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Change the Background Image of the Startpage in Safari on Mac

Are you looking to change the startpage background and set a custom picture in Safari on Mac? Learn how to customize the browser's startpage background.

Every Safari browser upgrade adds new features and security enhancements. In the Safari 15 upgrade, Apple developers added a feature to set a background image on the start page. It provides the ability to choose the pictures from a preset list and even upload a photo as a background for the start page. We can also customize the elements on the start page using the custom menu option.

Change Start Page Background image in Safari Mac

While Apple allows you to switch to another web browser of your choice, many prefer to stick with the default Safari browser. The reason for the same is enhanced privacy and rich built-in features.

First and foremost is its deep integration into the Apple ecosystem, which translates to one of the best (or probably the best) and most fluid browsing experiences that any browser could offer for your Mac.

Its rich sync functionality with other Apple devices makes it the go-to choice for Mac users. But one of its most underrated features is start page customizations that come pre-loaded with Safari.

For example, you could instruct Safari to list all the frequently visited or favorite sites, get Siri Suggestions, view your privacy report, and display all the contents shared with you (through the Messages app). All this can happen with a simple checkbox in Safari’s start page customize menu.

Likewise, you could also view your Reading List and iCloud tabs that are opened on other devices- on the browser’s start menu page. Along the same lines, it also allows you to change the Safari background image on your Mac.

So if the same old grey background gives your browser a dull and monotonous look, it’s time to change it immediately. This guide will help you how to change the Safari Background image on a mac computer PC.

Change Safari Background on Mac

Safari offers a customization menu on the start page that allows multiple features like favorites, privacy reports, reading lists, etc., along with the option to add background images. We can add custom pictures or select from the preset defaults.

Here are the steps to change the background image:

  1. Launch the Safari app on your Mac.
  2. Click on the Customize Menu horizontal 3bar icon situated at the bottom right corner.
    Safari Start Page Customize Menu option
  3. Enable the checkbox for the Background Image option.
    Background image option in Safari Start Page customize menuIt shall bring up a list of the preset image. Just click on the desired one, and Safari will apply it.
  4. Click on the Add plus add icon option to add the custom picture.
    Preset and Custom Add option for Background Image in Safari Mac
  5. Browse to the Finder and select the desired picture.
  6. Hit the Choose button.
    Select Picture from the Finder window and hit Choose button

That’s it; the chosen image will be applied as the background of the Safari start page.

Safari MacOS Start Page with Custom Background Image

If you wish to switch to another one, you must remove that custom image first. To remove the custom background image from Safari, go to the Background Image option from the start page custom menu, and click on the X icon at the top left of the existing custom image.

Remove Custom Background Image from Safari Mac

It will remove the image from the background image section, and you click on Add plus add icon button to set a custom picture.

Bottom Line

We round off the guide on changing the Safari Background in Mac. It’s always great to have a few customization options that allow us to change the look and feel of the Safari start page according to our needs.

In this regard, Safari is way too generous and has provided a plentitude of options to tweak the browser’s usability and make it in sync with your requirement. And changing the background image is the first step in this direction.

info icon
Note: If the iCloud sync is enabled for Safari browser on your different Apple devices (say, iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.), changing the background in one device will automatically reflect in another synced device.

Similarly, we can change the background image on Safari on iPhone or iPad devices for the start page.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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