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How to View Site Information and Settings in Safari Mac?

To check website security, click on the padlock icon within the URL bar and then hit on the Show Certificate to view the security and encryption details of the site. Also, if you want to control the site settings, click on the Safari menu from the menubar and then open ‘Settings for this Site’ and customize site settings per need.

With the growing cyber theft and hacking issues, it’s essential to know the security information and configure strict site settings for a website. It will help you stay protected and secure at all times.

One of my friends called me up some days back and sounded very tense. On asking about it, he revealed that he had booked a mobile phone that the company had just launched in the market from a website that claimed to be its official website. He paid for the same online and was awaiting his order.

Upon visiting the site two days later, he realized that the URL did not exist anymore. He was devastated. He lost 20k in this chaos and never got it back after multiple efforts. It made me so cautious about buying things online that I started looking for ways to check the Safari site security settings.

After multiple trials, I came up with a way to access site settings in safari that will protect my privacy and secure me from cyber theft.

The Apple Safari browsers offer the ability to view the security certificate information and configure site settings for a website at ease. You can enable or disable the browser permissions for the websites.

View Site Information in Safari Mac

Most of the time, we are unaware of the website and its history while we browse. There are high chances that a false website can steal your private data and intrude on your privacy.

I know how dangerous it may sound, and hence, I have come up with a solution that lets you access safari certificate settings.

Here are the steps to view the site information and certificate on the Safari browser on a computer:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari app on the mac.
  2. Open the website that you want to View Site Information.
  3. Click on the Padlock padlock icon to open website security info within the URL bar.
  4. Click on the Show Certificate command button to expand.
    View Site Information and Certificate Details on Safari Computer

It will help you view the site certificate info to validate the connection authenticity and security information. The certificate helps to understand if the connection between the browser and web server is secured or not.

Note: The site having a security certificate doesn’t imply the website’s authenticity. It just helps in understanding the data transfer between the site and end-user is safe. Please perform due diligence and background check before making purchases on any websites.

View Site Settings in Safari macOS

With the advancement of technology, the risk of getting your account hacked and data stolen by hackers is quite common these days. It can lead to severe cases of data theft in the future.

It is better to take precautions about what we share with the website we are browsing to avoid it. Safari site settings help us with the same.

Here are the steps to view site settings for websites within the safari browser on Mac computers:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari Mac computer.
  2. From the menubar, select the Safari menu.
  3. Choose Settings for This Website… from the menu options.
    Site Settings for Website in Safari MacBook macOSIt will open the Site Settings dialog box near the URL bar.
  4. Customize the options based on the need.

It will help to view site settings and configure the settings for individual websites on the safari browser. You can control the settings like microphone, sound, camera, etc.

Bottom Line: Safari Site Settings

After having access to this beautiful feature of site settings in safari, I was successfully able to browse websites without fearing getting my data stolen. I also taught my friend about the same so that he does not have to face a similar fate in the future. He was genuinely grateful and said he wished he knew about this sooner!

I genuinely hope that the safari site settings feature that lets you validate a website first helps you in every possible way when you go online to share anything or buy something of your choice. My only aim was to make you feel secure from the dark side of the internet so that you can browse and purchase stress-free!

Perhaps you can also clear the site cache and cookies data to remove your behavior data from the iPhone Safari browser.

A feature like this can help protect you against the harm that the internet can do. Protecting your data and privacy is of utmost importance nowadays. I hope you use this feature well and benefit from it.

F.A.Q: Site Info and Settings in Safari macOS

Now, let us go through the critical frequently asked questions regarding how to view Site information and Site settings in Safari macOS.

How to view Site Information in Safari macOS?

Launch the site in the browser, and within the URL bar, click on the lock icon to view the security info of the site. Further hit on Show Certificates for detailed information.

How to View the Site Settings in Safari macOS?

Click on the Safari option from the menu bar. Now, select the Settings for This Website, and you will be able to view all the site settings for the site.

How to check whether the Site has a secured connection or not?

To check whether the Site has a secured connection or not, Click on the padlock icon within the URL bar in the Safari macOS. Now, click on the Show Certificate, and you will be able to see the certificates and the status of the connection, whether secured or not.

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