How to enable Cookies in Safari browser?

Learn how to set up and enable cookies in safari browser on any computer. The cookies allow validating the login session and help to stay sign in even after quitting the browser.

Browser cookies are important for the website to make your login stay until next visit. Almost every website that has the user registration and login controls needs the cookie to set in the browser.

By default, the Safari browser does allow the website to set a cookie. However, if you’ve mistakenly blocked the cookie then your login session won’t be valid after closing the browser.

Here are the steps to enable the cookie setting in Safari browser on computer:

  1. Run Safari browser
  2. Open Safari menu from the menu bar and select Preference from the list
    Apple Safari Menubar Preferences...
  3. Switch to Privacy tab on the Preference window
    Safari Privacy Tab Cookies and Website data settings
  4. And make sure to deselect or uncheck the selection box againstĀ Block all cookies
  5. Quit the Safari browser and reopen to commit the settings

We have now enabled and allow the cookies on the safari browser on macOS.

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