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How to Download Firefox on Computer or Laptop

Firefox is the oldest and one of the favorite web browsers for laptops and PCs. It is compatible with all Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux OS devices. You can download the Firefox browser for Windows and Mac OS by visiting its official website and following installation instructions. And for the Linux OS, Firefox is pre-installed as the default browser, which is excellent.

The Firefox browser is the second most popular browser after Google Chrome. Supported by the Mozilla community and a completely open-source project, it is used by many around the globe.

It’s free to download, and shared software is available across multiple operating system sections. It’s available for download on Windows OS, Android OS, macOS X, and even Linux-based operating systems.

My best friend called yesterday to inform me that she purchased a new Macbook. I was ecstatic. Later, she came home to set up the Firefox browser on her device. I taught her to download Firefox on her Macbook and other devices.

The installation process for Firefox is almost identical in all the different OS. You can also keep it as a default browser or an optional one; it will still work the same.

Download Firefox for Windows

You can easily download the Firefox browser for Windows OS versions like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and older. The Firefox browser is available for download from the official site and the latest version.

Here are the steps to download Firefox for Windows: 

  1. Go to the Download Firefox website.
  2. Click on the Download Now button (direct download links are added below).
  3. Verify if the Firefox Installer.exe is being downloaded.
    Firefox Installer Download for Windows
  4. The Firefox setup executable file will be available in the Downloads folder.

Firefox is available for both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows operating systems. Make sure to select the correct option based on your OS for compatibility.

Firefox for Windows 64-bit Firefox for Windows 32-bit

Here are the steps to install Firefox on any Windows OS:

  1. Double-click the Firefox Installer.exe file.
  2. Allow installation if prompted for authorization by hitting the Yes command.
    Firefox Installer Admin Authorization
  3. Firefox will complete the installation and open it on the PC.
    Installing Firefox on Windows OS

Once the installation process is over, you can either create an account or log in with an older one and access all the features of Firefox.

Also, it is not compulsory to sign in. You can use Firefox without signing in as well.

Download Firefox for Mac

Firefox is available for download on Mac OSX. It’s compatible with Macbook Pro, Air, and Mac Pro machines. You can download Firefox for Mac from the official Mozilla developer website.

Here are the steps to download Firefox for Mac OS:

  1. Go to the Download Firefox website.
  2. Click on the Download Now button (a direct download link is added below).
  3. Verify if the Firefox XX.XX.dmg is being downloaded.
    Download Firefox for Mac OSX
  4. Firefox disk image files will be available in the Downloads folder within Finder.
Firefox for mac OSX

Here are the steps to install Firefox on Mac OSX: 

  1. Open the Downloads folder in Finder.
  2. Double-click on Firefox XX.dmg disk image file.
  3. Drag the Firefox app to the Applications folder.
    Firefox Quantum drag to Mac Applications
  4. Open the Firefox app from the Applications folder.
    Firefox Applications

Firefox is adequately compatible with Mac devices. You need not worry about the default browser as it will not be disturbed by the Firefox browser.

Download Firefox for Linux

You can download Firefox for Linux-based operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. If you’re not aware, Firefox is pre-loaded along with installing Linux OS. But still, if you want to install it in your Linux OS, you can do so.

Here are the steps to download Firefox for Linux OS:

  1. Go to the Firefox website.
  2. Click on the Download Now button on the page (direct download links added below).
  3. firefox-XX.XX.tar.bz2 file will be downloaded into download folder.

Firefox for Linux is available in both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems. Make sure to download the correct OS for your Linux-based operating system.

Firefox for Linux 64-bit Firefox for Linux 32-bit

Installing Firefox is a little different than the standard package installation. It will download the compressed Firefox file in the Download folder. Hence, we need to move into a Home folder first.

Firefox drag and drop into Home folder

Here are the steps to install Firefox on Linux OS:

  1. Open Terminal and go to your home directory cd ~.
  2. Extract the file using the command sudo tar xjf firefox-*.tar.bz2.
    Extract Firefox using Ubuntu Terminal command
  3. Close Firefox if it’s open.
  4. Run the firefox script in the folder ~/firefox/firefox to start Firefox.
    Firefox installed on Ubuntu Linux OSSince Firefox is already the default browser for the Linux OS, it is pretty tricky to download and install it on Linux devices. So, follow the steps and codes carefully to get the Firefox browser reinstalled on your device.
Firefox Browser Welcome Screen

Alternatives to Firefox for Computers

Firefox is a beautiful open-source browser; however, you can also consider a few alternatives to Firefox on your computer device.

Bottom Line: Download Firefox Browser

Numerous people around the world still prefer Firefox. Though it is not as popular as Google Chrome, it still holds a good hold in the browser market.

Many love Firefox over any other browser. My best friend wanted to download Firefox on her new Macbook since she is most comfortable with that one. Since she did not know how to download Firefox on her Macbook, I helped her do so. She treated me to ice cream later.

Similarly, we can also download Firefox on smartphone devices. The Firefox mobile is available across all smartphone operating systems.

I hope you find this post helpful; please share your thoughts on why you prefer the Firefox browser over others. Also, let me know if you face any challenges installing the Firefox Browser.

F.A.Q: Download and Install Firefox

We have listed a few frequently asked questions related to downloading and installing the Mozilla Firefox browser on a computer:

How can I download the Firefox browser to my Windows OS?

Open the official website of Firefox and click on the download tab. After the file download completion, run the installer package to install the browser in your Window OS.

What are the steps to install Firefox in Linux OS?

Firefox browser is pre-installed as the default browser on Linux devices, so you do not need to download it again on Linux devices. However, if missing, you can use the Terminal command to install – ‘sudo apt-get install firefox’.

Is Firefox available to download for Mac OS?

Yes, the Firefox browser is available for the Mac OS. You can download it from the official Mozilla Firefox website.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts on How to Download Firefox on Computer or Laptop, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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