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How to Add Link on Home Screen with Edge Android

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If you visit the site frequently, then you can bookmark the URL or add it to your favorite within your Microsoft Edge browser for Android. Alternatively, you can add the site link to the Android phone home screen as a shortcut link, which will launch the site link directly into the Edge browser.

If you frequently visit a website or only read on selected sites, then it’s a good idea to keep the shortcut links of those websites on your Android phone home screen. This will reduce the additional task of searching or looking up the website whenever you launch the browser. Instead, it will automatically create a short link and open the browser with a saved link.

If the website has enabled a progressive web app (PWA) feature, the shortcut icon will act as a standalone native app within the Edge browser.

A few days later, my colleague called me with his problem with storage in his android device; I suggested he uninstall all his apps and add the PWA instead of those. I also helped him with the steps to do so.

I use the PWA lite app for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It doesn’t require downloading any app from the Play Store. Just adding the PWA to the home screen will add the app launcher. Isn’t that interesting?

The feature is also available on Google Chrome for the Android browser.

Add Link on Homescreen

Microsoft Edge Add to home screen will create a shortcut for quickly launching frequently visited websites. The website shortcut link will automatically open in the Edge (Chromium) browser. The added link to the home screen is a fantastic feature!

Here are the steps to add a website link to the home using the Edge Android browser:

  1. Launch the Microsoft Edge Android app.
  2. Access the website that you want to Add to the Home screen.
  3. Tap on the More horizontal 3dots icon icon for the options menu.
  4. Select the option Add to Phone from the list.
    Add to screen in Edge Android
  5. Customize the Title name, if required, and tap on the Add button.
  6. Select Add Automatically or Tap and Hold on the Icon to place it manually on the Home screen.

The website short link will be created and added on the home screen. You can move the icon on the second home screen or grouping folder.

To delete the short link, tap and hold the icon for the option to Remove or Uninstall from the screen.

Video Demo: Home Screen Link on Edge Android

Watch the video demo on how to add a link to your home screen of an Android smartphone using Microsoft Edge,

How to Add Link on Home Screen with Edge Android?

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Bottom Line: Edge Android Add to Home Screen

Within Edge’s Add to Home Screen feature for Android smartphones, the website’s short icons are created and placed on the home screen. Tapping the shortcut link created on the home screen will automatically launch the Edge browser and the website link.

This helped my colleague to save his storage as after adding the PWA, he uninstalled all the social media apps and used the shortcut links on the home screen instead.

If a website is enabled with PWA, then a lite standalone app is installed on the phone and placed even in the app launcher. You must uninstall the app launcher to delete the shortcut link on the home screen. Since I use the PWA, much of my storage space is left free for other purposes. It also helps in the smooth functioning of my smartphone. Thanks to the add link to the home screen feature on Microsoft edge.

Similarly, we can create a shortcut link on our computer desktop using the Edge (chromium) browser. The link will be created with a favicon, which you can move to different locations on the desktop screen.

Do you create any shortcut links on the Edge Android browser? What is the website that you have added to the home screen?

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