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10+2 Best Free Chrome Screenshot Extensions [web+social]

Chrome Browser is full of delightful extensions to make our tasks really easier and simple. Awesome Screenshots, Full Page Screenshot, Nimbus Screenshot, and Video Recorder, YouTube Screenshots, Twitter Screenshots, Gmail screenshots, PlainShot, BlipShot, WebPage Screenshot,, Lightshot, qSnap are some of the best screenshot extension that makes your task much easier.

Usually, when we are browsing the internet, we need to take a screenshot of a particular web page or a piece of information on it. This will help us to refer to it or use it even in professional or personal activities.

Yes, some inbuilt tools and shortcuts are available in Google chrome for taking screenshots on our systems. But they don’t come with advanced settings like delayed screenshots, full-page screenshots, scrolling screenshots, automatic cloud sync, etc. Also editing, cropping, and watermarking features are needed in some cases, where they can be really helpful. Most of us want customized screenshots that we can use as per our requirements.

I take a lot of screenshots while browsing on the web browser. Sometimes I require them to attach to official work. For this, I want to crop and edit my screenshots as well.

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That’s where screenshot extensions come to the rescue. They are highly customizable with lots of additional features and above all are available in the chrome web store for 100% free of cost.

Note: These rankings are made based on their ease of use, advanced features, and of course popularity(number of downloads).

Free Chrome Screenshot Extensions

Here we are going to list out 8 of the best chrome screenshot extension that is 100% free:

Awesome Screenshot

With over 2 million-plus downloads, the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension is one of the high-rated free screenshot extensions. This makes it one of the most popular screenshot extension tools in the chrome web store.

You can take the screenshot as per your requirement and can save, print, send via email, copy to the clipboard, or share depending on your requirement.

Awesome Screenshot Extension

Features of Awesome Screenshot:

  • It allows us to capture the full or selective area of the web pages.
  • Add annotations, blur effects, and comments.
  • There is also an option for a screen recorder for the screencast and easy one-click share with Trello, Slack, etc.
  • Desktop capture feature.

It is a quick and easy capturing tool. It is limited only to the browser, the desktop top version is not available. Plus you cannot use this extension offline.

Free Awesome Screenshot

Full Page Screenshot

Full Page screenshot, as the name indicates helps you to take the screenshot of a full page. After capturing the screenshot, the image is opened in a new tab. It is a popular screenshot chrome extension.

You can edit this screenshot, make annotations, crop, etc. Also, you can download the screenshot in the form of an image or PDF, as per your requirement.

Full Page Screen Capture Extension

Features for Full Page Screenshot:

  • Easy capturing and processing.
  • Works in offline mode.
  • Capture fine-tuning.
  • Protected privacy.

It is simple and easy to use this chrome screenshot extension. It captures the entire web page using advanced capture technology.

The only drawback of the Full Page screenshot is that this extension cannot automatically identify or remove sticky headers and footers on the web page. In rare cases, the screenshot will be entirely black, transparent, or with low resolution.

Get Full Page Screenshot

Nimbus Screenshot and Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot and Video Recorder are also one of the high-rated screenshot extensions for chrome.  It helps you to capture a full or partial screenshot (or even an entire browser window) of the web page and edit or annotate it.

Nimbus Screenshot and Video Recording Extension

Features of Nimbus Screenshot:

  • It supports horizontal scrolling.
  • You can edit objects even after adding them to the screenshot.
  • Starts with a blank image.
  • Captures part of a screen.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Screen recording or screencast is also possible with this extension.

You can crop or trim the recorded videos or even convert them into gif and mp4 format if needed. It has a comparatively fast uploading speed. Also, it comes with a lot of capture options.

Nimbus supports limited file formats. In addition to that, image editing features are pretty basic. Since there is no Multi-Tab interface it may affect the user experience.

Nimbus Screenshot

qSnap Extension

This cross-platform screen capture tool allows the capturing of single and multiple web pages. It can consolidate multiple captures into one single document. That is the reason it is a unique screenshot extension on chrome.

qSnap Browser Screenshot Extension

Features of qSnap:

  • Capture Single or Multiple Webpages.
  • It can easily edit, highlight, or even crop the snapshot, without any difficulty.
  • Using this tool you can store the screenshots locally or can access their hosting service if needed.
  • qSnap comes with a built-in annotation tool using which you can add in-line note boxes and callouts.

