6+ Best Firefox Add-on for Privacy and Security in 2022!

We have listed the most useful Firefox add-ons for private and secured browsing. These add-ons help in protecting data and browsing behavior being tracked.

Most of us are always looking for a secure and private environment to work in. Imagine that you are working on an important project on your laptop in a crowded cafe and someone starts lurking around. Will that make you comfortable to continue working on your laptop? Or will you simply walk away? I know we all will choose the latter.

It is no different online since a lot of third-party apps or websites are always looking for opportunities to steal our data and track our activities. Hence, it is always recommended to do everything possible to prevent ourselves from regret later. Some Firefox add-ons are designed specifically to provide you with enhanced privacy and security.

I’ve always been very threatened by data theft and fraud since I heard my friend losing money in a scam. Henceforth, I always wanted to stay safe from it all. That’s when Firefox add-ons came into the picture. They have helped me a lot in protecting my privacy and dodged trackers as well.

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We have created a list of some of the best privacy and security add-ons for Firefox that will help you stay secure at all times.


If you are looking for an add-on that cleans all the clutter of a web page and enhances its speed, Ghostery is the one for you. With its smart blocking, it is bound to enhance the performance of a webpage.

It also blocks the trackers so that no hackers can track your web activities.

Ghostery Ad and Privacy Firefox Add-on

Some of Ghostery important features are:

  • It blocks all ads and pop-ups that clutter a webpage.
  • It prevents third-party apps from tracking your activities.
  • It helps in the fast and efficient loading of web pages.
  • You also have the option to customize its settings according to your choice.

However, it may fail to block all the ads at once and that may lead to problems later. It can also cause the slow loading of some web pages.

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Download Ghostery

Private Bookmarks

This is one of the most unique add-ons that Firefox offers. Private Bookmarks help protect your bookmarks by a password encrypted vault.

The bookmarks can be easily transferred by using the Private Bookmarks add-on.

Private Bookmarks Firefox Add-on

Several of Private Bookmarks amazing features are:

  • It offers a password-protected folder for your bookmarks.
  • You can add, delete, or edit your bookmarks.
  • If a new change is made, it is automatically encrypted.
  • The bookmarks can be easily imported and exported to other devices.

It has its set of demerits as well. By default, this add-on only works in private mode. Moreover, it is not an online service and you are in sole control of everything.

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Download Private Bookmarks

Multi-Account Containers

Are you someone who uses different accounts for personal and professional use? Worry not! Multi-Account Containers add-on will ease all your troubles.

This add-on will organize your online life by segregating your accounts.

Firefox Multi-Account Container Add-on

To name a few of Multi-account containers amazing features:

  • It will separate your accounts according to your needs.
  • You can use the same website with two different accounts.
  • It does not collect any of your information.
  • It will prevent you from leaving data about your social network everywhere.

It may be messy sometimes and difficult to understand. The user interface is not so easy to understand as well and may require time from the user.

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Get Multi-Account Containers


Blur is your one-stop solution to all your privacy and security-related problems. It prevents trackers, manages your password, and also masks your online identities.

Blur will protect all your data and information from people who are always looking for a chance to hack into it.

Blur Firefox addon to hide passwords and data

Several of Blur prime features are:

  • It masks your email addresses, credit card details, and other information.
  • It helps you in creating strong passwords and stores them as well.
  • It blocks the tracking of your information.
  • It prevents Facebook from intruding into your privacy.

Although it comes with so many features, it is limited to the free version. Most of its features are only available in the premium version of the add-on.

Download Blur

Facebook Container

Are you always concerned about Facebook tracking your web activities? Facebook Container will solve that completely.

This add-on separates your Facebook data into a separate container that makes it difficult for third-party websites to track your actions.

Facebook Container Privacy Add-on Firefox

Some of Facebook Containers remarkable features are:

  • Facebook will load in a different blue-colored tab.
  • It will be difficult to track your online activities due to a separate tab.
  • It will protect you against data theft.
  • It will enhance your privacy.

However, it will not function outside the container tab that making its access quite limited. Therefore, all other websites that require Facebook login will not function well.

Download Facebook Container

NoScript Security Suite

NoScript Security Suite has been recognized and awarded tremendously for its contribution to the smart world. It is ranked as the best security add-on for a computer.

It allows the reception of data and its runs from websites that you trust.

NoScript Security Suite Firefox Add-on

A few of NoScript Security Suite great features are:

  • It provides excellent protection on the web.
  • It allows the running of content from JavaScript and Flash from only trusted domains.
  • It prevents breaches of security-related activity.
  • It comes with advanced ClearClick technology.

However, it may repeatedly ask you to refresh or reload NoScript time and again. This may pose as a distraction from your work. The add-on may also ask you for too many updates every time.

Get NoScript Security Suite

Cookie Manager

Cookies can be a major concern for privacy-focused users. With the Cookie Manager, you can customize the cookies as per your preferences.

By using this add-on, you can view, delete, or even search for specific cookies.

Cookie Manager Firefox Addon

Cookie Manager is packed with many important features. Some of them are:

  • You can view all the cookies at once.
  • You can add, edit, or delete cookies.
  • It also recognizes cookie jars.
  • You can remove an individual or a group of cookies.
  • You also have the option to import or export cookies.

However, it may fail to recognize all the cookies at once sometimes and may take a longer time in doing so. This may hamper your work performance.

Download Cookie Manager

Bottom Line: Firefox Privacy Add-ons

We are always looking for privacy, safety, and security in our everyday lives. Be it offline or online. It has become a basic need for everyone these days. With so many cybercrimes being reported each day, we must know who has access to our privacy. The more we take care of our information online, the safer we are.

Firefox add-ons for privacy and security are the first step that ensures your safety online. Firefox has done a tremendous job in providing users with numerous options to choose from in terms of add-ons.

We have made a careful list of the pros and cons of all the add-ons that we have included in the list so that you can make a fair choice out of the same.

I have been using the privacy and security add-ons for quite some time now and I must say that I’m highly impressed. It has reduced my stress about cyber theft by ten times. My favorite add-on has to be Ghostery since it not only prevents ads but also bans all the trackers.

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Which is your favorite add-on for privacy and security in Firefox? Do you use any other browser add-on for private browsing?

Lastly, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should give a try.

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