How to Send Link to Mac Browser from Safari iOS/iPadOS?

Learn how to send and open the link from the Safari iOS to Macbook. This tip will help to continue reading and stay connected within all Apple devices.

We are most addicted to mobile phones these days. Everyone carrying a phone is pretty common. We almost spent half of the day on the phone.

Often times when we travel in public transport to work like metro, trains, bus, etc. we do read or check social media. We might find an interesting article that we want to share with our friends traveling along with us. In such cases, we can share the link using various mediums.

We keep that article either bookmarked or transfer to the reading list. When we have access to our Macbook, then we can just forward or send the link without any issues using the AirDrop program.

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What if you want to share the link from your iPhone to your Mac computer directly? In that case, you can use a built-in feature known as AirDrop. The Safari browser does support AirDrop that can help in sending the link within the Apple ecosystem.

How to Forward Link to Safari from iOS/iPadOS?

You can easily send the links between the devices using the Safari browser. You can send the link from iPhone to iPad and even to mac computer.

Here are the steps to send the link from Safari browser on iPhone or iPad to the Macbook:

  1. Launch the Safari browser app on iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the website URL which you want to send to MacBook.
  3. Tap on the apple share icon share icon.
  4. From the available list, select the AirDrop option.
  5. Lookup for the Devices ready for AirDrop sync.
  6. Tap on the Device to send the Link to the MacBook desktop browser.

Send Link using AirDrop on Apple Devices from Safari

This will send the link to another selected device and open the URL in the default browser. If the default browser on Macbook is set to Google Chrome, then the website will be launched in Chrome instead of Safari browser.

Bottom Line: Send Link to Device Safari iOS

AirDrop is amazing feature available in Apple devices. The Safari supports the AirDrop to sending the links between network link devices.

Additionally, AirDrop can also help in transferring the files between the Apple ecosystem.

When I am at work, I occasionally switch between devices to continue reading. I send link from my iPad to Mac and vice versa. Using the AirDrop, sending a link between the device is super fast without any third-party software program.

Similarly, you can also send a link from Safari macOS to Safari iPhone or iPad. AirDrop also helps in transferring the files seamlessly between the Apple ecosystem.

Let us know what do you think about sharing the link between the Apple devices? 

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