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Fix: Stuck with ‘Waiting to Download’ Problem in Chrome browser

The Chrome browser has a built-in download manager; however, the file download might not be complete or be stuck in the downloading status due to any issue.

In such cases, you can check the network status, change the download folder, restart the browser & system, reload the webpage, temporarily pause security & firewall settings, etc., to complete the download.

Method 1: Use a Stable Internet Connection

A faulty internet connection is the most common reason for the “waiting to download” error in the Chrome browser. When internet connectivity is repeatedly disrupted, you cannot download files from a website.

First, address the network issue to download any files using Chrome. Disconnect the computer from the network and restart the WiFi router. Connect your PC to the network. To check if the network is slow, perform a network speed test.

Network Device Wi-Fi Router

You may involve the help of your ISP tech support to fix underlying network issues. Alternatively, connect your computer to any alternate WiFi network that is stable.

Method 2: Resume Downloading the Files

Network failure can disrupt the file download on Chrome. Wait for a while to let the network reinstate. Then press Ctrl + J to access the Chrome downloads section.

Scroll to the file stuck with “waiting to download” and click the Resume button.

Resume Download in Chrome browser on Computer

Method 3: Reload the Webpage

Due to slow network speed, the webpage may not load properly. Hence, the file download process gets stuck and becomes unresponsive.

  1. Click the Reload reload arrow icon button beside the URL bar of the Chrome browser.
    Reload Webpage in Browser with refresh icon
  2. Once the webpage loads completely, download the files.
  3. Check if the download starts immediately.

Method 4: Contact the Website Admin

If you can download files from other websites but not from a particular website, contact the administrator or owner of that problematic website. Let them know of the problem.

Notify the site administrator to fix the technical problem with the files hosted on that website or with the website. After they resolve the error on the site, download files on Chrome browser.

mobile and computer on table feat

Method 5: Force Close the Browser and Relaunch

Force closing Chrome will fix random glitches on the browser.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to access the Task Manager.
  2. Under Apps, go to Google Chrome browser.
  3. Right-click on the app and select End Task.
    End Task for Google Chrome in Task Manager on Windows
  4. After a few seconds, launch the Chrome browser and try downloading the files.

Method 6: Turn Off System Security Temporarily

When you download a file with a .exe suffix (executable files), the anti-virus on your computer may stop it from downloading. It may flag it as malware.

Turn off the anti-virus on your PC before downloading the files on the Chrome browser. It will prevent the security app from flagging the installer file as malware.

  1. Open the Windows Security app.
    Open Windows Security app from Start Window
  2. On the left-hand click on Firewall & Network Protection.
  3. Click on the Private Network on the right side.
  4. Disable the toggle under Microsoft Defender Firewall.
    Microsoft Defender Firewall Toggle Switch button in Windows PC
  5. Now, download your desired files on your PC using Chrome.
  6. After downloading the files, again re-enable Windows security.

Method 7: Set the Correct Download Location

If the target folder on your PC specified for downloading files from Chrome doesn’t exist, the files won’t download to that folder. Set the correct target folder on your PC to save the downloaded files.

  1. Launch Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. In the URL bar, enter chrome://settings/download and press Enter.
    Change Download Folder Location in Chrome browser
  3. Under the tab Location, click on Change to set the correct path to a folder on your computer’s hard drive.

You may also enable Ask where to save each file before downloading to manually set a location for the files you grab from the web.

Method 8: Restart the Computer

Users with no known network issues or bugs on Chrome only had to restart their PCs. They could successfully download files on the Chrome browser by resolving the “waiting to download” error.

  1. Press the Windows key to open the Start menu.
  2. At the bottom-right corner, click the Power icon.
  3. Click on Restart from the menu.
    Restart Windows 11 PC from Start Menu
  4. Once the computer restarts, launch Chrome and download your files.

Bonus: Try Other Browser to Download File

Even after following the troubleshooting tips, if you face the downloading error. Switch to Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Brave browser to download files.

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