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7+ Best Web Browsers for Android TV OS in 2023

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Android TV OS supports the Google Play Store to install apps with a minimal number of browsers for big-screen TVs. However, the Android TV OS allows sideloading third-party apps and APKs to install any application. These are the best internet browsers for Android TV Box, which run smoothly without any significant issues.

Android TV is Google’s Android OS specially optimized for TV sets. What makes it all the more unique is the plethora of features baked into it. For example, you could download and install all your preferred apps from the Play Store or even sideload them from third-party sites.

Then it even has a built-in Voice Assistant that negates the need for a remote for switching between apps and lowering the volume, among others.

Well, it even comes with a built-in Chromecast to allow for direct casting of your Android device over to your TV.

But one domain is left untouched- it doesn’t come with a pre-installed browser. While it’s not that we would browse the web on our TV daily, it might come in handy in some instances.

I was about to start a new series recently, but before that, I wanted to get hold of its IMDB rating. So I directly launched the browser on my TV, read the reviews, and then switched back to the show, all in just a few taps.

This is just one of the many instances where a browser installed on our TV could prove helpful; there could be countless other such scenarios.

So all this begs one crucial question- which browser to go for?

Well, this is what this guide is going to answer. Here are the best browsers for your Android TV that deserves your attention.


While Puffin is yet to establish itself in the smartphone segment, there is no better player than this regarding Android TVs. There are quite a few ‘firsts’ that this browser beholds, making it the go-to choice for many users.

One of its biggest perks is its compatibility with your Android TV remote. While it might sound like quite an essential feature on paper, it proves to be a rarity in this domain.

Puffin TV Web Browser

Some of Puffin’s other specialties include:

  • Its standalone app can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.
  • You could create a QR code for a URL and send it directly to your TV. This way, you wouldn’t have to type in the website link in the address bar manually.

However, the browser has put a cap on free usage. After a designated period for each day, free users wouldn’t be able to use it. The only way out is to purchase its Pro plan.

Moreover, Puffin’s servers are US-based, so that you might see the US version of various sites.

Puffin TV browser

Samsung Internet Browser

This could well be categorized as the most underrated browser in this list. While it has made its presence felt in Samsung devices, the same cannot be said for Android TVs, at least for now.

One of its most impressive features came out to be Tracking Blocking. These trackers are responsible for keeping a check on your everyday browsing activity. This could end up posing a tremendous online security risk. To counter it, you need to enable its Tracker Block toggle, and the rest will be taken care of by it.

Samsung Internet App on Android TV

That’s not it. Here are some other features that could easily complement those above one.

  • You could easily adjust the font size to be best suited for the screen size.
  • Likewise, it also comes with an ad-blocker that does its job quite well.
  • Then there’s also a high contrast mode that would give you the sharpest picture.

As far as its cons are concerned, there’s not much to complain about. It’s just that the absence of its app from the Play Store might not be welcomed by one and all.

Samsung Internet Browser

Mozilla Firefox

This offering from Mozilla is upscaling the popularity charts in no time whatsoever. Apart from its known USP of taking a privacy-first approach, there are quite a few other nifty benefits it has in store.

Like Chrome, you could easily sync your bookmarks and saved passwords across all the devices signed in with the same ID, including your Android TV.

Mozilla Firefox Android TV Browser

Talking about its features, it boasts a plentitude of extension support. Nearly all the add-ons on its PC build are also supported on the TV. This is something that not many browsers could claim.

However, it also lacks a standalone version for Android TVs. As a result, you would have to be on the lookout for a website from where you could sideload it.

Firefox Android TV

Google Chrome

It was a surprise for many users (myself included) when they knew those Android TVs don’t ship with the Chrome browser. So should you go the extra mile and download it onto your TV?

One of the biggest reasons we could reply in affirmative to our above statement is its cross-device support.

Since you might already be using this browser on your PC and smartphone, the Chrome browser for TV could easily import all the saved bookmarks, passwords, and other related settings.

However, that is perhaps the only good thing about this browser. Quite a few downs could prevent users from trying Chrome on their TV.

For example, you cannot download this app from Play Store and would rather have to sideload it. Moreover, it doesn’t work with your Android TV remote either.

