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How to Change the Firefox Display Language?

Mozilla Firefox supports multiple regional and local languages as the display language for menu and options. It allows two or more languages to choose and set the priority per our needs. It also offers the feature to translate the webpage display language settings under the general preferences menu. Changing the default Firefox Language is a one-time setup.

Mozilla has baked in quite a few privacy and security measures in Firefox, but that isn’t the only reason why its offering has managed to stay at the top of this highly competitive domain.

The browser beholds a plentitude of valuable features and customizations that users could make full use of. From tweaking the browser’s homepage URL and new tabs to customizing the homepage layout, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Along the same lines, it also gives you the option to change the language of the display menus, messages, and notifications that appear from time to time on Firefox.

Since Firefox browser’s reach is spread far and wide and is used by numerous users across the globe, its multilingual support is going to be welcomed by one and all.

However, they might find a little tricky to deal with is how they could switch to a different language set.

Firefox Language Changed to Hindi

Well, if you are also getting bugged with this concern, then fret not. Given here are the detailed instructions to change the Firefox language to the one of your choice.

Likewise, we will also make you aware of the steps to change the language of the web pages in which they are being displayed on your browser. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Change Firefox Display Language

Firefox is one of the major browsers that support multiple regions and languages. We can set any display language and customize it according to our needs.

Here are the steps to change the firefox display language:

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the Menu horizontal 3bar icon and select the Settings/Preferences menu.
    Firefox Preferences Options setting
  3. Scroll to the Language section.
  4. Click on your current language, and select Search for more languages.
    Search for more languages for Firefox Display menu, notification
  5. Click on Select a language to add.
    Select a Language to add in Firefox Language Setting
  6. Select the desired language from the drop-down menu, and click the Add button.
    Firefox Language Settings on ComputerChoose additional language if required, and move up and move down per language priority.
  7. Hit the OK button to save the changes and close this dialog box.
    Firefox Language Settings Move Up Move Down and Ok button
  8. Hit on the Apply and Restart button.
    Apply and Restart Firefox to Change Language

That’s it, once the browser reboots, it will adopt that new language throughout its UI.

Moreover, e, you wish to add or remove a language or change their preference, or at any point in more time, you could directly do so via the Set Alternatives option.

Firefox will treat the first language as the default one and as and when the need arises, would use the second and third languages. So if you wish to change their position, select the required language and use the Move Down or Move Up button to perform the said action.

Change Webpage Default Language

In some instances, a website might support two or more languages. In those cases, you may instruct Firefox beforehand as to which language should it give the preferences.

Here are the steps to change the language for displaying pages in Firefox:

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Copy-paste the below text in the address bar to open General Preferences.
  3. Scroll down to the Language section.
  4. Click on the Choose button next to Choose your preferred language for displaying pages.
    Choose preferred language for displaying pages in Firefox
  5. Click on Select a language to add and add all your preferred languages from the list.
  6. Change the order of preferences using the Move Up or Move Down.
    Webpage Language Settings in Mozilla Firefox browser
  7. Hit OK to save the changes.

Do keep in mind that even though you have added the desired web page languages, it ultimately boils down to whether or not those pages have added different language support in the first place.

Bottom Line: Change Firefox Language

With this, we round off the guide on how you could change Firefox’s display language. It is indeed quite an important feature that Mozilla has given due weightage to.

The fact that the browser has firmly set its feet across different countries makes this multi-lingual support all the more important.

I personally added 3 languages in the Firefox Languages set up, I often switch between these languages for a different feel.

So on that note, we conclude the tutorial for changing the Firefox language in the menu and options. If you have any queries concerning the aforementioned steps, do let us know.

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