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How to Update Opera Browser on Computer?

Opera Browser is one of the oldest browsers used in computers and laptops. Due to the easy user interface, many people use it as the default browser but to keep it properly functional, one must know the ways to update it. You need to simply click on the Opera icon in the browser where you will find an option “Updates and Recovery”. Now, you can either click on “check for updates” or the updates will automatically get installed. The steps are the same but the options name might vary slightly in mac OS.

The Opera browser is also based on the Chromium project which powers Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser. Opera developed on top of Chromium has many features that are not readily available.

It’s also one of the oldest browsers that have been powering the featured phones. Or you can say, this was the browser from where everyone started to surf the internet. But with time as the technology got advanced, the Opera browser too. But not everyone was able to enjoy the latest and the amazing features that the Opera browser featured recently.

It was a few days back when my friend asked me the ways to update the Opera Browser. Actually, he was facing some lags and other issues in his Opera browser and when he saw mine Oper browser, it was different than his because I always keep it updated. After then I told him the steps that he need to follow to update the Opera browser on a computer.

In this article, we are going to learn how to update the Opera browser to the latest version of Windows OS, macOS, and Linux-based OS. The latest update from Opera includes security improvement, bug fixes, and stability enhancements.

It’s strongly recommended to keep your Opera updated.

Steps to Update Opera Browser

Opera Browser lets you know the pending updates with a red mark on the side of the settings icon. As soon as you learn that an update is required then follow the steps given or you can also check the updates regularly. The steps to update opera on Windows OS/Linux OS are slightly different than macOS.

Here are the steps to update opera on your computer system:

  1. Launch the Opera browser on your computer.
  2. Click on the Opera opera logo for menu options.
  3. Hit on Update & Recovery… command.
    Opera Update & Recovery settings
  4. The Opera Update and Recovery window will open and start checking for updates.
    Opera Update and Recover
  5. Updates will be automatically installed if available.

The above steps work in both Windows OS and any Linus OS. For Mac OS you need to follow other steps that are slightly different from the one given above.

Here are the steps to Update Opera Browser in Mac OS:

  1. Launch the Opera Browser on your Computer.
  2. Click on “Opera” for the menu option.
  3. Hit on “Update and Recovery”.

Opera Update and Recovery macOS

4. The update will be automatically installed in the background.                                                                                                                                             5. Or, Click on the check for Update to install manually.


Update Opera is up to date Mac
The only difference in macOS is that the Update & Recovery option is command is available under the menu bar. That’s it. The opera browser is updated to the latest version and will display the message Opera is up to date. If you’ve any major updates, then you may also receive the notification from Opera on your computer.

Opera Browser Update Frequency

Like every other browser, Opera also has 3 main channels for updates. The frequency of updates also differs for each channel.

  1. Opera Stable — updated once or twice in a month (stable version)
  2. Opera Beta — weekly update (partially stable for testing)
  3. Opera Developer — daily update release (highly unstable)

Let me know if you’ve any questions or have an issue with updating the Opera browser.

Bottom Line

Therefore, installing the updates in the Opera Browser is very easy and can be done quickly. Although the Opera Browser will keep you updated about the pending updates, you can still check it on your own.

To ensure that you have got all the latest features that Opera has launched, you must check the updates frequently. Also, since the steps are way easier than in any browser, you can do so in a few minutes.

Even my friend checks the updates regularly these days and installs the latest updates before me. These steps have helped me a lot and now he is leading me in the same. So, if you also want your Opera browser to run smoothly then keep it updated.

Further, for any query, you can use the comment section below!


How can I install the latest updates of Opera Browser on my Computer?

Open the Opera browser on your computer and click on the opera icon where you will find updates and recovery in the menu. Click on the same option and check for the updates and install if there are any.

Are the steps to update Opera Browser on Windows OS the same as those on the Mac OS?

No, the steps to update Opera Browser is not identical in Mac OS and Windows OS. There are some slight differences in the options.

Can I update Opera Browser in Windows 11?

Yes, since all the versions of Opera are perfectly compatible with Windows 11 so you can easily update it.

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  1. Tubi movies have suddenly become non-supportive on Opera. I have watched Tubi daily and this is the first time that has happened. In cleaning up my internet, I have noticed that Opera has more built-in protection that windows, or google chrome. The last six time, Firefox would not load.

  2. I have a small phone tablet model: ite f0:b9:68:ff:e6:62. I am using Opera mini browser. But it cannot download anything i want to download or upload. It cannot even play videos in facebook or download. I want to remove Opera mini completely. But my phone dont have any options on apps management. How can i remove? Please help.

  3. My win 10 PC started to overscan only while using Opera . Tried an uninstall & download reinstall Problem still exists No similar problem with Chrome or edge

  4. I will be very please ,if you can help me update the Opera Browser on my itel .Thanks sir
    .Suleiman sanni One of the Opera..

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