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How to Block or Enable JavaScript on Chrome Android?

JavaScript can be both a friend and foe. Thanks to Chrome that allows you to either allow or block the JavaScript as per your preference and you can also add some exceptions to it. You need to launch the Chrome Browser app and tap on the three dots in the corner and open the settings. Within the advanced settings, you will find Site settings, open it and scroll down to JavaScript and toggle the button to switch ON or OFF the Java script. Click on Add Exceptions to add the sites in which you want to use JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the front-end scripting languages along with HTML and CSS that are mostly used for website development and design. One advantage of using JavaScript is making the website as interactive and creative as possible. But, it can be misused for hacking your data. Hence, you can block JavaScript completely.

JavaScript has different types of libraries that can be molded and used for great designs and structures. Though JavaScript is quite useful for most web developers, however, some can misuse it for hacking.

Using JavaScript as a hacker can inject code into our browser and make it vulnerable to data loss, fraud payments, and privacy invasion. Hence, few people prefer to keep JS blocked on Chrome Android.

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I prefer to keep the javascript disabled for most of the websites. However, when any website is misbehaving then I whitelist it. It can be enabled easily if we know how to enable JavaScript in chrome android. Therefore, the chances of getting a browser hacked are reduced to a greater extent. It helps me stay secure at all times.

How to Block JavaScript on Chrome for Android?

By default, JavaScript is enabled for all the sites unless you’ve changed it. But, if you want to block or disable JavaScript, you can do it easily in chrome android.

Here are the steps to block JavaScript on chrome android:

  1. Launch Chrome on Android phones.
  2. Tap on vertical 3dots icon the menu for more options.
  3. Select Settings from the list.
  4. Scroll down to the Site Settings option and tap to open.
  5. Tap on the JavaScript tab which is default set to Allowed.
  6. Toggle the button to Turn OFF and Block the JavaScript on Chrome Android.

Chrome Android JavaScript Blocked

This will completely block the JavaScript loading from the websites on your Chrome browser. However, in the ideal online world blocking JavaScript is not preferred. This will screw up the entire website design and you may end up showing plain text only.

How to Allow or Block JavaScript with Site Exception?

There is an option to block or enable JavaScript in chrome Android on certain whitelisted websites. For doing that, one should know how to enable JavaScript in chrome.

Follow these steps on how to enable JavaScript exceptions on Chrome Android:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser Android.
  2. Tap on vertical 3dots icon the menu for more options.
  3. Select Settings from the list.
  4. Scroll down to the Site Settings option and tap to open.
  5. Tap on the JavaScript tab which is default set to Allowed.
  6. Tap on the command + Add site exception on JavaScript settings page
  7. Enter the website URL that you add to the exceptions list in the window.
  8. Tap on the Add command button to commit the changes.

Add site exception for JavaScript on Chrome Android

The exception will behave based on your JavaScript settings — Allowed or Blocked.

If you add any website in the site exception list then the behavior is inversed to the setting of JavaScript toggle. i.e.

  • if you have Allowed JavaScript, then site exceptions will be blocked and
  • if you have Blocked JavaScript, then site exceptions will be allowed to load JS in Chrome.

Video on Enable or Block JavaScript on Chrome Android

Watch the video tutorial on how to enable or block JavaScript on Chrome for Android. You can add the site exceptions to block or allow JavaScript.

How to Block or Enable JavaScript on Chrome Android?

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Bottom Line: Chrome Android JavaScript Settings

You can completely customize the javascript execution on chrome on android smartphones. You can enable javascript android for websites or disable javascript execution for any websites that you want. The exceptions in the javascript settings page make it highly efficient on the web browser.

I have used this feature extensively after the time I discovered it. I blocked this feature for almost all the websites so that I don’t give in to the hacking tactics employed by developers. However, certain sites needed access to JavaScript for their proper functioning. To do the same, I had to learn how to enable JavaScript on chrome android. All in all, I find this feature extremely beneficial.

Similarly, you can also enable or disable the javascript on a chrome computer. The site exceptions are also available in the computer browser.

What is your setting for JavaScript on your Chrome browser? Did you disable JS on all sites or enabled it on chrome android?


How to block JavaScript on Chrome Android?

To block JavaScript on Chrome Android, tap on the three dots in the corner of Chrome and go to Settings>Site settings>JavaScript. Now, toggle the button next to Java Script and turn it OFF to block Javascript.

How to allow JavaScript on Chrome Android?

If you want to allow JavaScript on Chrome Android then click on the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome Browser and tap on settings. From there, open Site settings within which, you will find Java Script. Open JavaScript and toggle the button next to it and turn it ON.

What are the steps to allow JavaScript for specific sites?

If you have blocked the JavaScript on Chrome but want to enable it for some specific sites then you can add those sites to exception. To do so, you need to launch the Chrome Browser and tap on the three dots in the top right corner, and open Settings. Scroll down and tap on Site settings where you will find JavaScript. Tap on it and block the JavaScript first and click on Add Exception and enter the site URL.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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  1. For what it is worth: is there ANY Android browser that offers a QUICK and simple Off/On toggle switch for Java scripts? Burying this function deep in the guts of the settings menu is counter-intuitive. That’s why many desktop browsers allow this toggling directly in the front frame or via AddOns.
    For the fun of it: how about a similar quick button to wipe all cookies at once?
    Both features would help to overcome the obnoxious advertising and paywall trickery by many sites..


    1. Editor

      Hello, I don’t think any browser offers a JavaScript toggle button at the first instance. Even other browsers do have the option to toggle JS, but it’s within the Site Settings menu.

      Taking about wiping all cookies at once, you can easily do that with few taps. Of course, even this is something not available immediately on the main screen or menu, but available as a sub-menu under Privacy settings on Chrome for Android.

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