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How to Send Link to Apple Devices from Safari Mac

Learn how to send a link between the Apple devices using the Safari browser. Apple has AirDrop which helps in sending and receiving the links and files.

We can easily send the link from the Safari browser to other Mac devices or iPhones using the AirDrop feature available under the Sharing icon. It helps send links to all nearby connected devices and automatically opens in the destination device within the Safari browser to continue reading. The AirDrop is restricted to Apple Ecosystem.

Send Link to Connected Devices on Safari browser

We can use Apple’s tool AirDrop to send the links and files between the Apple ecosystem. We need an iCloud account connection or device nearby within the AirDrop range.

There is no setup to send the links via AirDrop; it’s a built-in tool within the Apple ecosystem that allows seamless transfer of files and links.

If you own multiple Apple devices like Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, etc., you can instantly share and send links between the gadget using AirDrop. The only condition is the AirDrop setting should be active to receive from contact or everyone.

Send Link to Devices

Often, we need to share links between multiple devices for various purposes. We often email or send the links via the chat window; however, to deal with this conveniently on an Apple device, one should know how to AirDrop a link.

Here are the steps to send a link from the browser:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari browser on the computer.
  2. Open the Website link to share.
  3. Click on the Sharing apple share icon icon for options.
  4. Choose AirDrop from the sharing menu.
    Send Link Via AirDrop on Apple Safari Mac iOS
    It will open a small window with a list of nearby and connected AirDrop devices.
  5. Double-click on the Recipient device available from the list.
    AirDrop Send Link from Safari Mac to iPhoneIt will send the link to the destination device and open it in the Safari browser.
  6. Hit the Done button to close the window.

It will send the link from the Safari desktop browser to the iPhone or iPad browser. You can even receive the website link from iOS or iPadOS and get it launched in the Safari browser.

info icon
You need to enable the AirDrop for both the devices (sender and receiver), or the link-sharing won’t work.

The AirDrop is also used for sharing files and photos seamlessly between Apple devices.

Bottom Line

Whenever we want to share a link between various Apple devices, the AirDrop link feature comes in handy. It helps us in sharing the link seamlessly without much effort.

Similarly, you can send web links from Safari iOS to different Apple devices, just like we did for Safari computers.

I hope this article helps share the link between your Apple ecosystem without complicating the stuff.


Now, let us review the frequently asked questions on sending the link to devices in Safari Computer.

How to send the link to other devices in Safari Computer?

To send the link to the other devices in Safari Computer, Open the webpage you want to share and click on the share icon at the top right corner. Now, select the AirDrop, and double-click the on devices from the available list.

Do I need the same Safari account on both devices to send the link?

No, you can have a different Apple ID account on the destination device. However, the device should be near the host device.

Can I send the link from Safari to Chrome on Windows PC?

No, you cannot send the link from Safari Browser to Chrome Browser logged on a Windows PC using AirDrop. AirDrop is not a supported feature for Windows machines. However, you can use other available options.

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