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How to Change Homepage URL on Chrome Android?

The Default Home Page of Chrome contains a search bar and links to suggested articles that might not be productive for all the users. If you want to update the homepage URL to some respective sites then you can do so. You just need to navigate to the three dots in the corners and tap on settings. Now, scroll down and click on Home Page. Make sure to switch on the home page and enter the URL that you want to add to the home page.

The default homepage in Google chrome browser is a new tab with a search bar and suggested ‘articles for you’ links. This looks very monotonous and not much productive. However, Google Chrome has given the ability to change the home icon URL.

I have personally set my homepage icon URL to my blog page. It’s easy to access and keep the blog post ready to push online.

Earlier, I use to set up the chrome homepage URL with the tools or support page of my organization. After setting the homepage as my blog, I can save a lot of time as well as effort that went into searching for the blog URL.

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The home icon default URL is set to the chrome://newtab that loads the below page. Though it’s not necessary to change, it is one’s personal preference whether to keep it or change it.

Home Icon Chrome Android

How to Change the Chrome Android Homepage?

The default chrome homepage URL is set to open a new tab page, however, you can customize it to set up a new homepage address in chrome android.

Here are the simple steps to change the homepage URL on Chrome Android:

  1. Launch Chrome Android app.
  2. Tap onvertical 3dots icon the menu for Options.
  3. Select Settings from the options list.
  4. Tap on the Homepage tab.
  5. Make sure the Homepage option is On.
  6. Choose the Open this page option.
  7. Enter the URL that you want to set as Homepage.
  8. Hit on the back button to save the changes and navigate back to the home screen on Chrome.
  9. Tap on the Home icon to check if the new URL is loading.

Edit Home Page Chrome Android

The new URL that you’ve entered at step #7 will load in the browser every time you hit on the home icon.

You can always switch back to the original new tab URL by setting the chrome://newtab within the URL field.

Video on Changing Chrome Homepage URL

Watch the video demo to change the homepage URL on Chrome for Android. The homepage URL will modify the Home icon located at the top left corner of the Chrome browser on Android.

How to Change Home Icon URL on Chrome Android?

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Bottom Line: Chrome Android Change Homepage URL

In this way, you can set up a customized chrome homepage URL or address to the home icon. The home icon can be set to your blog or company website address. You can also set up a personalized search engine as the home icon page.

This is a beneficial feature if you have a particular URL that you use daily. I used it to set the homepage URL as my blog. I saved so much of my precious time. I invested it in reading more pages of the current book I’m reading. The feature that lets me change homepage chrome android is an extremely beneficial feature.

Similarly, you can also modify and set a new homepage URL in a chrome computer. Similar to mobile, you can set up any website URL as a homepage in Windows.

Have you changed the homepage URL in the chrome android browser? What did you set up your home page?


How to change the Homepage URL on Chrome Android?

To change the homepage URL on Chrome Android, navigate to the three dots in the corner and tap on settings. Scroll down and tap on the Homepage. Make sure to switch on the home page and enter the URL and get back to the homepage to check it.

Can I change the URL of the homepage on Chrome Android?

Yes, Chrome Android allows you to change the URL to the homepage and add the URL of your choice.

How to add the URL of my blog page to the homepage of Chrome Android?

To add the URL of your blog page to the Homepage of Chrome Android, launch the Chrome browser and tap on the three dots. Now, open the settings and then tap on the homepage. You will see the option to add the URL of your blog page. Simply add the URL and check whether it is added or not on the homepage.

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7 thoughts on “How to Change Homepage URL on Chrome Android?”

    1. Nope, we cannot change or add custom shortcut links on the homepage of Chrome for Android. The home page shortcuts or top sites are auto-generated based on the frequent interaction with that particular site.

  1. So, then the question is: those pages I accidentally removed, how to get them back?
    Cause they seem to be removed like forever.

  2. I don’t just want it to set a certain site as the “home button”, I actually want the browser to launch with that site as the … home page. Instead, opening Chrome in android always defaults to the search bar regardless of home page settings.

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