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How to Capture Full Page Screenshot on Chrome

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There are several extensions available in the Chrome web store to take screenshots, but you can take these screenshots without using any extensions. You have to open the Chrome Developer Mode, invoke the built-in command tools, search for the screenshot term, and select the desired option to take a full-page screenshot.

Screenshots, in reality, play a crucial role for the majority of people out there. Screenshots are equally important for online researchers, writers, students, and workers.

Talking about screenshots, we have hundreds of tools to help us take different types of screenshots extensions for Chrome. These can be a small part of the screen, the entire screen, or the entire page you’re looking at.

Screenshotting tools often do well with our need for taking screenshots of a small part of our screen or the entire thing. However, these tools may prove themselves a hassle, or no use, if we want the screenshot of an entire browsing page that covers the top to bottom, including everything that can be scrolled through, all in a single screenshot.

Digging into this matter, I have great news for all those struggling Chrome users. If you’re looking for a more convenient method to take a full-page screenshot on Chrome, then we have a solution.

We essentially go into Google Chrome’s developer tools and validate the code that commands Chrome to take a full-page screenshot of the current web page you’re in.

Full-Length Screenshot on Mac

Technically there is no difference in screenshot quality and type except that mac chrome keyboard shortcuts are different than windows.

Here is the built-in keyboard screenshot shortcut for Chrome macOS computer:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser on your Macbook.
  2. On your keyboard, hit alt + cmd + I to open the developer mode.
  3. Next, hit cmd + shift + P to invoke various built-in command tools.
  4. Search for the term screenshot in the field.
  5. Select the appropriate screenshot action like Capture full size screenshot.

This will immediately capture the full-length screenshot of the page and store it in your local storage.

Screenshot on Chrome Windows

The chrome browser allows taking different sizes and selecting areas for capturing the screenshot.

Here is the built-in shortcut for screenshots on a Chrome windows computer:

  1. Launch Google Chrome on Windows.
  2. On your keyboard, hit ctrl + shift + I to open the developer mode.
  3. Next, hit ctrl + shift + P to invoke various built-in command tools.
  4. Search for the term screenshot in the field.
    Screenshots command in Chrome Developer Console
  5. Select the appropriate screenshot action like Capture full size screenshot.

Typing down the latter word will give you a few options. From the following options, click on Capture full-size screenshot.

Clicking on this option will successfully mark the end of the built-in screenshotting method in Google Chrome.

However, you will now receive the window to choose your destination folder to save your captured screenshot. Simply choose the folder and click Save. If the screenshot is automatically saved, then look into the Downloads folder.

Bottom Line: Chrome Screenshot without Extension

Google Chrome’s built-in shortcut for taking a full-page screenshot has been a much-needed service, while many scammy screenshotting tools dominated such a field of service.

There are also a few other screenshot sizes available in the Chrome browser:

  • Capture area screenshot: help select the area within the browser to capture.
  • Capture a full size screenshot: take a full-length screenshot along with the scroll.
  • Capture node screenshot: take a screenshot of the node.
  • Capture screenshot: take a screenshot of the visible area without selection crosshair.

This feature by Chrome can replace any third-party screenshot extension tools out there. We can also choose custom screenshot sizes, which makes things even more impressive.

With a little more improvement and development to this Chrome feature, it can replace other third-party apps or tools, ultimately preventing us from depending on an extra fitting to our computer system.

This is a beneficial feature for a writer like me. It has been a great helping hand through my journey, especially when it comes to researching and case studies on the internet.

The entire process we came through is pretty simple, as evident from the steps mentioned above. Although you might find that inputting a set of two keyboard shortcuts and a word is a lengthy process, it is far better than using third-party extensions.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts on How to Capture Full Page Screenshot on Chrome, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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