How to Navigate Forward and Backward in Safari Mac?

Learn how to navigate the website forward and backward using the navigation button in the safari browser on the Mac computer. You can also view site history.

With millions of websites and billions of web pages that we browse every day, it becomes utterly difficult to keep track of the pages that we have visited in our interactions. If you’re navigating within the website or outside it, the navigation menu in the safari browser helps you quickly jump between pages and make your experience better.

The other day, I was showing some of my blog posts to my mother and for the same purpose, numerous tabs were open on my safari browser. When my mother asked me to go to the homepage of my blog wherein she had liked a post and wanted to read it again, I was unable to do so at once.

Backward navigation so tedious since I was on the last page of my blogging website and also had my college website opened in one of the tabs. My mother grew impatient and finally left! That made me all the more frustrated and I decided to find a solution to this problem of safari navigation.

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If you want to view all the previous pages, then you can use backward navigation. Whereas forward navigation can be used to view the last page you or just help you move forward on the page that you currently are. This makes navigation simple and easy.

How to Navigate Backward in Safari Computer?

A feature like backward navigation can be life-saving when you have an important detail that you want to look at from your previous pages. This feature makes it easy and takes no time at all.

Here are the steps to navigate the website backward in safari macOS:

  1. Launch the Safari app browser on the computer.
  2. Open a Website and start navigating within the site.
  3. Considering you’ve already navigated enough within the website.
  4. Click on the left-pointing arrow backward icon to navigate backward.

Backward Navigation icon on Safari Computer

This will navigate you to previous websites until you reach the first page where you started the browsing sessions.

How to Navigate Forward in Safari Computer?

Sometimes, we just want to skip a few pages and go to the last page which contains valuable information for us. To enable the same, we need to navigate forward on our safari browser.

Here are the steps to navigate forward in the website on Safari browser on a Mac computer:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari Mac computer.
  2. Open a Website and start navigating within the site.
  3. Navigate backward using the aforementioned steps.
  4. Now click on the right-pointing arrow forward icon to navigate forward.

Forward Navigation icon on Safari Computer

This will navigate you to the next pages that visited while hitting the back arrow button. The navigation will take you forward until the last page that you’ve visited in the session.

Bottom Line: Safari Navigation

I hope this will make your navigation smooth, easy, and effortless.  I have tried to provide the solution to safari navigation in the easiest way possible through my article.

After I discovered this feature, I was able to swiftly navigate forward and backward between webpages. I even convinced my mother to read the blog posts again. This time she did not walk away due to impatience. In turn, she complimented me on my writing.

Similarly, you can also navigate to the next and previous page in Safari iPhone. It’s quite similar to the Safari Mac computer.

This feature can be very useful when you have loads of work to do and have very less time in hand. I wish and hope that this helps you as much as it has helped me.

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