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How to Check Current Installed Version of Apple Safari?

You might get restricted t=from performing certain actions on Safari or your Safari browser may get slow due to the outdated version. In such a case, you must know to check the current Safari version of your Mac or iOS devices. For Mac devices go to the About Safari option from the Safari menu and for iOS devices go to the settings>General Settings>About.

There are quite a few chances that you need to check the browser version on your iOS or Mac device. The fact that the Safari browser gets necessary updates from time to time is enough to render all the latest websites along with their security protocols.

However, if you’re an employee or student who got strict instructions that your browser version must be above a certain value to it must support certain functionality, then it’s obvious you would check the current version of the Safari browser.

I recently tried to access a website that required the latest version of the safari browser, however, I wasn’t sure which version is currently running. Hence, thought of checking the apple safari browser version.

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Technically, the operating system version and browser version are quite the same, however, you can verify the current safari browser version using the below method.

Check Version of Safari Mac and iOS

Safari browser has a long history, and it is based on the WebKit engine. It is a default browser on Apple devices which was initially released by Apple Inc 17 years ago. If you are having a very good experience while using Safari for browsing the internet, then you won’t really need to know version details.

But if you’re working for testing or any other official work, you might need to cross-check the Safari version and changelog details.

Today, I want to take you through how to find the version of the Apple Safari you’re using. Let’s get started with our complete guide.

Check the Current Version of Safari Browser on Mac

It is not a very complicated task to do, you can easily find out if your current version of Safari. Also, you can update your Safari browser if the version number is outdated or not updated recently.

Here are the steps to find the current Safari version On Mac:

  1. Launch the Safari browser on your Macbook.
  2. Select the About Safari option under the Safari menu.
    About Safari Browser on Mac OS
  3. A new window will open with the safari version number.
    Safari Browser Version on macOS

The First number located before the number written under the bracket is your current version of the Safari browser. The number written inside the bracket is the WebKit/Safari Build version.

Check the Current Version of Safari Browser on iOS

In case you don’t know; Safari is part of the iOS operating system, and the version is the same as your iOS version. You can find the iOS version currently installed on your iPhone:

Here are the steps to check the current Safari browser version on iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone/iPad.
  2. Navigate to the General tab within Settings.
  3. Tap on the About tab to open OS information.
    About Safari Browser on iPhone iOS
  4. The number you see at Software Version is the current Safari version.
    Safari version on iOS iPhone

For example, if your device is running on iOS 14.2, then your Safari version is 14.

If you tap on the Software Update under General settings, then your Safari browser will be updated along with the iOS or iPad’s operating system to the latest version.

Bottom Line: Safari Browser Version

Please note that the Safari version is officially for the desktop version only. For iPhone and iPad, your iOS version is the same as the Safari version.

However, if you’re working on any official project, then you need to crosscheck the Safari version on your Macbook and iMac device.

The settings for iOS and macOS are quite the same and checking for the latest version of the Safari browser is very easy. I want to mention that Safari is only available for Mac PC, so theoretically, you cannot find the version number of the Safari browser on your iOS or iPadOS.

In case you find your Safari browser version to be outdated on your Mac device, then make sure to update safari via iTunes or App store. You can also update the Safari browser without updating the operating system using the software updater program.

FAQs: Check the currently installed version of the Safari Browser

Now, let us go through the frequently asked questions regarding how to check the currently installed version of Safari Browser.

How to check the currently installed version of Safari Browser on Mac?

Launch the Safari Browser on your Mac device and click on the About Safari option from the Safari Menu and you will be able to view the version of your current Safari update.

How to check the currently installed version of Safari Browser on iOS devices?

Launch the settings option on your iOS device and tap on the General settings. Now, hit on the About option where you will be able to see the software version of your current safari browser.

How to update Safari Browser on an iOS device?

Launch the settings option on your iOS device and tap on the General settings and hit on a Software update to update the Safari Browser.

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