Installing Extensions on Android Chromium Browser? (Experimental)

Testing top chromium-based browsers' ability to install the Chrome extensions. Whether Opera, Edge, Kiwi, and, Chrome can install extension from Web Store.

Mobile browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. are built just to make basic internet access in mobile devices. Unlike computer browsers, they are not meant for heavy usage or make any development activities. Hence, most of the features that are available for desktop browsers are not available for mobile browsers. And one such restricted feature is the usage of extensions and addons.

Generally, the Chrome extensions are not allowed to install on the mobile browsers. However, there are few chromium-based browsers that do allow installing the extensions. In this video, we are going to test the installation of the extension on the famous browser.

Though we will be using the different browsers, the steps to verify if the browser supports installation are the same.

How to install Chrome Extensions on Android?

Here are steps to install Chrome extensions on Chromium browsers on Android:

  1. Open the Chromium-based browser on Android.
  2. Visit the Chrome web store on the browser.
  3. Check if you’re able to view the chrome extension details page.
  4. Open the extensions details page.
  5. Tap on Add to Chrome button to install the Chrome extension on the Android browser.

If we are able to view the chrome extension details page, that means the Chrome extensions can be installed on the Chromium-based browser.

Chrome Extensions Experiment Results

Here is the test that we performed on the mobile browsers to check if the extensions are allowed to install.

  1. Google Chrome — Unable to Install Chrome Extensions
  2. Mozilla Firefox — Not a Chromium-based browser
  3. Microsoft Edge — Unable to Install Chrome Extensions
  4. Opera Browser — Unable to Install Chrome Extensions
  5. Kiwi Browser — Able to Install Chrome Extensions

Install Chrome Extensions on Kiwi Browser

Above is the screengrab of the Kiwi browser installing Chrome extensions on mobile devices.

Video: Install Chrome Extensions on Android Browsers

Here is the video demo on installing Chrome extensions on Android Chromium-based browsers. Check out if we are able to install the extensions in any of the browsers on Android phones.

Is it possible to install Chrome Extensions on Android Browser? (Experimental)

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