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How to Enable Reader View in Firefox Computer?

The images, videos, Ads, and many other pictorial representations on the site can distract you from reading the actual content. If the situation is the same with you then you must enable the reader mode in your Firefox Browser. The site which is compatible with reader mode will display a reader mode icon in the URL bar, you simply need to click the icon to enable the Reader Mode.

I spend most of the time online reading articles or blog posts that keep me updated with the latest trends and news. But irrelevant ads always distracting. Hence, I decided to find a solution that will completely eliminate these ads and also display the main content. Luckily I found my solution in form of the Firefox reader view.

Reader view is a powerful feature of Firefox that removes irrelevant information and improves web page readability. It makes your reading experience better and more reliable without any distractions.

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Additionally, the Firefox reader view will also render the text, and format the webpage as per our preferences settings. It also offers additional features like save to pocket and text to speech.

Enable Reader View in Firefox

It is quite simple to enable reader view in Firefox, and it will help you have a better reading experience. However, not every website supports a reader’s view. Only the blogs, wiki, news, and text-heavy sites are supported with reader view.

Here are the steps to enable the simplified reader view on Firefox computer: 

  1. Launch the Firefox browser on the computer.
  2. Open to the page you want to enable reader view.
  3. If the webpage is compatible with the reader view mode then you will see a reader view icon in the URL bar.
    How to show reader view mode in Firefox computer
  4. Click on the Firefox reader view icon to enable reader view mode.
    How To Show Simplified Reader View In Firefox Computer

The page layout and structure will quickly change and you will see the simplified version of the page without any ads and HTML design elements.

Modify Reader View Settings

Reader view within the Firefox browser offers several customization and rich feature to make the reading experience even better. We can adjust the text color and font size as well as background to make the reading even better.

You have options such as exit reader view, font controls, read aloud or listen, and save to pocket. You can adjust the size of the text or decrease/increase brightness.

How To Modify Reader View Settings

These options are helpful for those who need reading assistance. You also have the option to set the read-aloud speech pace control at your convenience.

Bottom Line: Firefox Reader View

Reader view is one of the best features introduced by Firefox that enhances the user’s reading experience. It also sets removes irrelevant ads or pop-up windows so that we can focus on the content of our interest.

Reader’s view on Firefox has really simplified my reading experience and made it a lot better than before. Now, I can read my articles and blog posts without any distractions. I really like the read-aloud feature that works seamlessly and gives a feel of audiobooks.

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What do you like the most about the reader’s view on Firefox? If you haven’t tried the reader view mode, I strongly recommend checking out once and letting us know your thoughts.

FAQs: Enable Reader Views in Firefox Computer

Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding how to enable the reader to view Firefox Computer.

How to enable the Reader view in Firefox Computer?

The site which is compatible with the reader mode displays a reader mode icon in its URL bar. So, click on that reader mode icon to enable the reader mode on the site.

How to disable the Reader View in Firefox Computer?

When you are in the reader mode, to go back to the normal mode, click again on the Reader mode icon and the reader view will be disabled.

What are the other settings available in Reader view mode in Firefox Computer?

The different options available in the settings in the Reader view mode in Firefox Computer are, exit Reader view, font controls, read aloud or listen, and save to pocket.

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