How to Refresh and Reload Webpage in Safari iOS/iPadOS?

Learn how to reload and refresh the web page in the Apple Safari browser on iPhone or iPad. The hard refresh is useful when the site becomes unresponsive.

When we are scrolling through a page or a social media site, we try to get the latest updates on the top. To do that we need to refresh the page or reload the website.

The reloading will help in downloading the fresh content from the server and also fetching the new files and images. It also helps in eliminating the temporary errors that arise on the webpage.

Hard refresh deletes all the cached files and cookies stored from the browser. Hence, it makes the web experience smooth swift. Perhaps, you should also consider clearing the cookies and cache data from the browser.

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If you are a website developer or owner, then you might also need to see the changes on the Safari browser which needs reloading. I need the refresh feature a lot for the smooth loading of my blog website. It helps me evaluate the new changes I make to the blog.

How to Reload or Refresh Website in Safari iOS/iPadOS?

We can easily hard refresh a website page within the Safari iOS browser. It will help in clearing any web browser issues.

Here are the steps on how to refresh a page on iPad or iPhone:

  1. Launch the Safari browser app on iOS/iPadOS.
  2. Open the Website URL that you want to reload or refresh.
  3. Tap on the Reload icon to refresh the page.

Reload and Refresh in Safari on iOS

This will reload the webpage and also download the fresh files into the browser. You can also pull-down the webpage to refresh the page.

In case you are not connected to the internet and reading the offline pages, then reload will connect you online to a live server. If one knows how to refresh a page on iPhone or iPad, it comes in handy in numerous situations.

Bottom Line: Safari iOS/iPadOS Refresh Page

The hard refresh or reload will delete all the cached files from the website that are stored in local storage. Hence, the fresh files will be loaded from the website server.

Alternatively, you can also use the clear cache option available within the Safari iPhone or iPad to delete files.

I do occasionally encounter page errors when trying to load a heavy website, in such cases, I just perform a hard reload on the browser. This helps in eliminating the error and reconnects me online. I find the hard refresh option helpful. Since I know how to refresh a page on iPhone or iPad, I can easily apply it to my blog website to view the new changes.

Similarly, you can also hard refresh the webpage on the Safari mac computer. This will delete the entire cache and cookies of the page. You can also use the Safari keystroke to hard reload the page.

What do you think about the hard refresh and reload in Safari iOS? How often do you use the hard reload?

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