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Navigate Forward and Backward between Pages in Firefox on Android

Are you looking to visit the previous or next pages in the Firefox app? Learn to navigate between the pages using the backward and forward arrow buttons.

Mozilla Firefox app allows you to navigate between the pages using forward and backward arrow buttons. You can use these navigation buttons to visit the previous page and the next one within the browsing sessions.

Alternatively, you can tap and hold the forward or backward arrow buttons to view the list of pages you can visit based on your browsing history. You can also use the gesture swipe navigation if your Android phone supports page navigation.

In this guide, you will learn to navigate forward and backward in the Firefox app.

Navigate using the Arrow Buttons

You need to browse through a couple of web pages on the website. After that, the forward and backward navigation buttons will be activated and help you move through the pages.

  1. Open the Firefox app on your Android device.
  2. Launch any site and browse through its web pages.
  3. Tap the More vertical 3-dots icon menu, and you will see the Right and Left Arrow buttons at the top.
    Navigate Forward and Backward in Firefox for Android
  4. Select the Left Arrow to navigate to the previously visited webpage.
  5. OR, select the Right Arrow to visit the next pages in the browsing session.
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Pro-tip: Tap and hold any Arrow button to view the list of pages you visited in the current browsing session and select the desired page to open in a browser tab.

Troubleshoot: Unable to See Navigation Buttons

A few users have complained that they cannot find the navigation buttons in the Firefox menu where they are supposed to appear. It could be a bug or a random glitch.

There are some quick troubleshooting tips you can implement to resolve the issue.

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Note: If you’re on the first or last page within the browsing session, that left arrow or right arrow button will be disabled, respectively.

Update Firefox to the Latest Version

Your browser app might be outdated; you need to update the Firefox app to the latest version.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Tap the Profile icon from the top right corner, and select the Manage apps & device menu.
    Manage apps and device under Profile icon on Google Play Store
  3. Tap on the See details command under the Updates available menu.
    See details command under Updates available on Play Store
  4. If Firefox is on the list of apps with available updates, tap on Update next to it.
    Update Firefox browser on Google Play Store Available Updates section

You can open the Firefox app to check if the navigation buttons appear in the latest version.

Force Close and Relaunch the browser app

Firefox might get buggy a few times due to low memory resources. Hence, you must force close the app and reopen it to fix a temporary issue.

  1. Open Recent Apps or App Manager on your Android phone.
  2. Switch to the Firefox app card from the list of background apps.
    force close Firefox app
  3. Close the Firefox app.

After quitting the Firefox app from the background task, open the Phone App drawer and select the Firefox app to relaunch as fresh.

These troubleshooting techniques have proven to fix for squashing random bugs not only for the Firefox app but for any phone application.

Bottom Line

Navigation features make the browsing experience effortless. You don’t need to remember the page address or visit the Firefox app’s History tab to reopen.

You can find a similar navigation button in Firefox on the computer to browse between the pages.

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