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How to Hard Refresh and Reload a Web Page in Safari Mac

Some sites might start misbehaving suddenly, and this can be due to internet connectivity, server errors, or the cache. The first and primary step to resolve issues is performing a hard refresh of the page. Hold the Command key and click on the refresh icon in Safari macOS. It will delete all the old cached files and download the new ones.

Reload and Hard Refresh Page on Safari browser

If the website you’re visiting is not responding or the content within the page is not getting updated with the changes you’ve made, performing a hard refresh on the website is recommended.

The hard refresh or reload will delete all the content and cache files stored in the browser cache. Hence, it generates new browser content from the web server.

You might notice the website loading slowly for the first time after the hard refresh; however, this is expected after clearing the cache from Safari.

Hard Refresh a Page

When the website fails to load or update the data, it is frustrating and tedious when you run out of time and want to finish your work as fast as possible. Here are the steps to hard refresh a website page:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari on the computer.
  2. Open the Website that you want to refresh hard.
  3. Keypress and hold the Command button on the keyboard.
  4. Within the URL bar, click on the Refresh icon reload arrow icon in the browser.
    Command and Reload for Hard Refresh in Safari Mac OS
    It will reload the website again on the Safari browser.

It will delete all the files and cache storage for the website and perform a hard reload. This way, the hard refresh safari feature is useful.

Reloading the page after a hard refresh will take some time. The locally cached files are deleted, and new files are downloaded from the server.

Bottom Line

The hard refresh in Safari can take some time since it reloads new and updated data and deletes the cache. The process is a bit tedious and may take up time. Your website will load with all the updated information, and you will have no complaints.

Similarly, you can hard refresh and reload in Safari iPhone. It will clear the website’s cache from the Safari browser on hand-held devices.

I hope reading this article will benefit you by using the hard reload safari feature, which also ensures a hassle-free loading of websites.


Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding how to refresh hard and reload Web Pages in Safari macOS.

How to Hard Refresh Web Page in Safari macOS?

Hold the Cmd keyboard button and click the refresh icon in the URL bar to Hard Refresh the Web Page in Safari macOS.

Does the information filled in pages get erased after the hard refresh?

Yes, after the hard refresh of any page in Safari macOS, the cached files and the other entered information get deleted. However, it won’t delete the stored information like saved passwords and contact autofill data.

Does Hard Refresh take a longer time in Safari macOS?

Hard refresh might take some time for the initial refreshed download of the website assets like JS, CSS, Images, etc., but not too long to get the page restarted in Safari macOS.

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