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Get Rid of ‘Privacy Report’ from Safari browser’s Startpage

Do you want to disable and remove 'Privacy Reports' from Safari browser? Learn how to customize and remove privacy information from the start page section.

The Safari browser has Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) that blocks browsing data tracking and keeps trackers’ and sites’ records within the Privacy Report on the Start page.

You can customize Safari’s start page to turn off the Privacy Report section. You can also disable the ITP, but it’s not recommended for browsing data security.

The Privacy Report contains the website names that tracked you in the past 30 days and the total number of trackers those sites ran. It also lists the names of those trackers, those who own them, and the number of sites they have left their mark on.

Trackers Report in Safari Privacy Report

In this guide, we have shared the steps to disable the privacy tracking and hide the Privacy Report in Apple Safari.

Disable the Privacy Report in Safari browser

If you want to disable it, you need to stop using Safari’s block cross-site tracking feature. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch the Safari browser on Mac.
  2. Click on Safari from the menubar and select Preferences/Settings sub-menu.
    Safari Preferences menu in MacOSIt will launch Safari’s Preferences window.
  3. Switch to the Privacy tab and disable the checkbox for Prevent cross-site tracking option.
    Disable Prevent cross-site tracking feature from Safari Privacy Preferences window

It will immediately disable the Privacy Report feature. If you launch the Privacy Report, then it will ask to enable the Prevent cross-site tracking option.

Privacy Report and Start Page with Prevent Cross Site Tracking

Similarly, to disable privacy reports on iOS/iPadOS devices, you can visit the Safari Settings page from the Settings app and disable the toggle button for Prevent Cross-Site Tracking under Privacy & Security section.

Disable Prevent Cross Site Tracking in Safari iPhone Settings

info icon
Note: If your data privacy is a concern, disabling the “Prevent cross-site tracking” feature is not recommended.

Removing Privacy Report section in Safari on Mac

If you want to disable the privacy report section from the Safari start page, you can easily do it from the Customize menu. It does not require you to disable the Cross-site tracking.

  1. Open the Safari app on Mac and go to Start Page.
  2. Click on Customize horizontal 3-bar icon situated at the bottom right.
    Safari Start Page with Privacy Report section and Customize OptionIt will display the customized menu list.
  3. Disable the checkbox for the Privacy Report option.
    Disable checkbox for Privacy Report under Safari Startpage Customize

That’s it. Safari will no longer bug you with these reports from now on the Start page.

Safari Mac Start Page Rid of Privacy Report section

Disabling the Privacy Report in Safari on iPhone

Like Mac, we can disable this feature on start page. We can customize the start page and disable the toggle for Privacy Report. Here are the steps to hide it:

  1. Launch the Safari app on your iPhone.
  2. Open a new tab with Start Page, and scroll to the end.
    Edit button on Safari iPhone Startpage screen
  3. Tap on the Edit button.
    Safari iOS Customize Start Page options with Privacy ReportIt shall take you to the Customize Start Page.
  4. Disable the Privacy Report toggle button.

It will immediately disable the Privacy Report section from the Start page.

Safari iPhone Start Page without Privacy Report

Bottom Line

Many users aren’t interested in knowing the technical know-how of the trackers, their presence across multiple sites, or who owns them.

Since Safari is blocking these harmful trackers, it’s recommended to keep the privacy feature enabled in the background and hide these privacy reports from Start page.

You can further configure the privacy settings in Safari on Mac to enhance the tracking protection.

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