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6+ Best Google Chrome Extensions for Students

We have listed the best Google Chrome extensions for students. These will help you to be more productive and excel in time management, studies, and classes.

Chrome extensions are the best ones to help you with your various tasks. Numerous extensions with student-friendly features help students with their day-to-day routine tasks.

Some of the extensions mentioned in this article are Clockify Time Tracker, My Memorizer Tool, Momentum, Grammarly, etc., available in the Web Store.

Clockify Time Tracker

Do you spend a lot of time scrolling through unwanted content? Then, worry not! The Clockify extension is here to help you.

Clockify Time Tracker Chrome extension helps you track your time working on a particular project, article, etc.

Clockify Time Tracker Chrome Extension

Some of Clockify Time tracker’s most prominent features are:

  • It is the best time management extension to boost your productivity.
  • You can also set reminders and integrate with more than 50 web apps.
  • You can also invite the group you are working with to analyze your performance.
  • You can manage all your projects and track your progress simultaneously.

However, it can also access some of your data, which can put your privacy at risk. It also has some bugs that need fixing.

Download Clockify


This is one of the most effective tools for any student since it helps you memorize anything and everything. If you have a test or want to crack a quiz in a day, this is the Chrome extension for you.

You can memorize anything that you want, even if you are browsing the internet.

To name a few, Memorize! Prime features:

  • Select any text you want to memorize; this extension will help you establish that.
  • It will help you by sending quiz alerts at different intervals.
  • It uses a unique psychological technique by increasing the time intervals to help you enhance your learning.

Although it is a fantastic tool packed with unique features, it has not received any updates for nearly a year, making it a bit behind the other extensions.

Get Memorize!


Are you someone who likes to make lists but is too lazy to do it with pen and paper? Well, momentum extension will take it away from you.

Momentum Chrome extension helps you change your new tab page with a personal dashboard that lets you manage your to-do, receive a weather update, and inspire daily.

Momentum Chrome Extension

A few of Momentum’s significant features are:

  • You can set a daily task or to-do that you want to achieve by the end of the day.
  • You will receive a motivational photo or message to boost your productivity daily.
  • You will also receive weather updates every day.
  • You can also track your to-dos and other tasks efficiently.

Although it has many valuable features, it can sometimes lag and fail to customize the dashboard according to your wishes.

Download Momentum


Grammarly Chrome extension is the perfect tool to perfect your writing and make it error-free. This is your go-to extension if you are working through a long article or research paper.

Grammarly for Chrome Extension

It is available on numerous platforms, including Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Docs, and Twitter.

Some of Grammarly’s notable features are:

  • It helps you make your writing crisp and smooth.
  • You can also add new words of your own to the dictionary.
  • It not only corrects grammatical mistakes but also helps with punctuation errors.
  • You can use it on numerous platforms, including Google Docs, WordPress, Gmail, and Amazon.

It is, however, packed with its share of demerits since its features are limited to the free version and more effective only if you pay for the premium.

Download Grammarly


With everything based online, there are times when you have to present or elaborate on something for your assignment submission. In such a case, the Kami browser extension may come in handy for you.

If you start using Kami, you can annotate any file, document, or PDF to make it interactive.

Kami for Google Chrome Extension

Some of Kami’s most essential features are:

  • You can reach your classmates and teachers in real time, no matter where you are.
  • You can also merge it with Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas.
  • You can work with any document, whether digitally or physically available.
  • You can split documents as well as merge them easily.
  • If you make it your default PDF viewer, you can annotate more easily.

However, Kami can be tricky with all the licenses and similar things that grant permissions for specific people. The classroom design may also lag sometimes.

Download Kami

Just Read

If you have problems focusing on reading anything online due to the various distractions, then we may have a solution. Just Read is the perfect extension to help you read without any distractions.

It is highly customizable and blocks unnecessary ads that can distract your focus.

Just Read Chrome Extensions

Some of Just Read’s prominent features are:

  • You can remove the ads and popups of a webpage to make it read-worthy.
  • You can choose between dark and light themes for your reader.
  • You can customize the page’s styling according to your needs.
  • You also have the option to print the customized version for yourself.

However, it still has some lagging issues that need fixing. Most of its features are available in its premium version instead of the free one.

Download Just Read


If you are bothered by the sounds around you that deviate your attention, then Noisli is the extension you were looking for. It helps you focus by playing calming background sounds.

It helps block unnecessary sounds when you are in the mood to focus or spend a blissful time without distractions.

Noisli Chrome Extension

A few of Noisli’s notable features are:

  • It plays calming or soothing background sounds to help you focus better or relax after a tiring day.
  • You can also play your sounds to focus well.
  • You can quickly access and play your customized sounds.
  • You can also check your progress.

However, some of its features, like working in groups and sharing sounds, are only available in the paid version.

Download and Get Noisli

Bottom Line

Chrome extensions can be a blessing in disguise for students who are struggling with their online classes. Each one of them has so much to accomplish in a single day.

With deadlines approaching and exams in their heads, Chrome extensions can help them release some pressure by managing their work efficiently. All these extensions will boost your productivity and help you manage your time.

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