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How to Download Pages for Offline Access on Safari Mac?

We save the web page or add it to the reading list in Safari macOS for offline access without the internet. Launch the browser and open the page, select the File from the menu bar, click on Save as and continue to store in offline mode. Alternatively, we can also add to the Bookmarks menu from the Bookmarks menu and click Save to Reading List.

Often when we are disconnected from the internet or do not have a stable connection, we access the offline files within our system. Similarly, you can also download the website pages or articles for offline reading in the safari browser on a computer.

Offline reading allows the user to access the website content and complete the page without the internet. You can permanently delete or manage the offline pages. As someone who reads a lot, an unstable internet connection can serve as a hindrance and makes it very irritating.

It is always better to download the webpage for offline use so that nothing can stop you from reading further. After several trials, I could discover how to download a page on mac.

The Safari browser offers a unique feature known as the Reading List that typically helps add the webpage link for further reference. However, it’s similar to safari bookmarking with a feature to download the page and files.

There are two methods listed in this article that you can follow to save the pages offline on the safari browser macOS. You can use either based on your needs and ease.

Download Website Page on Safari Mac

Without external software, you can easily download and save the website page on a safari mac computer. It’s as simple as saving any file on any office program. Just choose the proper output format.

Here are the steps to download the website page locally with apple safari on the computer:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari browser on the computer.
  2. Open the Website that you want to save.
  3. From the menubar, select the File menu.
  4. Select Save As… from the menu options.
    Save As Web Archive from File menubar in Safari on Mac
  5. Choose the location to save the files, and select the Web Archive format option.
  6. Hit on the Save button command.

It will download and save an offline copy of the website page on a local drive.

You can view and share the files and folder of the website in the Safari browser without the internet.

Save Page for Safari Offline Reading

It is perhaps the easiest way to save the web pages in offline mode and read without the internet. However, you need to enable the auto-downloading mode for reading mode. The steps are discussed further down below.

Here are the steps to save a page for offline safari reading:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari browser on the computer.
  2. Open the Website that you want to read offline.
  3. From the menubar, select the Bookmarks menu.
  4. Choose the Add to Reading List from the menu options.
    Add Website to Reading List for Offline Download on Safari Computer

It will add the website page to the reader’s list and download the page for offline reading.

View Reading List in Safari Mac

Once you add the web page to the reading list, Safari will store it within the browser Reading List menu. To view the reading list and reopen the page, you can view it under the Reading List sidebar.

You can view the Reading List from the Safari browser on Mac:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari app on Mac.
  2. From the menubar, select the View menu.
  3. Select the Show Reading List Sidebar option.
    Show Reading List Sidebar in Apple Safari on Mac

It will open the sidebar pane with all the articles added to the reading list.

You can also click on the reading list sidebar icon icon on the safari browser and switch to the reading eyeglasses icon icon to display or hide the reading list sidebar.

Save Article for Offline Reading

If the page is not downloaded offline, you can enable the offline download option from the Safari preferences menu. The safari download feature is quite helpful.

Here are the steps to activate the reading list offline download:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari browser on the computer.
  2. From the menubar, select the Safari menu.
  3. Choose Preferences… from the menu options.
    Safari Preferences menu options in MacOSIt will open a preferences window.
  4. Switch to the Advanced tab in the preferences setting window.
  5. Enable the checkbox against Reading List – Save articles for offline reading automatically.
    Safari Preferences Advanced Settings for Reading List Save Offline option

It will enable the offline download of webpages within the Safari browser and ensure that articles are available for offline reading.

Bottom Line: Safari Offline Page Reading

The web browser offers the option to download the webpage within the reading list on the Safari mac computer. You can also save the webpage in a web archive format for offline reading.

When I am traveling or in-flight without a data network, I try to launch the reading list and continue offline reading. If the page is too long, I save it as a webpage in local storage. Even with an unstable internet connection, I can read and keep myself company with my favorite hobby!

Similarly, you can also read the page offline on Safari iOS. You need to add the pages in reading mode and enable the auto-download for a reading list.

Share what you think about the offline download feature on the safari mac computer? How often do you use these options?

F.A.Q: Offline Access in Safari macOS

Now, let us go through some of the frequently asked questions regarding how to download or save the Web Page for Offline access in Safari macOS.

How to download the Web Page on Safari macOS?

Launch the web page and click on the File in the menu bar of the Safari screen. Now, select the Save as an option from the drop-down menu, modify the Web Page’s title, and at last, select the location and save the Web Page.

How to Save Web Page for Safari Offline Reading?

Launch the Safari browser and open the page and then click on Bookmarks from the menu bar and select Add to Reading List to save the web page for offline safari reading.

How to view the Reading List in Safari Computer?

Click on the View option from the menu bar of Safari, and now click on the Show Reading list sidebar. Next, select the page link you have saved or want to view.

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  1. Maybe worth mentioning that for those times you need to download entire sections of websites then Mac tools like SiteSucker, A1 Website Download or even WGet (although commandline only) are better suited

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