This screenshot extension is very user-friendly. It allows the sharing of screenshots as a group. This free tool also has cross-browser support.

One of the drawbacks of keyboard shortcuts is that they are not configurable. Also, you can save the images only in png format.

Free qSnap extension


Looking for a light weighted fast screenshot capturing tool for chrome? Lightshot is a good option for you. This highly customizable screenshot extension comes with a simple user interface where you can take and share a screenshot with a few clicks.

Like other top capturing tools you can take a webpage fully or can select any part as per your requirement. You can save the screenshot either on your local disk or in the cloud.

Lightshot Screenshot Extension

Features of Lightshot:

  • Take a screenshot and share it in a few clicks.
  • Select full or any part of the page.
  • Edit screenshot in place.
  • You can search for similar screenshots on the web.
  • Can copy the screenshot into the clipboard.

Lightshot is an easy screenshot capturing tool with a clean design. It is faster, all done in a few clicks.

It is very difficult to capture pages that need to be scrolled vertically or horizontally.

Lightshot Screenshot extension

What makes Marker different from other screenshot chrome extensions is its level of application. This extension makes it easier for developers, and product teams to take a screenshot of any visual bugs or any reports, annotate it, and then share it with their teammates by uploading them to project management tools. screenshot extension

Features of

  • Supports explaining feedback visually.
  • Give centralized feedback to your favorite tools.
  • Reproduce bugs faster than ever.
  • No need to leave the website or application.

All the integrations with this extension are well designed and very useful. It is also one of the fastest screenshot capturing tools, a massive time saver.

Some features are accessible for paid premium members only. You cannot assign any issue to a project using this tool.


Webpage Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot is an open-sourced screenshot extension with advanced features as compared to others on the list. It allows editing the webpage content even before taking a screenshot.

Free Webpage Screenshot Extension

Features of Webpage Screenshot:

  • Blur sensitive information in the screenshot using the spray.
  • This tool can take both vertical and horizontal content screenshots.
  • There is an onboard editor option using which you can edit both the screenshot and other images in it.
  • Save or print or share it as per your choice.
  • It is also possible to send the screenshot directly to Gmail or upload it to Google Drive.

Using this capturing tool you can take screenshots quickly and easily. You can crop unwanted surroundings using this time saver tool.

Sometimes the screenshots will be of low resolution, and the file sizes are tiny.

Free Webpage Screenshot


Blipshot supports capturing a full-page screenshot in one click. You can save this screenshot in PNG format. It will be easier to identify the screenshot since it is saved with details like page name, date, and time with it.

Blipshot Screenshot Extension

Features of Blipshot:

  • It can take a whole page or a partial screenshot.
  • One-click screenshot.
  • A fast drag and drop saving option is available.
  • The screenshot is saved with a page name, date, and time.

The extension size is very small thus making it a ‘light-weighted’ tool. Plus this free tool is one of the easiest screenshot capturing extensions out there.

There is a possibility that the huge pages may crash the current tabs. Also, using the horizontal scrollbar the screenshot is not good.

Free Blipshot


Fireshot screenshot extension tool allows you to capture the full or visible part of a webpage. Also, you can copy the screenshot you took to the clipboard or even print it.

You will get the basic version free of cost, but if you need the advanced additional features, it is recommended to go for the premium paid version.

Fireshot Save Screenshot Extension

Features of Fireshot:

  • Allows adding of some quick text annotations.
  • Save the screenshot to the disk or send it to Gmail in PDF, PNG, and JPEG formats.
  • Capture only visible parts of the web page or just a selection.

It provides a free extension browser. The captured screenshots can be automatically opened in the built-in editor. The premium version is comparatively affordable

It is unable to access this extension tool with an API. Also, it restricts developers from accessing the functionality of  Fireshot for integrating with other applications. Fireshot allows users to upload on social media, Picasa, and OneNote in the premium Version only.