Google Chrome


Taking a strict approach towards respecting user privacy, this browser has firmly established itself in the smartphone domain. And since it has carried most of these features over to the Android TV version, it is only a matter of time before it makes its presence felt here.

It has already made some decent progress, with anonymous online browsing directly via your Android TV earning a few praises.

DuckDuckGo TV Browser

Apart from that, some of its other striking features include:

  • The automated history-clearing feature deletes your browsing history after a stipulated period.
  • Even manual deletion could be executed with the press of a single button.
  • Moreover, it has enabled dark mode throughout its app- something that the retinas will appreciate!

But it also suffers a similar drawback- the absence of a native TV app. You would have to sideload it from outside of the Play Store.


Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser has already carved out a niche segment for itself. The reason for the same could be attributed, in parts, to its built-in adblocker.

The ability to block all the intrusive and disruptive ads makes it the preferred choice for browsing the web. Then its clean user interface makes it relatively easy to operate.

Kiwi Browser for Android TV OS

Besides, the addition of these features adds more to its arsenal:

  • A built-in translator app that translates the pages on the go.
  • Turning on dark mode would save your eyes from those glaring lights.

On the flip side, it isn’t optimized for Android TV so you might witness a few rough edges during everyday usage.

Kiwi Browser

TV Web Browser

Its name spells out its functionality- a decent browser specially crafted for your Android TV. The browser is simple and easy to operate with just the right features.

All this gives it a clean and fresh UI with easily navigable menus, all of which are accessible directly from the left menu bar.

TVWeb Browser on Android TV OS

Apart from that, some of its other noteworthy features include:

  • The ability to switch to your desired search engine.
  • Easily access all your bookmarks and browsing history.
  • An integrated voice search
  • Its compatibility with the Android TV remote.

This lightweight browser only comes with the necessities, without additional features. So some users might end up wanting more out of it.

TV Web Browser

TV Bro

It might well be the least popular entry in this list, but it could brag about one thing that others cannot- it is entirely open-source.

So if you have any doubts about the browser’s functioning or how much data it collects, head over to GitHub and check out its source code.

TV Bro Android TV Browser

Then the presence of the below-mentioned features makes it a handy option to settle for:

  • To begin with, it is compatible with your Android TV Remote.
  • The incorporation of smooth scrolling makes it easier to read your preferred blogs on a large screen.
  • Another exciting feature is its ability to preserve the opened tabs when you close the browser. As a result, the next time you open TV Bro, you could directly start from the last point.

However, you cannot get this browser directly from Play Store. Instead, it calls for sideloading from a third-party website.

TV Bro

Bottom Line: Best Browser for AndroidTV

So this is all from this guide on the list of some of the best browsers for your Android TV. We have mentioned a total of eight different browsers; however, out of them, Puffin came out with flying colors.

Its compatibility with Android TV Remote and the remote could directly download from the Play Store is worthy of appreciation. Moreover, typing URLs via a remote has always been a cumbersome task. But, with Puffin, you could easily do so by sharing and scanning a QR Code.

However, Chrome seems to have felt short of expectations. Its lack of support for Android TV remote and, more surprisingly, its absence from the Play Store are two of the most important aspects that Google needs to address soon.

On that note, we round off this guide. Do let us know your preferred Android TV browser.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts on 7+ Best Web Browsers for Android TV OS in 2023, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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5 thoughts on “7+ Best Web Browsers for Android TV OS in 2023”

  1. Firefox Android TV has been deprecated for over a year and is no longer viable.
    TV Bro is the least popular for good reasons. It’s barely usable.
    I prefer open source when possible but not TV Bro.
    It’s why I use custom ROMs built from Android Open Source Project instead of Android (Gargoyle only owns the copyright NOT the OS)
    Vivaldi and Opera work well on Android TV 10

    1. open browser and Yandex Browser are 2 other viable apps for Android TVs. It’s really difficult to find a browser that has decent controls, a popup blocker, and doesn’t crash all the time.

  2. Puffin continuously deletes the cache, so certain sites that use it to store things lose setting information, hence I am here.. going to try sideloading DDG or Firefox I think

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