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How to Auto-Translate a Webpage on Brave browser

Learn how to enable auto-translation for the webpage on the Brave browser. We need to install the extension to allow the browser for language translation.

The Brave browser does not have the built-in translation feature, however, we can install the third-party extensions that are officially supported to auto-translate the webpage. The translate extension automatically detects the input language and translates it to the desired language script in a readable format.

Auto-Translate Web Page on Brave browser

I often visit online pages that are not in English or a known language but in foreign languages. Of course, it frustrates me when I do not understand the page’s contents. And I can’t know all foreign languages. I’m a human, after all!

But this is where the translation feature comes to my rescue. The page’s contents are translated into English in the blink of an eye, making it easy to understand.

I thought my experience would be the same with the Brave browser. Unfortunately, the browser does not have an in-built translation feature. At first, I was disappointed to know about this, but then I started looking for solutions. I found out that you can use extensions for translating web pages.

We can download the Google Translate extension on the Brave browser, officially supported and used effectively for web page translation.

Brave browser recommends the Google Translate extension. If the language of a page you’re on varies from the language you’re using, the extension will instantly identify it. The extension is easy to download and does its job fairly quickly. It is also precise. You can translate web pages by clicking on the translated symbol.

Install Translate Extension

You can translate text, documents, and speech into over 100 languages but not graphical images. Google Translation supports hundreds of native and local languages by extending support to others.

You need to add the Google Translate extension from the Chrome web store before using it on Brave.

info icon
The Brave Browser is built on the Chromium Browser project, which also powers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. hence, the browser extensions are inter-compatible.

Here are the steps to install the translation extension:

  1. Launch the Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Go to the Chrome web store and lookup for the Google Translate extension.
    Direct link added below.
  3. Click the Add to Brave button.
    Google Translate Add to Brave Chromium Extension
  4. Click on Add extension to permit the browser to add the extension.
    Add extension on Brave Browser from Chrome Web Store

The extension will be downloaded and installed on the browser.

Download Translate

Auto-translate Web Page

Once you have added the Google Translate extension to the Brave browser, it will be ready. The extension will automatically detect the source language to translate web pages instantly. Here are the steps to do:

  1. Launch Brave browser on the computer.
  2. Go to the webpage you want to translate.
    For example, Amazon China.
  3. Click on the Google Translate extension icon.
  4. Hit on the Translate this page option.
    Translate This Page using Google Translate extension on Brave browser

The browser will translate the page to the default language set by you. In my case, it was English.

Translated to English using Google Translate extension on Brave browser

You can also select specific sections of the web page individually and translate them by right-clicking and selecting the Google Translate option.

You can also change the language you want the web page translated by selecting another language.

Bottom Line

If you have dumped your previous browser for Brave browser and found that although it is good, there’s no translation feature, this article is for you. The browser has several excellent features, but the lack of a native translation feature is inconvenient.

The only way to translate a web page on the Brave browser is by using an extension. The browser recommends the Google Translate extension, an excellent translation tool. It can translate a long list of languages and is entirely accurate.

In the absence of an inbuilt translation feature, an extension is the way. To help you with this, I have detailed the process of downloading the Google Translate extension and demonstrated how you could translate a web page.

I hope this post helps you understand how you can easily translate a webpage on the Brave browser.

Lastly, if you've any thoughts or feedback on How to Auto-Translate a Webpage on Brave browser, then feel free to drop in below comment box. You can also report the outdated information.

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