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Can we install Extensions on Mobile browsers? (Experimental)

Testing top chromium-based browsers' ability to install the Chrome extensions. Whether Opera, Edge, Kiwi, and, Chrome can install extension from Web Store.

The Chromium project is extensible, which means we can improve the feature within the browser using third-party extensions. These extensions are widely available and support most computer-based Chromium browsers like Chrome, Edge, etc.; however, it does not support Chromium-based Android browsers. We have tested and listed out the supported browser.

Install Extensions on Chromium Mobile browser

Mobile browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc., are built to make primarily for internet access on mobile devices. Unlike computer browsers, they are not meant for heavy usage or make any development activities.

Hence, most of the available features for desktop browsers are not available for mobile browsers. And one such restricted feature is the usage of extensions and add-ons.

I am a big fan of browser extensions at work that keep me productive. They help me do so much more in a limited time. But it isn’t easy to access the desktop at all times. Mobile phones are handier and easily accessible. Wouldn’t it be amazing to access browser extensions on a mobile phone?

Generally, extensions are not allowed to install on Android mobile browsers. However, few chromium-based browsers have tweaked the source code, which enables installing the extensions.

In the following article, we tested and verified the browser’s compatibility to install the extension on the famous mobile browser. Though we will be using different browsers, verifying the browser support installation steps are the same.

Install Chrome Extensions on Android

Installing Chrome extension Android on browsers can save time and energy since browser extensions can be fruitful in the long run. Here are steps to install the extension on an Android phone:

  1. Open the Chromium-based browser on Android.
  2. Visit the Chrome web store on the browser.
  3. Check if you’re able to view the Chrome extension details page.
  4. Open the extensions details page.
  5. Tap the Add to Chrome button to install the Chrome extension on the Mobile browser.

If you can view the Chrome extension details page from an Android phone, you can install the Chrome extensions on the Chromium-based browser.

Chrome Extensions Experiment Results

It is essential to check the compatibility of the extensions with the Chromium-based browsers. Hence, here are the test results that we performed on the mobile browsers:

  1. Google Chrome — Unable to install extensions
  2. Mozilla Firefox — Not a Chromium-based browser
  3. Microsoft Edge — Unable to install extensions
  4. Opera Browser — Unable to install extensions
  5. Kiwi Browser — Able to install Chrome extensions
  6. Yandex Browser — Able to install extensions
Install Chrome Extensions on Kiwi Browser

Above is the screengrab of the Kiwi browser installing Chrome extensions on mobile devices.

info icon
Note: Not all extensions are compatible on the mobile device. You may encounter a few heavy extensions that aren’t supported on smartphone devices.

Video Demo

Here is the video demo on installing Chrome extensions for Android on Chromium-based browsers. Check if we can install the extensions in any browser on Android phones.

Is it possible to install Chrome Extensions on Android Browser? (Experimental)

Bottom Line

I’m a big fan of browser extensions and love using them on my desktop. Since it is not always possible to use a laptop or PC, there is a desperate need to find an alternative.

After installing the Chrome extension on my phone browser, I can now enjoy all their services on my mobile. But my favorite browser Chrome is still out of the league.

Which is your favorite browser extension? Is it compatible with your Chromium-based mobile browser?


We have listed a few frequently asked questions related to installing Chrome browser extensions on the smartphone device:

Can I add the Chrome extensions on Android?

Unfortunately, not every browser supports installing Chrome extensions on Android. A few browsers, like Kiwi and Yandex, do support it.

How to install browser extensions on mobile?

Few mobile browsers support extensions from the library. You can consider using Samsung Internet, Kiwi, Yandex, and recently Safari on iPhone has added extension support.

Do all extensions work on mobile browsers?

The mobile browsers only support a few extensions compatible with lite extensions. The heavy-lifting extensions aren’t supported, and you might frequently encounter errors.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on Can we install Extensions on Mobile browsers? (Experimental), then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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