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Fix: Sync is Paused; Sign-in again in the Chrome browser

Do you need help with the 'Sync paused, sign-in again' problem in Google Chrome? Learn different ways to resolve the issue on your computer.

Google Chrome is integrated with the Google account; signing in to the browser automatically syncs data and settings. But sometimes, the sync pauses, and the browser asks us to sign in again.

In such cases, you can allow Google Account cookies, update Windows OS, stop cookies from clearing upon exit, etc., to resolve the syncing problem.

Sign and Sync Paused Alert in Chrome Browser
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Note: The Google account is automatically signed out after 30 days on the Chrome browser profile. It’s expected behavior. But if it asks to sign in every time you open the browser, it might be an issue.

In this guide, we have shared different methods to fix the syncing issue in the Chrome browser.

Method 1: Whitelist Google Account Cookies

Cookies generally store data such as your login information for the sites you visit, your preferences, and your browsing activities so that the offerings are tailored to you. However, for some users, the data related to Google Accounts is no longer stored in the cookies.

Hence, as there is no data to deal with, Chrome pauses the sync functionality across all the synced devices. Fortunately, an easy way to deal with this issue is by manually adding the Google Accounts Site to the cookies allowlist.

  1. Under Chrome’s Settings page, go to the Privacy and Security section and click Site Settings.
    Site Settings menu in Chrome Browser
  2. Select and open the Cookies and other site data menu tab.
    Cookies and Site Data menu in Chrome
  3. Scroll to the Sites that can always use the cookies option and click on the Add button.
    Add Site to Allow Cookies and Site Data setting
  4. Enter in the site address field.
  5. Hit the Add command button.
    Adding Google Account URL in Allowed Cookies on Chrome
  6. Restart your browser and check if it fixes sync is paused issue.

In addition to the above point, ensure you access this page in a standard window, not an Incognito tab. The Incognito window will overlap all the existing cookies rules and won’t allow any site to access the stored cookies, re-creating the sync issue.

Method 2: Turn Off Auto-clear Cookies upon Exit

The Chrome browser has the option to automatically clear cookies when you close all the browser windows. If this option is enabled, it will clear the Google account cookies, resulting in a sync paused issue. Hence, it’s better to turn off the option.

  1. Launch the Chrome app on the computer.
  2. Click on the More vertical 3-dots icon menu and select Settings.
  3. Navigate the Privacy and Security tab and select the Site Settings.
  4. Open the Cookies and Site data option.
  5. Finally, turn off the toggle button for Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows options.
    Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows option in Chrome browser

It will prevent the cookies from automatically clearing when we close the Chrome browser, avoiding the signout issue with the profile.

Method 3: Update Windows OS to Latest Version

This arouses a genuine query about how updating the OS can rectify an application-side issue. I was tracking the Chromium Bugs page, where I got hold of this same issue. While it dates back a year, the OS giants seem to have finally addressed it.

Chromium Bug for Cookie and Sync Reset

As per a Microsoft Contributor, this issue has been fixed in the latest Windows 10 insider channel build and is slated for a stable rollout. To check if your PC has been blessed with the latest update, proceed with the below steps:

  1. Use the Windows + I shortcut key combinations to bring up the Settings page.
  2. Open Update and Security and check for any pending updates.
    It will check for pending updates and install it on Windows OS.
  3. Download pending updates and install them right away.
  4. Hit on the Restart now your PC for the update to be successfully applied.
    Update Windows OS to latest version and restart

The patch update will not arrive on your PC if the issue persists. Unfortunately, there’s no specified timeline for the update to go live. But when it does, we will update this post accordingly, so bookmark this page.

Bottom Line

Allowing the browser to store the cookies restored Chrome’s sync functionality. Generally, when we clear the site data and cookies, the signed-in accounts will automatically log out.

If you are also on the same page, make sure not to delete the browser’s cookies shortly (until an official patch is released); otherwise, this fix will be null and void.

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