How to Update Microsoft Edge Browser on Computer PC?

Learn how to update Microsoft Edge installed on your computer running on Windows, macOS, or Linux. It's recommended to update the browser until stable release.

The new Microsoft Edge has a similar setup to Google Chrome. Both of this browser is running on the Chromium browser project and has the same backend structure. The Microsoft Edge browser is currently in BETA and is yet to release a stable version.

Most of the updates for Microsoft Edge include stability, compatibility along with security patches and new releases. I believe Microsoft will ship the Windows with a chromium-based Edge browser in the future once its RTM version is released.

The Edge browser download is available on the computer system running on Windows OS and macOS. They also have planned to support Linux-based operating systems shortly. One must keep up with the latest updates of the Microsoft Edge. I ensure to always stay ahead of time and keep my browser up to date.

In this article, we will teach you how to update the Microsoft Edge browser on any computer!

Steps to Update Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge always checks for updates in the background when the browser is running. The minor updates are automatically installed without being noticed. However, a major upgrade needs the browser to restart.

Here are the steps on how to update Microsoft Edge:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge on your computer system.
  2. Hit on horizontal 3dots icon for options and select Settings from the list.
    Microsoft Edge Settings options
  3. Switch to edge logo the About Microsoft Edge tab.
    Update Microsoft Edge up to date Version number
  4. The Edge will automatically start checking for updates and install if any

The Microsoft Edge is updated and you’ll see the message “Microsoft Edge is up to date” on completing the update.

Microsoft Edge Update Frequency

Just like Google Chrome update and Firefox update, Microsoft Edge also has different channels. Each channel has a different update frequency and usage variations.
Microsoft Edge Insider Channels

  1. Beta Channel — Major update every 6 weeks (mostly stable, general usages)
  2. Dev Channel — Updated weekly (unstable, developer, and bug fixes)
  3. Canary Channel — Updated daily (highly unstable, install and use at your own risk)

You can learn more about these different channels from the Edge Insider site.

Bottom Line: Microsoft Edge Update

With advancing technology and new updates, we must keep up with the same. The major updates on the Microsoft Edge browser may offer numerous new features that enhance the user experience. One should know how to update Microsoft Edge to keep up with the latest trends!

I ensure to check for updates on my Microsoft Edge browser so that I’m always ahead of the others in terms of the launch of new features. I want to have the best user experience at all times. Thank God, I know how to update Microsoft Edge.

Let us know if you’re facing any issues with the Microsoft Edge update in the comments below! The Edge browser is considered to be the best browser for windows and is a great alternative for long-time Google Chrome users.

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