2. Select Safari from the menubar options.
  3. Choose Preferences… option under the Safari menu.
  4. Switch to the Websites tab within the Preferences popup window.
  5. Based on your requirement, allow or deny a website from the list.
  6. You can also set browser level download setup from the dropdown option.

Allow or Deny Downloads on Safari for Mac from the websites

This will allow or block the downloads on the safari browser from the mentioned websites. You can customize per website as well as make changes for all the sites within the Safari browser.

If you’re not sure how you’re going to use the downloads, then suggest leaving the option as a default set to Ask. Hence, whenever there are new downloads from any unlisted website, you can either allow or deny the download request.

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