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Best Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity

Chrome Browser is full of loads of features and settings options in its menu. Many of the time it really becomes hectic to search for all the options in the settings and this is where the shortcut keys are used as blessings. There are bunches of shortcut keys supported by Chrome Browser among which a few are: ctrl+n for a new window, ctrl+t for a new tab, F11 for full-screen view, Ctrl+w to close the tab, and many more.

No doubt Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for computers as well as hand-held devices. There are tonnes of features in chrome that make its user a highly productive browser when compared with the league.

The features like account sync, extension support, bookmark and password manager, etc. make this browser stand out over the competitors.

If you haven’t installed Google Chrome yet, then you should consider downloading and giving it a try.

Google Chrome supports plenty of keyboard shortcuts that can help in performing actions without using the mouse or clicks. I have not listed every chrome shortcut here, that might confuse you and make it hard to learn.

Instead, I have listed selected shortcut keys and actions that I think are useful for every beginner to a professional user. If you learn and memorize all these keyboard shortcuts, then I am sure you will be productive and be faster than ever. One can easily learn these shortcut keys and become a master of the Google Chrome browser.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

The shortcut keys vary for Windows OS/ Linux OS machines when compared to the macOS computer. Hence, we have listed both sides by side to get a quick glance.

Google Chrome ActionWindows or Linux ShortcutMacintosh OS Shortcut
Open a new windowCtrl + n⌘ + n
Open a new window in Incognito modeCtrl + Shift + n⌘ + Shift + n
Open a new tab, and jump to itCtrl + t⌘ + t
Reopen previously closed tabs in the order they were closedCtrl + Shift + t⌘ + Shift + t
Jump to the next open tabCtrl + Tab or Ctrl + PgDn⌘ + Option + β†’
Jump to the previous open tabCtrl + Shift + Tab or Ctrl + PgUp⌘ + Option + ←
Jump to a specific tabCtrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8
⌘ + 1 through ⌘ + 8
Jump to the rightmost tabCtrl + 9⌘ + 9
Open the previous page from your browsing history in the current tabAlt + ←
⌘ + [ or ⌘ + ←
Open the next page from your browsing history in the current tabAlt + β†’
⌘ + ] or ⌘ + β†’
Close the current tabCtrl + w or Ctrl + F4⌘ + w
Close the current windowCtrl + Shift + w or Alt + F4⌘ + Shift + w
Minimize the current windowAlt + Space + n⌘ + m
Quit Google ChromeAlt + f + x⌘ + q
Show or hide the Bookmarks barCtrl + Shift + b⌘ + Shift + b
Open the Bookmarks ManagerCtrl + Shift + o⌘ + Option + b
Open the History page in a new tabCtrl + h⌘ + y
Open the Downloads page in a new tabCtrl + j⌘ + Shift + j
Open the Find Bar to search the current pageCtrl + f or F3⌘ + f
Jump to the next match to your Find Bar searchCtrl + g⌘ + g
Jump to the previous match to your Find Bar searchCtrl + Shift + g⌘ + Shift + g
Open Developer ToolsCtrl + Shift + j or F12⌘ + Option + i
Open the Clear Browsing Data optionsCtrl + Shift + Delete⌘ + Shift + Delete
Log in a different user or browse as a GuestCtrl + Shift + m⌘ + Shift + m
Move cursor to the address barCtrl + l⌘ + l
Open options to print the current pageCtrl + p⌘ + p
Open options to save the current pageCtrl + s⌘ + s
Reload the current pageF5 or Ctrl + r⌘ + r
Reload the current page, ignoring cached contentShift + F5 or Ctrl + Shift + r⌘ + Shift + r
Stop the page loadingEscEsc
Browse clickable items moving forwardTabTab
Browse clickable items moving backwardShift + TabShift + Tab
Open a file from your computer in ChromeCtrl + o + Select a file⌘ + o + Select a file
Save your current webpage as a bookmarkCtrl + d⌘ + d
Save all open tabs as bookmarks in a new folderCtrl + Shift + d⌘ + Shift + d
Turn full-screen mode on or offF11⌘ + Control + f
Make everything on the page biggerCtrl and +⌘ and +
Make everything on the page smallerCtrl and ⌘ and
Return everything on the page to default sizeCtrl + 0⌘ + 0
Open a link in a current tab (mouse only)Drag a link to a tabDrag a link to a tab
Open a link in new background tabCtrl + Click a link⌘ + Click a link
Open a link, and jump to itCtrl + Shift + Click a link⌘ + Shift + Click a link
Open a link, and jump to it (mouse only)Drag a link to a blank area of the tab stripDrag a link to a blank area of the tab strip
Open a link in a new windowShift + Click a linkShift + Click a link
Open a tab in a new window (mouse only)Drag the tab out of the tab stripDrag the tab out of the tab strip
Move a tab to a current window (mouse only)Drag the tab into an existing windowDrag the tab into an existing window
Return a tab to its original positionPress Esc while draggingPress Esc while dragging
Download the target of a linkAlt + Click a linkOption + Click a link
Switch between maximized and windowed modesDouble-click a blank area of the tab stripDouble-click a blank area of the tab strip

These were some of the keyboard shortcuts that I think you should memorize for better performance productivity.

However, the chrome supports more key shortcuts, and here is the complete list, just in case needed. But, these extra shortcuts aren’t important and are rarely used by an average (more than 90%) user.

I’ve also posted the keyboard shortcuts for all other major browsers that you can learn:

  1. Helpful Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts for Linux, Windows, and Mac
  2. Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  3. Useful Apple Safari Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Computers

Let us know which are your favorite shortcut keys? And what do you use more often?

FAQs: Best Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity

Now, we will go through the frequently asked questions regarding the best Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity.

What are some of the handy keyboard shortcuts for Chrome Browser?

Some of the handy keyboards short for Chrome Browser are:

  • New window: ctrl+n
  • Incognito mode: ctrl + shift +n
  • New Tab: ctrl + t
  • Close tab: ctrl + w
  • Save a Page: ctrl + S, etc.

What is the shortcut to turning the full screen in Chrome Browser?

The shortcut to turn the full screen in Chrome Browser is the F11 key of the keyboard.

What is the shortcut to open Developers tools?

Click Ctrl+Shift+j or F12 buttons on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Developers tolls using shortcuts.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

Chrome WindowsChrome MacChrome iOSChrome AndroidFirefox Linux
Firefox WindowsSafari MacSafari iOSEdge AndroidChrome Linux
Edge WindowsFirefox MacEdge iOSSamsung InternetEdge Linux

If you've any thoughts on Best Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity, then feel free to drop in below comment box.

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