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How to View Mobile Site Layout in Firefox Computer?

Some sites might not be made to be viewed on the desktop and might be fully adjusted to the mobile view layout. In such a case, you can view the sites in the mobile view layout in your Firefox Browser on your computer itself. Just open the web developer tools and enable the responsive design mode icon after launching the site which you want to view in the Mobile site layout.

It is always a good practice to see how your website will look on a mobile screen. This can be done by testing the site on your mobile. However, as you know that there are numerous mobile phones available in the market and the numbers are rapidly increasing every single day. It is not possible to test the website on so many devices.

Now the question arises: how to view the mobile sites in Firefox? If you also have a similar question then do read our post.

Almost all web browsers available in the market allow the users to preview the mobile version of their website while sticking to the desktop browser. This feature seems pretty helpful for web developers, who wish to know how responsive their website will remain on numerous mobile devices.

A few days back, my brother asked for my help in viewing his gaming blog on a phone. Since he’s a blogger, he likes to see the look and feel of his blog on various devices. I taught him how to view the mobile version of the website on Firefox.

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Now you might think that you need to download some additional plugin or software on your computer to view the mobile site on a firefox computer. However, in reality, you need not worry about such things cause firefox comes with the built-in tool to do so.

How to View Mobile Site in Firefox Computer?

Responsive web design is one of the useful features that makes it possible to develop sites that can change dynamically as per the resolution of the screen.

One of the ways that most web developers used to inspect the responsive design website is by resizing the browser window. However, this option won’t seem appropriate most of the time. That’s when the web development tools of the Firefox browser come in handy. If you know how to view the mobile version of the website on Firefox, then you can view your websites in different resolutions.

Here are the steps to view the mobile site on desktop Firefox:

  1. Launch Firefox computer as you usually do.
  2. Open to the URL of the website which you would like to view as a mobile site.
  3. Click on the horizontal 3bar icon options menu.
  4. This will prompt you to a drop-down list where you need to select a More Tools option.
    Mozilla Firefox Web Developer Mode option
  5. Now, Click on the Web developer tools option.
  6. After that click on the Responsive Design Mode icon, as shown in the following image.
    Responsive Device Mode option in Firefox
  7. At last, you need to select the device on which you want to preview your website.
    Responsive Mobile Layout Device List

If your website is specifically designed as per the different resolutions of the different smartphones, then you have an option. You can choose a particular model of smartphone to preview how your site will look on that particular smartphone.

Bottom Line: Firefox Mobile Site View

Now you know how to view the mobile version of the website on Firefox and be more confident about the appearance of your website. By taking benefit of these tools, you can make certain changes in your website layout to make it more attractive.

I am a web developer and most of the time when I make changes to my website, I take benefit of the steps discussed so far to know how my website will look on different smartphones. You can also take benefit from this feature, all you need to do is how to view the mobile sites on desktop Firefox. I helped my brother to learn the same. It made him really happy.

Firefox developers endeavor to update the mobile selection drop-down list with the latest model of smartphones. However, if you have found that your device is not listed in the drop-down list, scroll down the list to the endpoint where you will see an option names Edit list. You need to click on this option and this will lead you to a webpage where you can add your smartphone to the Firefox device selection list.

In this post, we have mentioned every single detail that you should know about how to view the mobile site in Firefox.  If any of your questions remain unanswered then let us know using the comment section, we will update you with the answer as early as we can.

How often do you use the mobile site view on the Firefox desktop browser? Do you find it helpful for testing the responsive design?

FAQs: View Mobile Site Layout in Firefox Computer

Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding how to view the Mobile Site Layout in Firefox Computer.

How To enable the Mobile site layout in Firefox Computer?

Launch the site in Firefox Computer which you want to view in the mobile site layout and hit on the menu icon at the top right corner. Now click on the more tools option and select the Web developer tools option. The web developer dialog box will open where you need to simply hit on the responsive design mode icon at the left of the cross icon.

What is the shortcut to open the Web Developer tools in Firefox Computer?

The shortcut to open the Web Developer tools in Firefox Computer is Crtl+Shift+I.

What is the shortcut to enable the responsive design mode in Firefox Computer?

The shortcut to enable the responsive design mode in Firefox Computer is Crtl+Shift+M.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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