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How to Forward and Send Link in Firefox Devices?

Firefox offers the user amazing features through which they can share the links of the site from one device to another logged in with the same firefox id. You can also share the links between your phone and the Computer. The only requirement is that both devices must have been logged in with the same Firefox ids.

Imagine you are reading a very interesting piece but it is too long so you decide to put it away and finish it later since you need to work on the desktop.

Now, do you know that you can send that link to a desktop computer and continue reading? This way, you don’t have to bother about changing devices. Mozilla Firefox comes with a built-in feature that allows you to send pages directly from your PC to other devices and vice versa.

I spend a great deal of time reading online. From blogs to articles and even e-books, I read everything. Sometimes I may be reading on my laptop and have to leave the house mid-way without finishing what I was reading. At times like these, you can use the Firefox send link to phone feature.

A similar feature is also available in Chrome as well as Safari browser and thankfully Mozilla has embraced this super cool feature as well. The only requirement is that you need to register and sign in yourself in the Firefox browser and enable the device sync feature.

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If you are already Firefox registered and have signed in on the mobile and computer, then you can skip the Enable Sync in the Mozilla Firefox section below.

How to Enable Sync in Mozilla Firefox?

First of all, you will have to sync the devices you would like to use the Firefox share link with. To do so, you need to login into your firefox account and sync from there.

Turn on Sync on the Firefox computer

To use Firefox to share the link, you need to sign in Firefox account and enable online sync. Online sync helps in connecting all the devices and storing the data in the cloud.

Here are the steps for enabling the sync in Mozilla Firefox computer:

First and foremost, ensure that you have a Mozilla Account. If you do not have one, you can register for free.

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser on the computer.
  2. Click on the horizontal 3bar icon menu for options.
  3. Choose the Sign-in Firefox menu.
    Sign in to Firefox computer
  4. Hit on Sign in to Firefox – Turn on the Sync option.
    A new tab will open with Firefox sign-in page.
  5. Enter the Firefox account credentials and hit on Sign in to complete sync.
    Sign in to Firefox Account to Sync

That’s it. You will now sign in to your Firefox account and device sync will happen automatically in the backend.

Turn on Sync in Firefox Mobile

Similarly, you can also enable sync on your Firefox Mobile Browser. The process of the firefox browser on a phone is very similar to that on a computer.

Follow these steps to sign in and enable sync on the Firefox Mobile browser:

On your mobile or tablet, ensure you have the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser installed.

  1. Launch the Firefox browser app on your mobile.
  2. Click on the vertical 3dots icon menu icon.
  3. Choose the Settings menu from the list.
  4. Tap on Turn on Sync.
    Turn on Sync Mozilla Firefox Android Mobile
  5. Enter your Mozilla account details to log in.

This will sign in to the Firefox account on mobile and also enable device sync.

How to Send Links between Firefox devices?

Now that we have signed in to Firefox devices, we can use the Firefox share link feature.

Send Links from Firefox Computer

Firefox has a built-in option to send links without any need for an add-on or extension. All we need is to enable the Firefox account sync.

Here are the steps to send the link from the Firefox computer browser to connected devices:

  1. Launch the Firefox app on the computer.
  2. Open the page you’d love to share with you on other devices.
  3. Click on the horizontal 3dots icon icon on the address bar for the options list.
  4. Click on Send Tab to Device option.
    Send Tab to Device in Firefox Computer
  5. Proceed to select which of the connected devices you would like to send the URL to.

The URL will be immediately sent to the connected devices. You can choose any device listed under Send Tab to Devices.

Sending Links from Firefox Mobile

Just like the syncing process, sending a link from your Mozilla Firefox App on mobile is similar to that on a computer.

Here are the steps to send the link from Firefox mobile browser:

  1. Launch the Firefox browser app on Mobile.
  2. Open the page you want to share on your computer or other Firefox-connected devices.
  3. Tap on thevertical 3dots iconmenu.
  4. Select the Share button from the menu.
  5. Choose Share to other devices.
  6. Select the device from the available connected device.

This will send and share the web page link to Firefox devices selected. You can choose any device from the connected device. You can use the Firefox to send to a phone or desktop.

How to View Shared Pages in Firefox?

Now that you are on the other device and would like to view your shared links. What do you do?

View Sent Links on Firefox Computer

We have received the link from other Firefox devices to the computer. Hence, we should be able to view and open the link easily.

Here are the steps to view the sent link from a Firefox computer:

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox on the computer.
  2. Click on the horizontal 3bar icon menu for options.
  3. Choose the Library from the menu list.
  4. Click on Synced Tabs.
    Synced Tabs in Mozilla Firefox Computer

You will see a list of links that were sent to your Firefox computer browser. Just link on the link to open in the new tab.

View Shared Links on Firefox Mobile

Just link computer, the shared link received in sync can be launched in Firefox mobile browser.

Here are the steps to view the sent link on Firefox mobile:

  1. Launch the Firefox browser app on Mobile.
  2. Tap on thevertical 3dots iconmenu.
  3. Choose the Synchronized Tabs menu option.
    Firefox Android Synchronized Tabs

You will find all the shared links under this tab. Click on any link that you want to open in the Firefox mobile browser.

Bottom Line: Send Link in Mozilla Firefox

Sharing files externally on the Mozilla Firefox browser is very easy. All you have to do is have a Firefox account, sign in and then sync devices. The rest of the steps are as simple as mentioned above in the article.

It is pretty easy to use the Firefox share link feature. The synced tabs will have all the links that you need to continue reading on different devices.

Thankfully, Mozilla Firefox is available on the devices and screen sizes. Hence, making it quite a useful and productive feature.

At work, you could create a mutual Firefox account and use it for sharing links among your workmates. Cool, right?

Similarly, the Google Chrome browser does offer the feature under Send to Chrome devices. This however needs the Google account sign-in.

How do you normally share links between two devices? Do you use the copy-paste and send the links with your favorite app?

FAQs: Forward and Send Links in Firefox Devices

Now, let us go through frequently asked questions regarding how to forward and Send Links on Firefox Devices.

How to Send Links from Firefox Mobile to Firefox Computer?

Launch the Chrome Browser on your phone, open the site that has to be shared and tap on the three dots. From there tap on Share, select send to other devices and select the device to which you want to share.

How to Send Links from Firefox Computer to Firefox Mobile?

Launch the Firefox Browser and open the site that you want to share to the other connected device and open the menu through the three dots at the corner and click on Send Tab to the device to send the links from firefox Computer to Firefox mobile.

How to view the Shared link in Firefox?

Open Firefox Browser on your Mobile phone and hit on the three dots at the top right corner. Now, scroll down and search for synchronized tabs where you will find the shared links. For, Computer, you need

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

Chrome WindowsChrome MacChrome iOSChrome AndroidFirefox Linux
Firefox WindowsSafari MacSafari iOSEdge AndroidChrome Linux
Edge WindowsFirefox MacEdge iOSSamsung InternetEdge Linux

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