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Change Default Browser app in Windows OS

Want to switch the default browser for opening links and protocols on your Windows PC? Here's how you can make these changes under System settings.

The Microsoft Edge is a default browser pre-installed on the latest Windows OS. To change the default browser on a Windows PC, navigate to Settings, select Apps, then choose Default Apps.

You can find your desired browser from the installed application list and set it as default for each associated file type and protocol.

In this guide, we have shared the steps to change the default browser app on your PC.

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Change the Default browser app

As mentioned, the Windows OS defaults to its proprietary browser- Microsoft Edge. However, it also offers an option to choose from the list of alternative browser apps installed on the system.

  1. Click on the Start menu and select the Settings option.
    Windows OS Settings option under Start menuIt will open the Windows System settings window.
  2. Switch to the Apps menu from the left sidebar and then select the Default apps in the right pane.
    Default apps settings under Apps menu on Windows PC
  3. Under the Set defaults for applications, search and select the desired browser (say, Firefox or Chrome) to open.
    Search for browser app to Set defaults for application on Windows OS
  4. Click the Set Default button at the top.
    Set Default button on Windows PC for web browserThe desired browser will be set as the default app.

Notice the change in the browser app for associated file type extensions. The HTML file will be set to the new default browser on Windows OS.

Default browser app on Windows is changed and file types is associated

Using the Customize option, you can change file type association to any other application or the new default browser.

For example, most browsers, like Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc., have a built-in PDF viewer; hence, you can check the association of .pdf file to your desired browser.

Open PDF files in Google Chrome on Windows PC

After changing the default browser app on Windows, any link clicked on the Document or Excel will open the same browser.

info icon
Note: Ensure you already have the desired browser downloaded and installed on your Windows OS. Otherwise, it won’t appear in the list of browsers to choose from in the default application search or customize panel.

Bottom Line

The Windows OS offers the flexibility to choose any browser as a default. However, the browser has to be first installed on the system.

We have a good list of browsers compatible with Windows OS that you can refer to and make a choice. You can use browser apps like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc., instead of Edge browser for seamless browsing.

After setting a new default browser, all the links and pages will open in the same browser. You may customize to associate different file types to use the desired browser instead of the Edge browser.

Of course, Edge is a good choice for people who use Microsoft products and services. It makes sense for organizations that rely on Microsoft 365 services for their business needs to stick with Edge instead of any other browser.

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