Free Fireshot

Gmail Screenshot

First of all, the Gmail screenshot has nothing to do with Gmail. This is also a  lightweight screenshot capturing extension, that also allows us to annotate a screenshot by adding text, including rectangular shapes or arrows or lines, or even crop it.

Gmail Screenshot Exntension

Features of Gmail Screenshot:

  • It can pixelate highly sensitive information.
  • It will provide users with a URL for instant sharing.
  • You can save the captured screenshots in the cloud by creating an account, because of its cloud integration feature.
  • Add a screenshot of any window.
  • Annotate with brush and pen.
  • Can blur sensitive information.

Gmail screenshot is a convenient and easy-to-use tool. It makes workflow way faster than usual. There are no notable drawbacks to this extension tool.

Free Gmail Screenshot

Now, we are going two see two screenshot capturing extensions using which you can take screenshots of social media accounts-Twitter and YouTube.

Twitter Screenshots

This extension will help you by adding a Screenshot button in tweets so that you can easily capture your favorite tweets without the use of selected area screenshot options, which takes some effort.

This screenshot button will be near the like button. Once you click on it the captured image will be shown in a new tab from where you can download it.

Twitter Take a Screenshot Extension

Features of Twitter Screenshot:

  • Cleans the tweet from any distracting elements in the feed.
  • High-resolution screenshot images.
  • Opens the captured image in a new tab.

This screenshot capturing extension comes with built-in tools providing awesome design and slickness to the screenshot. Capture twitter screenshots in an instant.

There is no automatic save feature in this tool. Also, there are some issues with the latest Twitter interface.

Free Gmail Screenshot

YouTube Screenshots

This extension is similar to the Twitter screenshot capturing tool. Now you don’t have to play the perfect pause game to take a screenshot from your favorite YouTube video.

YouTube Video Save as Screenshot Extension

Features of YouTube Screenshot:

  • Adds a quick and easy screenshot button on the YouTube player.
  • Automatically saves the currently playing video as a file when you click on the button.
  • Copy to the clipboard option is also there.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are also available for controlling the playback rate.

It makes it very easy to take screenshots as the video goes on. Don’t worry about accidentally capturing the control buttons. It captures the wanted frame only.

Sometimes while trying to take screenshots, the extension shows a network error message.

Free YouTube Screenshots

Bottom Line: Chrome Screenshot Extensions

The list doesn’t end here. There are plenty of free chrome screenshot extensions available in the chrome store from which you can go for the one that suits you the best. Standardized Screenshot, HTML Elements Screenshot, PicPick screen capture, etc are some of them.

So, why do we need extensions if there are built-in screenshot capturing tools in the chrome or system itself?

Taking screenshots is simple by using inbuilt tools in your system and Google chrome. You can also use keyboard shortcuts — Fn + PrntScrn in Windows and Cmd + Shift + 4 on macOS. Also, the Google Chrome DevTools has a screenshot capturing tool in it. But all these tools and shortcuts are basic ones and cannot provide us with the features offered by the top screenshot extensions we discussed above.

These are the best free screenshot extensions for chrome with unique features that can help you in capturing important web pages for your use. I use these chrome screenshot extensions as per my requirement since I need screenshots for far more work than just sharing. These extensions help me edit them as per my choice.

Did we miss any? Share the ones that you find interesting or those that you are currently using in the comments below!

FAQs: Best Free Screenshot Extension For Chrome

Now, let us go through some frequently asked questions regarding the best free screenshot extension for Chrome.

What are some of the best free Screenshot Extension For Chrome?

Some of the best free screenshot extensions for Chrome Browser are, Awesome Screenshots, Full Page Screenshot, Nimbus Screenshot, and Video Recorder, YouTube Screenshots, Twitter Screenshots, Gmail screenshots, PlainShot, BlipShot, WebPage Screenshot,, Lightshot, qSnap.

How to take screenshots from the Screenshots extension in Chrome Browser?

Hit on the extension tab in Chrome Browser after loading the page that you would wish to capture. Now, you will be able to see the option to capture the entire screen, window, or tab. Select one and press enter.

Is the Awesome Screenshot extension free for Chrome Browser?

Yes, the Awesome Screenshot extension is free for Chrome Browser with easy to use interface for Screen recorder and Screen capture options.

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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