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How to Search and Find on Page in Firefox Computer?

Find On is one of the most crucial features when it comes to searching some specific text, phrases, and paragraphs on any web page of your Firefox Browser. To use it, you need to click on the menu icon of your Firefox Browser and hit on the Find On Page option. Now, simply enter the specific keywords you are looking for on that specific web page.

Did you know that you can search for particular phrases and words on a webpage on Mozilla Firefox? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. When you are viewing a webpage via Firefox you can search for particular words and the browser will show you where the phrase or word is.

The browser also displays the number of instances the term is present on the page. You can also navigate between the instances using the arrow button on the Find in Page Firefox.

There are multiple ways one can search for phrases within the web page. You can also use the same feature to lookup text within the PDF document within the Firefox browser.

This feature is helpful for everyone who reads a lot online including me. Since I have to go through long texts, I often have certain phrases to search for that will help me find more specific information. At times like these, the Find in Page firefox feature is a savior.

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In this article, I will take you on a step-by-step trip on how to use the Firefox find on page feature. Ready? Let’s get right into it.

Find on Page with Find Bar

This is just one of the methods to search and find different content on a webpage via Mozilla Firefox. Here is how it works.

Here are the steps to use the Firefox find on page feature:

  1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser on the computer.
  2. Open any web page where you need to search for the phrase.
  3. Click the horizontal 3bar icon Menu button.
  4. Click on the Find on This Page option.
    A find bar will appear at the bottom of the window.
  5. Type a word or phrase you are searching for into the Find search field.
    Find in page search bar in Firefox computer browser

Mozilla Firefox will start highlighting the first matching result automatically as you type. The total match count will be shown in the find bar.

On your keyboard, tap the forward and backward arrows to jump to each match on the page. Click on the X icon or press Esc on keyboard to close the find bar.

If it shows that no match was found, this means that the word or phrase you are looking for was not found in the text.

Search Result Settings in Mozilla Firefox

To tailor the search results, you can enable or disable any of the following options:

  1. Highlight All: This highlight all feature highlights all the words that match the search word or phrase you have entered.
  2. Match case: This option allows you to make searches case-sensitive. This option is helpful when searching for names that can be used as words, for example, Grace and grace.
  3. Match Diacritics: This option is great when distinguishing between accented letters and their base letters.
    For example, when you search for “résumé” the results for “resume” will not show when this option is activated.
  4. Whole Words: This highlights only entire words that match your search phrase.

You can enable or disable the option based on your needs.

Search on Page using Quick Find

Using the Quick Find bar is another useful method to find content on a webpage only and the searches are meant to disappear after a few moments.

Here are the steps to use Quick Find on a Firefox computer:

  1. Press the forward slash key / to open the Quick Find bar.
  2. Type into the search bar the phrase or word you would like to search for.

As stated earlier, the Quick Find bar disappears after a few moments so to close it, just wait a few seconds. You can alternatively press the Esc key on the keyboard to close it immediately. Also, you can click anywhere within the browser that is not part of the Quick Find bar to close it.
Firefox Quick find search bar

If you want to find only phrases that occur in links on the page you’re viewing, press the single quote character on your keyboard to bring up the Quick Find bar for links only.Firefox Quick Find (links only) search bar

You can then type a search phrase into the Quick Find field and the first link that contains the phrase you’ve typed will be selected.

Enable Quick on a Web Page

Mozilla Firefox can start the search process for phrases you enter without opening the find bar first.

To use this method, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox on the computer.
  2. Click the horizontal 3bar icon Menu button, and choose Options.
  3. Select the General panel.
  4. Go to the Browsing section.
  5. Enable the check box for Search for text when you start typing.
    Mozilla Firefox Browsing options

Once this feature is enabled, the Quick Find bar will automatically show up when you type inside a webpage while not in a text field.

Searching for a particular word or phrase when using Mozilla Firefox is easy. Just keep these Firefox keyboard shortcuts close to you and everything will be smooth.

  1. Ctrl + F to show the find bar.
  2. / to show the Quick Find bar while not in a text field.
  3. to show the Quick Find (links only) bar while not in a text field.
  4. Esc to close the currently visible find bar while the focus is on it, and cancel highlighting.

Bottom Line: Find on Page in Firefox

The Find in Page Firefox is a great feature within the Firefox browser. You can find or search for any text or phrase or even sentence using this feature. The matching keywords are highlighted and displayed with a count of repetitions.

When I was graduating I had to do a lot of online research and technically it wasn’t possible to go through all the research papers at once. Hence, I used the Find in Page Firefox feature to look up exactly what I was interested in. And everything became so easily instantly!

Similarly, you can also find text or phrases on a web page within the Chrome browser. This is something similar to what Mozilla Firefox has to offer.

What is your opinion on the Find in page Firefox feature? Is it something you constantly use for your research work?

FAQs: Search and Find On Page in Firefox Computer

Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding how to search and open the Find On Page on Firefox Computer.

How to open the Find On Page on Firefox Computer?

Launch the Firefox Browser and click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. From the options hit on the Find On Page to enable it.

How to navigate to the different instances where the text that you search for, appeared in the Firefox Computer?

You can either use the upward and downward facing arrow icons at the side of the Find On search Bar or you can also use the arrow keys of your keyboard to navigate through the searched words in your Firefox Computer.

How to open the Quick Find on your Firefox Computer?

While Browsing in Firefox Computer, Simply hit on the slash Key (/) to enable the Quick Find.

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