How to Block Microphone and Camera Access on Chrome Android?

Learn how to block microphone and camera recording access permissions on Chrome Android. Few websites might use these permissions illegally without consent.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around the Smart AI devices and the fact that apps are listening to our conversation. It can happen with your browser as well. The malicious sites may inject some code and gain access to our microphone and camera. They can misuse and access these two services without our consent. Hence, it is suggested that we block these two access premissions unless we trust the website completely.

The microphone in any device is used for calling and recording purposes. Hence, it is better to allow the microphone permission on the website that we trust.

For example, the microphone is used by Google to make voice search, similarly, it can be accessed by a few e-commerce sites that allow searching using voice commands. I have been meaning to find a way that will block the microphone and camera for websites I do not trust. I am always a bit suspicious about this access and I found my solution in site settings chrome android. But not every website needs it hence, we can restrict it and allow only certain sites that need the microphone access on Android.

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Also, it’s important to know that you should grant permission to the microphone or camera only if mandatorily required. It should be temporary access, and you should revoke to disable the camera and microphone.

How to Block Microphone Access to Chrome Android?

By default, the microphone access permissions are set to blocking mode in chrome android. However, it’s important to check if you’ve mistakenly enabled them for any website.

Here are the steps to block Microphone permission on Chrome Android:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome App for Android.
  2. Tap on vertical 3dots icon the menu for options.
  3. Select the Settings menu from the list.
  4. Scroll down to Site Settings and tap to open it.
  5. Within Site Settings, select the Microphone option.
  6. Turn OFF the toggle button to block the Microphone access.

Microphone Access Blocked on Chrome

This will block the microphone access to all the sites on Chrome Android. Now websites can’t record your voice without your consent.

If you want to allow microphone permission on chrome,  then you’ve to enable it for individual sites. To do that change the settings to ‘Ask first’. Now, whenever a site requests Microphone access or not, you can allow it as per your preference.

How to Block Camera Access for Chrome Android?

Just like the microphone, the camera permission can be enabled for all the sites and can be misused. Hence, it is strongly recommended to completely disable the camera permission using chrome camera settings for all sites including Google.

Here are the steps to block Camera permission on Chrome camera settings:

  1. Launch the Chrome Android App.
  2. Tap on vertical 3dots icon the menu for options.
  3. Select the Settings menu from the list.
  4. Scroll down to Site Settings and tap to open it.
  5. Within Site Settings, select the Camera option.
  6. Camera access is blocked by default in Chrome Android.
  7. However, if it’s ON then you can switch to Turn OFF the toggle button to block the Camera access.

Camera access blocked on Chrome Android

The camera and video recording permission will be completely blocked for all the sites. The camera access is set to block by default. However, if it enables any chance then the above steps will help in blocking it.

It’s suggested to keep the option of Blocking mode since most of the websites won’t request camera access. However, disabling this option will completely block the camera setting.

Video on Block Camera and Microphone on Chrome Android

Here is the video demo on how to block camera permission and microphone access for Chrome Android sites. Please note that if you disable microphone access, then voice search for the Chrome browser won’t work.

How to Block Microphone and Camera Access on Chrome Android?

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Bottom Line: Chrome Android Camera and Microphone

Most of the websites do not need the camera and microphone permissions within the browser. Hence, we can (and should) safely block these two permissions within the browser. If these services are misused, we can fall prey to online piracy.

After discovering the feature to block camera and microphone access via the chrome site settings, I was able to browse stress-free while making online purchases since I had no fear of data loss or invasion of privacy.

Similarly, there are also options to allow or block the camera and microphone in a chrome computer. This will limit the camera and microphone usage within the sites browsing on the computer.

What are your camera and microphone settings in the browser? Do you keep it blocked just like me to protect privacy?

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