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How to Download Microsoft Edge (Chromium) on Computer?

Microsoft Edge has now become a stable browser with all the new features that you can enjoy on your laptop and PCs. It is now available for all OS such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. To download Microsoft for any of your PC or Laptop with any of these three OS, you need to follow the same steps. First of all, open the Microsoft Edge Insider website and click on the Download tab and accept the terms in the dialog box. Once the file is downloaded, simply install it by clicking on it.

Microsoft Edge browser is the new guy in the browser community developed by the Microsoft team. It builds over the Chromium project which also powers Google Chrome. It’s a stable browser and ready to download across big and small devices.

Microsoft Edge brings up all the new features that are featured by Chrome browser and also adds ups the compatibility with numerous extensions. There is not a single issue with any website loading. The newly added vertical tabs even manage your tasks a lot.

My college friend bought a new laptop for himself recently and needed help with the Microsoft Edge Chromium download. He was not aware of how to get and install Microsoft Edge on his laptop. So, I readily agreed to help.

Also, just like Chrome has different channels, Microsoft Edge does have the same. With all the new updated versions, you will explore and notice that Microsoft edge is getting more powerful and user-friendly.

Microsoft Edge Insider Channels Download

Please do not get confused with the native legacy Edge browser that Microsoft has introduced with Windows 10 OS. Though the browser still comes pre-installed with Windows 10 OS, it’s slowly going to be replaced with the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) version.

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Download Microsoft Edge for Windows OS

Microsoft Edge is the latest browser that has been developed for Windows OS. After the great success in its beta version, now it is fully stable and can be downloaded for any device.

Follow these steps to download Edge Chromium on Windows:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Edge Insider website.
  2. Hit on Download Channel for Windows 10 button.
    Download Microsoft Edge (Chromium) for Windows 10
  3. Click on Accept and download on the dialog box.
  4. The MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe installer will be downloaded on your machine in the Downloads folder.
    MicrosoftEdgeSetupBeta Download Windows

Edge Insider for Windows

Here are steps to install Microsoft Edge on Windows OS:

  1. Open the downloaded installer file and allow installation by hitting the Yes command.
    Microsoft Edge Update Control Authorize
  2. The Edge installation will start with a progress bar.
    Edge Browser Installation on Windows 10
  3. Once the installation is completed on Windows OS, the Edge will open and start running.

Microsoft Edge currently supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7. The above steps will aid in Edge Chromium download. On some devices, you will find the Microsoft pre-installed versions on your laptops and PCs.

Download Microsoft Edge for Mac OSX

Microsoft has also built the Edge for macOS machines like Macbook and Macs. The Microsoft Edge is available for download for Mac on the same insider website.

Follow these steps to download Microsoft Edge for Mac OSX: 

  1. Go to the Microsoft Edge Insider website (link added below).
  2. Click on the Download Channel for macOS.
    Download Microsoft Edge for Mac OSX
  3. Hit on Accept and download button on the license terms dialog box.
    Download Microsoft Edge Insider Beta for Mac OS
  4. The MicrosoftEdge-XXX.pkg file will be download in Finder > Downloads.
    Microsoft Edge for MacOS Package Downloading

Edge Insider for macOS

Below are the steps to install Microsoft Edge on Mac OS machines:

  1. Double-click on the downloaded package file to run the installer.
  2. Hit on the Continue button on the installer dialog window.
    Install Microsoft Edge Beta Update
  3. The installation will begin and finishes automatically on your macOS.
    Install Microsoft Edge for macOS
  4. Close the window and access the Microsoft Edge browser from the Applications folder in Finder.

After the proper installation of the Microsoft browser on your laptop or PC, you can sign in with your Microsoft account or create one if you do not have one. This will help you to access all the features instead of getting limited.

Download Microsoft Edge for Linux OS

Microsoft Edge is now supported for Linux-based operating systems. After a long trial of the Beta and Dev version, now it has reached its stable state. So, you can also now use Microsoft Edge in your Linux system.

Follow the given steps to get your work Done:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Edge Insider website.
  2. Click on the Download Channel for Linux. <img>
  3. Hit on Accept and download button on the license terms dialog box.
  4. Microsoft File will be downloaded in the Downloads folder.
  5. Hit on the File to run the installer.

Alternative to Microsoft Edge for Computers/Laptops

The Microsoft Edge is currently in beta which raises a lot of stability issues around using the browser. However, there are a few strong browsers that you can consider as an alternative to the Edge browser:

Google Chrome and Safari are leading browsers, however, once the Edge is out pre-installed in Windows 10, the dependency on Google Chrome might reduce.

Bottom Line: Microsoft Edge Download

Microsoft Edge browser is among the leading browsers. Although with the popularity of Google Chrome, it has been treated as an underdog. It comes pre-installed in the Windows OS, however, it is replaced with the Edge Chromium.

In this article, I have mentioned all the steps that are required for Edge Chromium download. It is available for download and installation on all OS except Linux.

I helped my college friend set up his new laptop and also in Edge Chromium download. He was very happy with the result.

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Let us know if you’re facing any challenges while installing the Microsoft Edge on your computer in the comments below.


How to download Microsoft Edge For Windows OS?

To download Microsoft Edge Chromium for Windows OS, you need to first open the Microsoft Edge insider site. Click on the download tab and accept the terms. Once the download is completed, you can easily install the browser by clicking on it.

Is Microsoft Edge available for Linux in a stable version?

Yes, now the Microsoft Edge is available in a stable version for Linux OS.

What are the steps to download Microsoft Edge for Mac OS?

Microsoft Edge can be downloaded in the Mac OS from its official website. Just open the website and click on the download Edge for Mac. Once the download is completed, run the installer package to install Edge.


Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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