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How to Search Text and Find on Page in Safari Mac?

When you are finding any specific words, texts, or even paragraphs on any site then to make your task easier, you can use the Search Text option in the Safari macOS. This option is generally known as the Find On-Page and to use it, you need to click on the File section from the menu bar and then select the Find option, again in the drop-down option you need to choose to Find and enter the text in the search bar that appears next. Now, the text or the words that you have searched will appear in the colored format.

If you have a hard time finding specific texts on a long document, this article might help you the most in doing so. After you are done reading this, you will probably know how to page search on mac!

A friend of mine was working on a research paper. He had to go through a lot of online research and find related matters on the same topic. But, he was not technically sound in using the computer, especially his new MacBook that his sister gifted him last month.

He was facing challenges finding specific text and phrases and contacted me for help. I showed him the option to search the topics and text within web pages using the find on page feature available on the Safari browser.

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To help you all with the same, I wrote this article that will teach you how to page search on mac.

How to Search and Find on Page in Safari macOS?

We often encounter problems in searching for specific terms and phrases on a page that probably has a lot of topics and sub-topics, to begin with. To make it easier for us, the find on page mac feature comes in handy.

Here are the steps to search and find in page text or phrases in the safari computer:

  1. Launch the Safari browser app on MacBook.
  2. Open the Website that you want to search for phrases or text.
  3. Select the Edit menu from the menubar.
  4. Hover on the Find option within the Edit menu.
  5. Click on the Find… option to open the find popup search.
  6. Enter the text or phrase that you want to find.

Find on Page in Safari Mac Computer

This will automatically search and highlight the terms in the safari browser on a mac machine. You can easily navigate between the search result within the page using arrow keys and choose the desired word or phrase.

Find on page bar and matches on safari browser mac computer

In order to find a new text or term, simply clear the search field and enter the new phrase. When you’re done finding, hit the Done command to close the in-page search bar.

Bottom Line: Find on Page Mac

I have been using the find-on-page mac feature for a long time, particularly when I am going through a study material and I want to get to a specific topic of my choice. This feature has saved an ample amount of time for me and helped me just the same.

After I taught my friend to use this, he was able to complete his research paper even before time and had a lot of time to go through it more than twice! He was more than happy and could not stop thanking me.

Similarly, we can also search and find on the page using Safari on iPhone/iPad. The feature is exactly the same as the Safari desktop browser.

If you know how to search pages on mac, you are automatically making things easier for yourself. I hope you find this article helpful.

FAQs: Search Text and Find on Page in Safari macOS

Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding How to search text through Find On Page in Safari macOS.

How to Search Text in the Safari Browser macOS?

To search text in the Safari Browser macOS, one has to open the Find On Page option and enter the text that you are searching for on the page.

How to open the Find Open Page in Safari macOS?

To open the Find On-Page in Safari macOS, click on the Edit option and scroll to Find, and open it. Again select the Find option and enter the text in the search bar that will appear afterward.

How to navigate from one word to another in Find On-Page of Safari macOS?

To navigate from one word to another in Find On-Page of Safari macOS, click on the arrows facing both sides just at the side of the search panel.

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