How to Set Google Chrome as Default Browser?

Learn how to set up Google Chrome as the default browser on the computer and mobile OS. You can make chrome as the default web browser across devices.

Launched in 2008, the Google Chrome Browser is the most installed web browser today. This isn’t by mistake or by luck. Google Chrome is a speedy web browser; you are able to drag tabs out into separate windows, among other advantages. It is also very basic and easy to use.

You might be asking, why should I have a default web browser in the first place? The default web browser is the application that is automatically launched when you click on a Web page, link or document.

Windows, for example, comes in with Microsoft Edge as its default browser. Using such a browser for regular use may rob you a minute or two of your precious time due to delayed load time. Perhaps Microsoft has thoughtfully rebuilt the browser based on the Chromium project giving tough competition to Google Chrome.

But, the feature like google account’s password and bookmark sync, extension support, cross-device migration, etc. still make the chrome number one choice over competitors. If you want to stay and continue browsing on chrome, then you will need to switch the default browser settings to Google Chrome.

Before we go any further, you will need to first have the Google Chrome browser installed into your computer or phone. You can download the Chrome app from the app or play store for your phone or from Google’s website if you are using a desktop or laptop. Most Android phones come with Google Chrome pre-installed.

Set as Default: Chrome on Windows 10

Setting Google Chrome as your default browser on Windows 10 is pretty simple and straight forward. This can be down from the default apps setting.

Follow the steps below to set Google Chrome as the default browser app on Windows 10:

  1. On your computer, click the Start menu.
  2. Choose the Settings options menu.
    Windows 10 Settings window
  3. Select the Apps tab.
  4. Open your Default apps from the sidebar pane.
    Windows 10 Apps and features window
  5. At the bottom, under Web browser, click your current browser.
  6. In the Choose an app window, choose Google Chrome.
    Windows 10 Default Apps settings window
  7. Hit on the Done command button.

This will make Google Chrome your default browser on Windows 10 computer.

Please note with Windows 10, different versions of the operating system might dictate different steps. On one version, click System then goes to Default apps whereas, on another version, click Apps then go to Default apps.

Alternatively, you can also lookup for the ‘default apps’ in the Windows search to land on the Default apps settings page.

Windows 8, 7, and earlier

The steps to set Google Chrome as your default browser are a bit different for people using Windows 8 or 7. There are multiple version upgrades that have improvised the Windows OS over the period of time. It has really changed navigation UI as well as settings options.

Follow these steps to set chrome as the default browser on Windows 8 and Windows 7:

  1. Click the Start menu.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
    Windows 7 Control Panel Window
  3. Click Programs.
  4. Choose Default Programs and then Set Default Programs.
    Windows 7 OS Default Programs settings window
  5. On the left side list, select the Google Chrome program.
  6. Choose Set this program as default option.
    Google Chrome Set as Default Program in Windows 7
  7. Hit on the OK button and you are done.

With Windows 8 and earlier, all app settings are accessed using the control panel. Just like you will need to use the control panel to uninstall an app, you will also use it to set an app as default.

Set Chrome as Default on Mac

Whereas some people think the MacOS is a complicated one to maneuver, setting Google Chrome as your default browser is as simple as 4 steps. Here they are:

  1. On your Mac computer, open the Google Chrome app.
  2. In the top right, click vertical 3dots icon More options menu.
  3. Click the Settings menu from the list.
    Google Chrome Settings options
  4. In the Default browser section, click Make default.
    Set Chrome Default Browser on Mac

Whereas Microsoft Edge and Internet explorer are the default browsers for Windows, Safari is the default browser for Mac OS.

do you want to change your default web browser to chrome

Please note that you must already download and install Google Chrome on Mac before proceeding to the above steps to set it as default.

Alternatively, you can also set Chrome as the default browser from the System preference menu.

  1. On your desktop screen, click on Apple apple logo.
  2. Choose the System Preferences… menu option.
    Apple macOS System Preferences
  3. Choose the General settings category.
  4. Under the General settings window, select the Default web browser app as Google Chrome.
    Default web browser general settings in mac
  5. And close the General settings window.

That’s it, this will set Google Chrome as the Default web browser app on the Mac OS computer.

Chrome on Unity OS

The Unity Operating System is a Chinese originated operating system that was commissioned by the People’s Republic of China to replace foreign operating systems like Microsoft Windows. It has advantages such as being very strong against computer viruses.

If you use the Unity operating system, follow these steps to make Google Chrome your default browser:

  1. Click on the dash button in the launcher and search for ‘System info‘.
  2. Open System info settings and move to the Default Applications section.
  3. Click on the dropdown list next to the Web field.
  4. Select Google Chrome and it will be selected as the default web browser for your system.

Unity normally comes with the Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as the default browser.

Default Browser app on Android Phones

Setting Google Chrome as a default browser on your Android phone is also very straight forward. It’s comes pre-installed in android phones as mostly set as default one. However, the customize stock android UI like, MIUI, ColorOS, LineageOS, etc, have their own browser set as default one.

Just follow these steps to set up Chrome as the default browser on Android:

  1. On your Android phone, open Settings.
  2. Tap Apps and notifications menu.
    Android Apps and Notifications Settings
  3. Open the Advanced tab menu.
  4. Choose the Default apps tab.
    Default apps in Android phone
  5. Open the Browser app menu for options.
  6. Select the Chrome Chrome from the available list.
    Default browser apps in android phone

Also, when opening a link, your Android phone might bring for you browser options to choose from. Select Google Chrome and choose Always instead of Just once to set it as a default browser.

Most if not all Android phones come with Google Chrome pre-installed. If your phone doesn’t have Google Chrome installed, first download and install it from the Google Play store before you embark on the above steps.

Chrome as Default in iPhone/iPad

Unfortunately, you can’t make Chrome your default browser, on your iPhone or iPad as Safari is the default browser and this can’t be changed. At least in the current version of iOS.

You can however use some modifications to have Chrome app handy on Dock. Just Tap and Hold the chrome app until it starts jiggling. Move the Chrome app to Dock pane at bottom of the screen and release it to make it permanent.

iOS Apps Jiggle

If there is no space on Docker, then just remove any one app that you no longer need.

The Google Chrome app is free in the iOS app store. You must first install it on your phone before you can use it.

Bottom Line: Chrome as Default Browser

I normally use Google Chrome as my primary browser. It opens up links pretty fast and displays web pages the way they have been designed – it doesn’t modify the pages with ad blockers and the like.

If you also frequently use Google Chrome and are tired of having your URLs open in other browsers, you can follow the above steps to make Google Chrome your default browser and start browsing away.

What is your favorite browser and why? Share with us in the comments section below.

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