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7+ Best Chrome Extensions for Teachers in 2023 [Online Classes]

Teachers find it challenging to efficiently manage their work and time because all classes are now held online. However, Chrome extensions are always available for assistance. Some of the Best Chrome Extensions for Teachers for Online Classes are Screencastify, Mote, SmallPDF, Google Keep, etc., which are free extensions for free.

Google Chrome is one of the most extensively used browsers around the world. It is loved by everyone belonging to any age group. Be it a student, a teacher, or a parent, Google Chrome has something to offer everyone. Its latest updates have continuously outdone themselves by bringing the latest features to help its users.

Google add-ons are a great way to provide users with features that are not readily available on our browsers. Be it classes or work, you need to sit for hours in front of your desktop to do everything.

Since all the classes are conducted online now, it becomes difficult for teachers to manage their work and time effortlessly. However, one can always seek help from Google add-ons.

After COVID hit us, my mother, a teacher herself, was concerned with how she would manage her classes. To ease it for her, I introduced her to various chrome add-ons that would make her work more accessible and better.

Let’s have a look at the best extensions for teachers on the Google Chrome browser —


If you are looking for an extension to help you sort your assignments and grade them efficiently without wasting time, Kami is for you. Millions around the globe trust it.

With Kami, you can transform anything into a teaching space. No matter what.

Kami Chrome Extensions

Some of Kami’s essential features are:

  • It can transform an image or PDF into an interactive learning resource.
  • It helps you collaborate with students in real time.
  • You can grade and return assignments flawlessly.
  • You can present anything on the screen and annotate it accordingly.
  • You can assign work and grade them at once with feedback.

However, loading documents or other such files can take quite some time, wasting your classes’ time.

Download Kami

Classwork Zoom

Are you concerned about your students not doing their assignments well? Are you worried about them applying enough effort?

If you answered yes to all the above questions, Classwork Zoom would make things relatively more accessible for you.

Classwork Zoom for Google Classroom extension


Some of Classwork Zoom’s prime features are:

  • It visualizes student work over Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.
  • You can evaluate the work of the whole class at once.
  • It is an extension made for teachers by teachers.
  • You can have a closer look at each student’s efforts.
  • It can be easily linked to Google Classroom.

However, this feature will only be helpful when you use Google Classroom with your students. If you are using a different app, this may fail to work.

Download Classwork Zoom


If your students get bored quickly, InsertLearning is here at your rescue. It will not only make your classes fun but also be highly interactive.

This extension has been designed to turn even the most boring websites into interactive learning resources.

InsertLearning Chrome Extension

Several of InsertLearning prominent features are:

  • It can turn any website into an interactive classroom.
  • You can insert images, videos, or sticky notes into a website.
  • Students can highlight and add their notes as well.
  • You can see the annotations by students in real time.
  • You can assign a lesson to the whole class at once.

Although it has many valuable features, it has its share of demerits. The lessons can only be shared in Google Classroom, not other platforms.

Download InsertLearning

Google Keep

Are you always running out of essential data at the last moment of your class? Do you find it difficult to recall the important points?

Well, worry not. With Google Keep, you can highlight and save all your important notes.

Google Keep Chrome Extension

To name a few of Google Keep’s essential features:

  • You can save text, images, or even URLs.
  • You can even make notes on already saved content.
  • You can also add labels to your notes.
  • All of your notes are synced automatically on Google Keep.

However, sometimes the UI may lag, and you’ll find it difficult to mark or highlight all your notes at all times.

Download Google Keep


Are you a multi-tasker and want to manage your time reasonably in same? There may be a possibility that your monitor may not support your multitasking.

You do not have to think about it anymore since Dualless will split the screen into two for you.

Dualless Chrome Extension

Some of Dualless’s remarkable features are:

  • You can split the current browser window into a pair.
  • You can resize the windows as per your wish.
  • The split window can also take full screen.
  • You can even duplicate the current page on a different window.

Although it is excellent, it can have problems in terms of functionality. It may lag sometimes and take longer than usual to load completely.

Download Dualless


Some apps and websites have limited the size of PDFs that can be uploaded or viewed. In such a case, a SmallPDF Chrome extension comes handy.

With this, you can compress or convert PDFs with just a single click.

SmallPDF Chrome Extension to edit, compress and Convert PDF

Smallpdf extension is packed with loads of features. Some of them are:

  • You can compress the PDFs as much as you like.
  • You can convert PDF into Word format or vice versa.
  • You can also edit your PDF files.
  • You also have access to merge or split your PDF files.
  • You can add compressed attachments to emails.

However, the features available in the free version of the extension are limited, and the most valuable features come with the Pro account.

Download SmallPDF


We can all agree that visuals impact students more than just simple text or audio. To simplify it further, Screencastify is here to help.

With the help of Screencastify, you can record, edit, and trim videos.

Screencastify Screen record chrome extension

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Several of Screencastify’s unique features are:

  • You can record videos with your webcam or capture something on the screen.
  • You can edit or compress videos as per your needs.
  • All the videos are synced across Google Drive.
  • You can directly share it with your Google Classroom.
  • You can enable your audio with every captured video.

However, it may not work efficiently at all times and cause some issues that may need fixing later.

Download Screencastify


There is a high possibility that your students may fail to understand things that have no audio or explanation attached to them. Worry not, as the Mote Chrome extension will solve all your problems.

It enables you to add voice or audio notes to documents, slides, or assignments.

Mote voice note and feedback extension

Some of Mote’s prominent features are:

  • You can create voice notes for any website you want.
  • You can add audio or voice notes to documents, slides, or Gmail.
  • You can insert voice commands or feedback in Google Slides.
  • It enables you to provide feedback or ask questions to students.
  • It supports more than 20 languages.

However, the audio may take longer to be added to the slides and documents. Longer audio clips may also pose a problem.

Download Mote

Bottom Line: Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Chrome extensions have been proven to be helpful for many people around the world. No matter which age group they belong to or what they do, Chrome has something in store for everyone. If you’re working at a law firm or a publishing house, Chrome extensions have something that will appeal to you. It is no different for teachers as well.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, teachers have been suffering a lot as they’ve had to do everything from the comfort of their homes. They’ve to interact with and grade their students sitting miles away from her. Henceforth, I’ve listed the best Chrome extensions to make a teacher’s work more accessible and efficient.

I helped my mother with these Chrome extensions and set them up for her so that she could always be on the run with her students and not struggle with the same. She has been pleased about it and can work in peace now.

Do you think these extensions can help teachers? Why or why not? Feel free to add more to the comment list.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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