How to Open Private Mode and New Tabs in Safari Computer?

Learn how to open private and new tabs in the apple safari macOS browser. You can open the unlimited new tabs within a private and normal window.

If you’re browsing the website and navigating through it, then it will be automatically recorded into the browser as history, cookies, and cache storage. This may be not safe to save on any public computer or anyone else’s private laptop. Hence, to avoid this it is better to manually delete the record.

Instead, you can use the private browsing mode that will not save any information anywhere on the system. The private browsing or incognito mode is a great way to safeguard your information. Just like any other computer browser, the Apple Safari browser offers a private browsing experience. Private mode safari is one amazing feature!

A few days back, I was using my friend’s laptop since my laptop was updating its OS and I had an important article to write. But storing all my personal data on her laptop was quite a bad thing to do. Instead, I discovered the private mode safari that lets me browse everything without leaving any trace about it.

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You can open multiple tabs within the private browsing mode and normal mode. You can also open the new Safari browser windows and add unlimited tabs.

How to Open Private Window in Safari Mac?

One of the basic reasons why user prefers browsing in private windows or incognito is privacy. The private window is built to safeguard the user anonymity without storing any information on the browser after exit.

The information like user sign-in info, cookies, search history, form fills, etc. are completely wiped out once you close the private browsing window.

Here are the steps to open Private mode Safari on macOS:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari browser on the computer.
  2. From the menubar select the File menu.
  3. Choose New Private Window from the menu options.

New Private Browsing Window in Safari Computer

This will start a private or incognito browsing mode in the Safari browser on a Mac computer. Like I mentioned, once you close the private window after usage, all information will be destroyed automatically.

The private browser does not store any browsing records or cache and cookies storage, including the form autofill.

How to Open New Window in Safari Mac?

The safari browser has a feature to open multiple new windows and tabs. You can run multiple windows of the Safari browser without any issues and switch between them easily.

Here are the steps to open a new window in the safari browser on macOS:

  1. Launch the Apple Safari browser on the Mac.
  2. From the menu bar select the File menu.
  3. Choose New Window from the menu options.

Open New Window in Apple Safari browser on MacBook

This will open a separate browsing window in normal mode on the apple safari browser. You can start multiple new tabs within the Safari browser.

How to Open New Tab in Safari Mac?

Just like launching a new window, you can also open new tabs within the browser window. Each browsing tab will work independently of each other.

Here are the steps to open a new tab within the safari browser on macOS:

  1. Launch the Safari browser on the computer.
  2. From the menu bar select the File menu.
  3. Choose New Tab from the menu options.

Apple Safari New Tab File Menubar

This will open a new tab within the same browsing window on the Safari browser. You can also open the new tab within the same browsing window by hitting on the plus add icon command.

Open New Tab using Add sign in Safari MacOS

You can open unlimited browser tabs until your Mac machine exhaust memory. If you notice any lag, then close the windows that are no longer needed. However, the MacOS is smart enough to understand the old windows and tab that hogging memory.

Bottom Line: Safari Private and New Tab

Undoubtedly, the new tab, and the new window is a great feature for multitasking on the web browser. However, the inclusion of private or incognito browsing on Safari has enhanced the overall privacy and security of user data. Now you can multitask without worry about data privacy.

Personally, I do use private browsing mode when I want to search for some temporary terms. This will not get recorded in the browsing history. I intentionally use private browsing when I am accessing a shared computer since it does not store any info browser. I did the same while working on my friend’s MacBook. I could do my work easily without leaving any information behind. Thanks to safari private mode!

Similarly, you can also start the private and new tab in safari iOS. However, there is no option to open a new window within the handheld devices.

What do you feel about the safari private browser mode? Also, in what circumstances do you use this feature?

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